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  1. MJC, hope this helps. When you get off the tender, keep to the left. That is the area that is most active. A short walk down the beach, you will see an observation deck which juts out over the water. That is pretty much reef in that part of the beach. You enter from the beach along the platform. It is a very short swim toward the reef area. It always has a ton of fish as they feed them from the platform. You won't have any trouble finding it.


  2. After about 15 cruises, we tried our first specialty restaurant last March on the Equinox. We went to the Tuscan Grille. We only did it because we had a ton of obc. Our group of 4 found it quite enjoyable. The location in the aft of the ship was lovely to watch the sunset at dinner. The food was wonderful and the service was terrific. Having said that, it is a bunch of money to spend and unless we again have a ton of obc, it isn't something we would do every cruise.

  3. A couple weeks ago, the WW meeting topic was called "BLT" and it stands for "bite, lick and taste". It was really about tracking every bite, lick and taste. This helps me a bit. I can be a bit of a picker, sometimes picking at fat free pringles but forgetting to count them. I try to keep cut up fruit ready for any "picking" needs.


    Hope you keep up the struggle. When do you leave on your cruise?

  4. You are right across the river from me, I think. I live in Washington, MI.


    I hope you are hanging in there with WW. There is a bit of a learning curve so don't be too hard on yourself. I think the most important thing to do you have already done - getting started! Now, I recommend that you track everything, and look up foods frequently. After awhile, you will find a pattern that works for you. Some staple food that work for me are: egg substitute, turkey bacon, light bread and chicken. With those items I can add lean protein and veggies to make a ton of meals. You can always e-mail me directly if there is anything I can do to help or answer questions. Good job for getting started!

  5. The woman who dresses to fit in with others but carries herself with self-confidence is the woman with class and who will stand out for that, rather than just standing out.


    This is a cruise, not a meeting with the queen! By all means, wear the head piece and revel in the fact that you have the self-confidence to pull it off and a husband who support you! And by the way, I am 60 years old and I admire the op - you go for it girl!

  6. Debbie,

    You might try using water and then 1/2 water and 1/2 of a 2 point yogurt. That would give it a little more substance. I used to use the Whey protein with water several years ago when I was trying to recover from surgery. It was the only way I could get in enough protein for healing. After a day or 2 I didn't mind the taste. I do think I sweetened it a little though.

  7. Congratulations on joining WW. I have been doing it for 1 year. It is not the first time I have "dieted" and not the first time I have lost weight. WW is designed as a life-style, not a diet. think of it as a living choice. It has been quite slow. I am 60 years old and it has taken me 1 year to lose 49 pounds. If I hadn't joined WW, that year would still be gone but I would also still have that 49 pounds plus a few more to keep them company! lol

    First - As far as getting in all your points, this can be pretty important. Are there some high-point foods that you love? How about cheese and dairy? These can be high point as well as high reward for satisfaction and nutrition. Breads, especially whole grain breads can also fall into that category.

    Next, track - track-track. Nothing is more important, especially in the early stages. Just the way you are able to now see things you want to change about your water intake, you will see your food issues revealed when you track. Be mindful of everything you put in your mouth and track it. I can mindlessly snack away 5-8 points per day in having "just a bite" of a lot of things.

    Lastly, it is so helpful to have a support person who understands your journey. It can be anyone who is supportive of your goals.

    Best of luck on your journey!

  8. I gained nearly 20 pounds on my first cruise and the several days following it, in which I was a total lunatic and never shut my mouth unless it was to chew something! lol One year ago I joined WW and it has been a real treat. I have lost 48.2 pounds. I went to a meeting the day after returning from my last cruise. I had gained 3 pounds and lost 4 1/2 pounds the following week! You are on a cruise - enjoy some wonderful food but keep everything in moderation. Be active as much as possible. For me, no booze ( just don't like it). Have a taste of cheesecake instead of 3 slices. It is totally about the process. Thanks for sharing such great insight!

  9. So far it is still a surprise. Since both of our husbands will be retired, time off is not an issue. We put all charges on one credit card to limit the change of being given away there. We had to move some money around creatively but it has worked ok. We were able to coordinate all arriving by air about 1 hour before us. Our travel agent is helping us get some small signs that the kids will hold up in the airport. We think we might do some clues a couple days ahead, kind of a scavenger hunt. We will keep you posted how it works out!

  10. Our party of 4 enjoys taking in the evening entertainment. We were finding that the dinner was running longer than we wanted and interfering with out whole evening plan. What we discovered was sharing this information with our MDR server made a huge difference. We still have plenty of time to enjoy our dinner but find that we are getting more time for the rest of the evening.

  11. I am by no means an expert, but since no one has yet responded, I thought I would share my thoughts. First, you have to be able to see. I am very near sighted and wear contact lens for snorkeling. It allows me to use a standard mask and have the best view possible. My brother in law also has vision problems but does not wear contacts. He got a prescription snorkel mask through Snorkel Mart. He was able to order it on line by providing his prescription. Once you have tackled that issue, it's on to fit. The best mask is the one that fits your face. You can get a decent mask for about $30, a decent prescription mask for around $60 or so on line. The difficulty is getting a good fit. You might try a dive shop in your area to try on a number of masks. Even though I only get to snorkel once a year, twice at the most, I absolutely love it! I would invest a little to get the best experience.

  12. A huge thank you to all who have replied. This trip was booked 1 year ago and the extent of their mobility issues were less at that time. I will be calling them to share this information so that they can make an informed decision. Thanks again!

  13. I am an experienced with ocean cruising but I have never done river cruising. Some elderly family members of mine have booked the Viking Schumann, traveling from Magdeburg to Melnik. I looked at the deck plans and I don't see elevators. This group has one person who can't walk too far due to breathing problems and one who may have difficulty with her knees. What should I tell them to get them prepared for any difficulties they will face?

  14. Hi. I have been to both ports and they are really quite different. Bonaire is a wonderful beach and snorkeling spot. Grenada is more of a historical spot. My group loves the water and especially Bonaire for snorkeling, so that would be my pick. If you could let me know what your interests are, I could give you a bit more info.

  15. I love the penny slots too. There were a lot to choose from on the Equinox. I can't remember any that had a true minimum bet more than 1 penny. It is usually 1 penny for each "line" that you play. They may have 20, 25, 50 or even 100 lines. I hope this helps!

  16. I always kind of think of them in categories, such as beach and water things such as snorkeling, adventure such as zip lining, and sightseeing. The sightseeing is sometimes combined with one of the other categories. The next thing to consider - is the port known for something very particular that interests you, such as famous historic spots. Each island has its own personality and its own set of activities. I've never been to half moon cay but imagine this is a typical private island, beach,and barbeque. Grand Turk is usually a water day - beach/pool. Enjoy your search. Planning for the cruise is half the fun!

  17. We just got back from our Hawaii cruise and are looking at a Southern Caribbean cruise. We are leaning towards Royal Princess 10 nights from Fort Lauderdale. Stops in Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Dominica and St. Thomas.


    Aruba and Bonaire are 2 of my favorite islands and to get them both in one cruise sounds like heaven!

  18. On our last cruise (Emerald Princess 10 day in March), we tipped extra cash on the last night to a lovely server from Peru that we had interaction with in Club Fusion & the International Cafe. She accepted graciously, but said what would really help would be if we recognized her service in our comments to Princess which we made sure we did.

    It seems this may be important for the crew also.


    We cruise between Princess and Celebrity. On our last Celebrity cruise, it was made clear to us that the positive comments are very important and indicated that it was more important than a small additional side tip. I think it must translate into those points that somehow transfer into money from the cruise line.

    As for auto-tips, there is no circumstance that I would remove them. These guys work hard for us. I consider it part of the cruise fare.

  19. This really is wonderful snorkeling. There is a water taxi that will take you there without a tour company. If you intend to snorkel around Klein, the water taxi may do it for you. there was a rumor that the cruise ships are tying up the water taxi while they are there, so you would want to check that out. Enjoy your snorkel!

  20. We just recently returned from a cruise that originated in FL on Celebrity and there were no issues. In fact, I have not heard of any issues on any Celebrity ship so far this year. The clientele tend to be a bit more mature and takes full advantage of the sanitizers and washing their hands frequently.


    I love Celebrity but people are people. I saw a lady picking food out of her teeth with her fingernails while sitting in the buffet. She may have sanitized her hands upon entering but once she put her fingers in her mouth her hand sanitizing is worth nothing.

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