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  1. Enjoyed the music choices and Dutch cafe. MDR- late set seating-worst food, best service ever. At least two evenings, early performance in Showroom filled to capacity. Late show, no problem. Overall, did not have the sense that ship was crowded. Winter, 2019.
  2. Know everything is more casual than in past years, do you ever wear mid-high heel shoes at night?
  3. On our two cruises prior to pandemic, we had assigned times, if I recall correctly, were arrival times to arrive at port to commence processing, not actual boarding times. Believe these were ignored by many people.
  4. cruise kitty, do you have a beach you especially like? we enjoy Coronado, although, usually quite windy.
  5. Our experience similar to dave's. we do not have any quick boarding privileges, have missed the deadline a couple of times.
  6. igraf, thank you for the info.. Had lunch on a weekday at Miguels fairly recently. Think parking would be an issue at a "busy' time. Valet was $18 for three hours at that time.Always enjoy Fisherman restaurant on our visits to san Diego.
  7. Thank for the photos and info. nice for us in Orange County, too.
  8. Yes, Cooper, happy to hear about san Diego based cruises We can drive to the port. Very sorry for all the grief caused by these many changes.
  9. Also no reference Fall cruises to Mexico from San Diego. Suspect rules for these other cruises might depend on experiences of the Summer cruises.
  10. Good advice about eating and show times. On the "K" Jan., 2019, late seating, very good service. No problem at late show. On at least two nights, people turned away from early show-- filled quite early.
  11. Do your jumpsuits have extra material or built-in bra? Found a strapless one with extra material at top, warm weather can enjoy sans bra.
  12. we were on the "K" winter, 2019--late seating in MDR, perhaps, the best service we have ever enjoyed. On at least two evenings, people were turned away from early show in Showroom, full early. No problem at late show.
  13. Any mention of requirements once on board, masks, distancing, etc/
  14. Not a solo, have several cruises on Holland America. Usually have many seniors on board, unless during school vacation. no idea about cost.
  15. Have you ever worn a strapless bra on dress-up night? Was it still on at the end of the evening?
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