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  1. On some level I don't care what they provide to suite passengers. And I don't care what others choose to buy with their vacation dollar, such as premium drink packages or use of private alcoves. Those makes no difference to me. But if they are going to take precious space out of the already crowded main dining room to create this special "suite" dining experience, I don't see how that won't affect my cruise. The main dining room is already very crowded for those of us that choose select dining. Where would the space come from? A suggestion would be for Celebrity to provide a nicer dining experience in the buffet. Princess actually does a decent buffet experience making it quite a nice alternative to the dining room. This space is very poorly utilized at night in it's current format. Better utilization here could open up the dining room a bit. Just a thought.....

  2. My husband just moved from the DC area to Central Florida, because we are, ahem, getting to near-retirement age. Before we moved, we went on the once-a-year or so cruise, lately graduating to European destination cruises and maybe looking down on the been-there-done-that Caribbean cruises.


    Now that I am here and all I have to do is drive an hour or two east or west to hop on the ship, I know I have become a cruiseaholic. I don't care where it goes.


    Has anyone else become cruise-crazy upon moving to Florida?


    What part of Florida are you now calling home? I am in SE Michigan and we just got another 6-8 inches of snow. There is no place to put it ( at least for me) unless you can put it on top of the huge pile of snow already here! Can't wait until our March 14th sailing!

  3. I have never snorkeled in St. Kits. I do see that our Celebrity cruise on March 14th will be offering a snorkeling excursion here so that suggests some value. I wish I could talk more from personal experience. There are some terrific places to snorkel in the Caribbean/Southern Caribbean. I am just not sure about St. Kitts snorkeling.

  4. I would love to join in this group. I am doing WW via the Internet. I am struggling with the very s-l-o-w weight loss. I will blame it on age, menopause and hypothyroidism. I hate the fluctuations! One day I'm 2#s down and then the next day 3#s up. I'm an obsessive weigher. I weigh myself everyday. I know I should weigh myself once a week but I just need to see results some days to stay encouraged! I have set small goals. I am currently 3#s from my first goal. My overall goal is 40#s. I will be very happy if I can loose 10-15 before my cruise in April. I weigh in on Thursdays. I'm very good about entering what I eat in my WW app. My biggest challenge is eating out. We often have dinner out with friends and I gain 3-4#s if I eat out even when I TRY to be careful. So for now, I'm being unsocial:). I have to do what works for me.


    I joined in July 2013. I am also a daily weigher. My weight loss has been slow - but after 7 months, it added up to 35 pounds. Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm not much of a math person but I think driving around my town is a bigger risk of significant injury than getting this mosquito borne fever. People sit out on their own patios, garden, walk the dog, etc with no sun screen or mosquito repellent even during serious reports of West Nile which is a serious risk during the season. Use the precautions appropriate to the risk. Enjoy your cruise!

  6. Cozumel has a nice Dolphin Encounter. It is an Chankanab Park. You can google the park and get tons of information. For a first time in Cozumel, I would recommend that as a consideration. It also has some small ruins and some nice snorkeling in the park.


    You will find the port boards very helpful. I recommend taking a ship sponsored tour on your first cruise. Just "walking around the port" can cheat you as you may miss the real wonderful spots to be seen. Enjoy your cruise!

  7. We have had 2 "group" experiences, one on Princess and one on Celebrity. The Princess cruise groups was people raising dogs to be leader dogs for the blind. There were about 30 or so of them and their dogs and it was wonderful! The 2nd group was a Harley Davidson riding group on the Celebrity Equinox. Except for the fun of watching them load and unload the bikes, we wouldn't even have known they were there. I have, however, been onboard when large unofficial groups seem to be aboard and found it disruptive. When it was most noticeable was when this unofficial "group" saved/occupied large areas of tables in the buffet - that was a bit annoying. I think the line only needs to notify me when they are going to repeatedly block off significant areas of the ship that are usually public. My husband loves the solarium. It would impact our cruise if it was blocked off or otherwise occupied. Just my thoughts.


  8. Tendering details can vary from cuiseline to cruiseline. There are different size tenders but 150 might be a decent estimate. Some lines have bigger tenders. Tendering preference is given to people with early cruise-booked excursions on all cruiselines. It usually is very organized and goes quite fast. I probably wouldn't book a private excursion in the first hour or so. Time to get to shore depends on how far out the ship anchors from shore. 15 minutes would be a good estimate. For the most part, the tenders runs continuously throughout the time in port, with the last tender being about 30 minutes before the "all aboard". This means transportation by tender is available throughout the entire day, nearly continuously.

    I hope this helps!

  9. I can't imagine anyplace in the southern Caribbean beating Bonaire. I have been there twice and our group can't wait to go back. Do a search for "bonaire snorkeling" or "Klein Bonaire". There are some nice videos on you tube. Have a wonderful time!

  10. We will be sailing the Equinox in March of 2014. This will be our 3rd cruise on her in the past 3 years. To answer your question, "it depends on what you are looking for". Although I was disappointed a bit in the spa café menu changes, it wasn't a place that my group frequents, so the changes there aren't a big deal. We did find things changing in the dining room. Dining staff seems a bit overwhelmed at times. All in all, I agree with the previous poster - Celebrity is still a great line and Equinox still a lovely vessel! Enjoy!

  11. Turtle Cove is a wonderful adventure! I did it a couple of years ago but here's what I remember -

    You exit the boat into deep water, so both kids would have to be comfortable with that aspect.

    There is a lot of fire coral, which they say will cause your skin to burn if you touch it. It would be good to warn them ahead of time.


    Have a wonderful time! I enjoyed this excursion very much!

  12. I have purchased at both Cardow's and Little Switzerland. My husband bought me a beautiful new semi mount wedding ring at Little Switzerland this past February. Early appraisals look like it's US value is 2 - 1/2 times what we paid for it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy in either of these places.

    Enjoy your special birthday!

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