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  1. I know the house band was called "Front Page" and they were great. Actually I just want back and looked at a Celebrity Today from our Equinox cruise which ended March 23rd, and they are also listed as the party band. There were 2 girls called "Stereo Girls" and they were just ok. There was also a string harmony trio doing classical music in the atrium and they were very good. Other music was the DJ "Gio", the Elaine Abras Quartet which did a rather nice mixture of current stuff mixed with some older stuff. Hope that helps!

  2. Just off the Equinox and did see one of them. The singers and dancers were dressed in elaborate period pieces with masks. They descended the stairs in the atrium and music was playing. For the one I saw, it wasn't very "interactive" but I think that people just didn't understand. Based on what I observed, the characters did interact with the observers. I think if you had a mask and were prepared to interact, it would be a ball! Enjoy your cruise!

  3. I have never been a huge fan of the specialty restaurants. On our last cruise, however, we had a "boat-load" of obc and decided to try it. We went to the Tuscan Grille. OMG, it was worth it! It is a big expense and I wouldn't do it a lot, but once a cruise was a real treat! They service and food are amazing and the location on the ship, being in the aft, can not be beat! If cost is not a huge concern, I say try it! And enjoy your cruise!

  4. I have never done it but I would love to try! I think it would be pretty straight forward. This would depend on your itinerary and what you intend to do in port. I find that sea days, for the most part, are bathing suits and cover ups in the day. Evenings I would do a combo of dresses and dress pants with lots of interchangeable tops. Use the toiletries provided for the shower and the in-cabin hair dryer. Shoes can be flip flops, day sandals and 1-2 pair of evening shoes. That really doesn't take into consideration your alcohol add-ons though. I day go for it and enjoy!

  5. Of course, Bermuda is also "...off St. Thomas...". Buck is right next to St. Croix. I grant that there are tours to Buck from St. Thomas -- but they must be fairly long, as it has to be at least two hours each way, leaving limited time for snorkeling.


    Just back and did the half-day catamaran to Buck Island. It included a snorkel stop and then a beach stop. We had a good breeze and were a able to sail nearly the complete return trip. It was a 3 1/2 hour tour and we totally enjoyed it.

  6. Just off the Equinox March 24th. This was the 3rd year in a row that we did the identical cruise, The itinerary works great for our group of 4.


    We found this cruise to be a significant improvement over the past. There are some cutbacks in all cruise lines but all in all, this was a terrific cruise. I used the provided toiletries and although not as good as the ones I use at home, they were quite fine for 10 days. Dining room was exceptional and there was a huge improvement in the Ocean view Café over previous years, especially in the evening. There were a lot more choices in the buffet and we at dinner there 2 times. It was a real cut above previous years. We got a good deal on the cruise. While in board, we booked the same cruise for next year and got a good price plus $500 on board credit. The prices of cruising in general are staying pretty steady. I think Celebrity Equinox staff did a terrific job on our cruise.

  7. We were told the following:

    New dining room for suites is being created in the space currently housing Bisto on 5.

    A pub being created but the staff member wasn't sure where it was going.


    This was reported to us in the dining room. Just reporting what I was told.

  8. Paul Baya is the current cruise director. I might have said I don't care much about seeing the CD before this cruise. This was an exception. The best cruise I've had in 12 outings. He was not just visible but an active participant in so many activities I was astounded. He also seemed to be having a good time and the people around him sensed that and the fun just went up. I think he was a big part in helping us have the best cruise ever!

  9. When you exit the tender, keep to the left. A bit down the beach you will see am open gazebo over the water - that is where the reef is located. There is a guy who stands in the gazebo to mare sure people aren't getting onto or damaging the reef. He usually throws food in the water to keep the fish happy and active. You won't have any trouble finding it. It is on the active end of the beach. Enjoy!

  10. We did a ship sponsored tour (but I'm sure you can do it privately) and went to the wild animal sanctuary. It is sometimes called the green monkey sanctuary. The monkeys are totally wild and come there for feeding time about 4pm. We saw many monkeys and it was great to see them in the wild. This is apparently an old zoo so there are also many sea tortoises, a few deer, iguanas, snakes, and birds. Our tour guide also took us to see many notable vistas on the island, including Bathsheba which is fabulous. Whatever you choose, enjoy your day in Barbados!

  11. For our group, Princess evening meal offerings in the Horizon Court/Café Caribe are far superior. The dinner buffet on Princess offers food more comparable to the dining room. The tables are set for you and you wait staff removing plates and providing beverages. Also, desserts in the buffet at night are very comparable to the MDR. IMO, Celebrity could really work on their evening buffet offerings, especially since their MDR can be extremely crowded.

  12. Our group had 2 adjoining cabins on the Equinox last year. It is a little different. There is a small vestibule or hallway that connects the cabins outside of the cabin door. It allows you to leave your cabin door open and the adjoining cabin door open and go back and forth without entering the public hallway. After getting I,t we never actually used it. We just have our cabin steward open the divider between the 2 balconies. FYI, you can actually move the 4 balcony chairs onto 1 balcony but it is a tight fit. Hope that helps!

  13. My sister and I took my mom for her "80th". We chose a 5 day on the Carnival Destiny based on it's itinerary and port of embarkation. We chose a 5 day because mom had never cruised and we didn't know how she would adjust. There is definitely more of a partying atmosphere with more alcohol flowing on these short cruises. Having said that, we have never been sorry for one moment that we did this. It is a very special experience to share with a parent and I know you will create beautiful memories! Happy Cruising!

  14. Hi shih-Tzu! We have never stayed on board during port days but have often only spent part of the day ashore. There has always been a lot of talk about remaining on board during port days. Many people do this, especially if they have already been to the port many times. These are reportedly very relaxing days on board. The pools don't get emptied. You can have your pick of loungers, either in the sun or shade. The live music is the only thing that I know if that is absent during port days. The shops and casino remain closed as well. Other than that, it's a wonderful relaxing day! Hope you get to cruise and enjoy yourself!

  15. I have checked the CDC website and this still doesn't sound like this is a huge worry. The CDC suggests long sleeve clothing and using insect repellent as all that is necessary. If you are super concerned, I would suggest you stay out of the rain forest and do something less likely to expose you to mosquitos. I am cruising in 3 weeks also and will have a stop in Dominica. We will be doing a whale watching adventure - no mosquitos there! Please try not to worry and enjoy your cruise!

  16. Hi cruiser77! Dominica is not much of a beach island. Think of it more of a volcanic island. The beaches tend to be more of a black sand and somewhat rocky. There is Mero Beach, Champagne and some others. I see adults commenting that they got "scraped up" entering the water due to rocks. It looks like Mero would be the best bet but you might want to google it to get some pictures to make a decision. Good luck!

  17. On some level I don't care what they provide to suite passengers. And I don't care what others choose to buy with their vacation dollar, such as premium drink packages or use of private alcoves. Those makes no difference to me. But if they are going to take precious space out of the already crowded main dining room to create this special "suite" dining experience, I don't see how that won't affect my cruise. The main dining room is already very crowded for those of us that choose select dining. Where would the space come from? A suggestion would be for Celebrity to provide a nicer dining experience in the buffet. Princess actually does a decent buffet experience making it quite a nice alternative to the dining room. This space is very poorly utilized at night in it's current format. Better utilization here could open up the dining room a bit. Just a thought.....

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