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  1. Lowered my buy order from $22 to $20. That didn't take long. Another 100 shares. I'm done buying unless it gets drastically lower. Bankruptcy is my only risk at this point. I'll let this ride a long time.
  2. I’m a hardcore Royal fan. My buy order for 100 shares kicked in at $28 today. I have another order for 100 shares at $22. I’m conflicted if I want that one to go through. But I am in this for the long haul.
  3. While I can't comment on the hibachi as I don't like to pay extra for eating on my cruise, I do highly recommend the sushi making class. For $30 a person, you get an hour of entertainment and sushi equal to the price. Just don't eat before you go as it is hit or miss if they let you take any leftovers when you are finished. I also like the layout of Izumi better on Independence than I do on Oasis class ships.
  4. Takes away one reason for me to book a CP balcony. I always get two rooms and we have used the free lunch for Sabor on both Harmony and Oasis. But since Sabor is likely on its way out, I guess it won't matter for me in the future. I still have the wine from both trips unopened here at home. The free soda package was never an enticement for me in a Boardwalk booking as my kids and wife prefer the Refreshment package.
  5. I agree. Was on Indy in November and did see that Playmakers had more selections. But Royal needs to royally step up their beer options. I'm an IPA guy and always disappointed with that is available. I do like Stone but I think they are phasing that out. Not a fan of Redhook. They really need more options. Thankfully I'll be on Harmony in a few weeks and Sabor makes the best margaritas. But if I was only a beer drinker, I would never buy the drink package for their lack of selection.
  6. Then you are in a good place. I'm pretty sure the flights wouldn't be covered. But with the drink package, you could just order a shot of each and make your own. When I board Harmony in a few weeks, I'm making a beeline to Sabor and ordering a Grand Sabor first thing. Like others have said as well, the food is great too. I think the price is a little high. But we stayed in a Central Park balcony on Oasis in 2017 so it was included for one meal. We have a Central Park balcony again in a few weeks so will use our free lunch there again if it is still part of the promotion.
  7. I don't know about the flights, but the margaritas absolutely are covered under the Deluxe Drink plan. The Grand Sabor Margarita is amazing. I paid for my package on Oasis in 2017 with those alone. LOL. Plan to do the same on Harmony in a few weeks.
  8. That was me and that was what we were told on Oasis in 2017. On Independence last year, the couple next to my kids were told the same thing. They had barely eaten any of the rolls they made as they went to the class right after breakfast. There were initially told no. But a box was then brought to them and they were allowed to take it. So just beware that this may be at the discretion of the staff at the time of your sailing.
  9. I can't answer your specific question. But I would like to highly recommend the "Make your own sushi" class that is usually available for $30 per person. My family has done that twice now. First on Oasis and then on Independence. You absolutely get your money's worth in addition to the hour long experience. On Independence last year, we signed our two boys up to take the class. We went in to check on them towards the end of the class. I'm not going to lie, we were hoping to steal a piece of sushi off their plates. lol. But much to our surprise, the head chef who was instructing their table offered us the sushi plate he made! It was wonderful. And yes, the boys ate everything they made. Crazy teenagers! But one word of advice on this class. Make sure you go hungry. They are not supposed to let you take what you make with you. You are expected to eat it then. They say they had instances in the past of people taking it, putting it in their refrigerator, then getting sick because they then ate it who knows how many days later. They may make an exception. But don't count on it.
  10. Don't drink all of the Sabor Grand Margaritas. Save some for me in a few weeks. You can pay for your drink package on those alone!
  11. I agree with others on the mock booking. I would wait until after final payment as there could be cancellations. I just booked Harmony for May at 65 days out. I was watching the price for about 4 weeks on Central Park balconies. For the first 2 weeks, it kept fluctuating by $100 each way. It then dropped by $200 in week 3. Then on Friday night, I pulled up the RCCL website on my iPad and it said "complete your booking" with a price that was down an additional $200 per person. Central Park balconies were the cheapest rooms available. But each time I checked, I would always pull up the deck plans to see how many rooms were available. There were enough that I could be patient and wait for a drop.
  12. I have no problems with either. I have stayed in both Boardwalk and Central Park on Oasis. It can be fun just to people watch. I never found Central Park to be stuffy like some people say. But then again I’m not usually on my balcony during the heat of the day. With the incredible price drop that was just posted for the May 26th Harmony sailing, I just grabbed two Central Park rooms again. It’s worth the savings when you have to get two rooms. When the kids were younger, we did promenade view rooms several times. These are certainly an upgrade to those.
  13. I agree. I looked at the roll call and it was pretty low participation. It won't impact my decision on booking. Just tossing it out there. Looks like some overall good sales going on right now. I should be making my decision by the end of the day. The price has dropped a lot over the past 3 weeks. So I'm almost ready to run with it.
  14. Anybody have insight into the May 26th Harmony price? I may be grabbing a last minute room today. Would like to know what I'm looking at for the Deluxe and Refreshment packages as of today if I pull the trigger.
  15. This one. Icy Bourbon Mint Mocha Bourbon, White Crème De Menthe, Rich Dark Chocolate and SBC Espresso Poured Over Ice And Topped With A Splash Of Cream My only complaint is they were using Jack Daniels on Independence last year. That isn't bourbon. But it was good enough to have a few.
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