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  1. I agree with above poster.. not walkable..please take a ship tour or a private tour..
  2. I brought the pressure wrist bands and never need them. But on our March sailing it was beautiful calm waters, very light wind, sun and no rain but the cruise before us had rough seas, lots of rain and missed ports due to wind, seas, etc.. So I was prepared for the worst and lucked out.. bring hiking boots, warm weather coat and be prepared for rain and wind..
  3. Yes NCL offered shore excursions at all ports. I did this in March..fabulous itinary..penquins in Stanley are a must do..We also did penquins in Port Madryn.. Any questions? Let me know..
  4. I was on another ship, but I have been on Viking Sea and Orion and had early private tours and it worked just fine.. meet on 1st floor and as soon as the ship has been given the all clear, one can get off. I was very nervous about this and spoke to the cruise director and this is what I was told.. worked well for me.. Also, if you are seeing penquins in Stanley wear closed toed shoes.. lots of stuff on the ground.. I wore my hiking boots.. and rain pants, gloves and hat..
  5. I did this cruise last year..while the Punto Tomba are amazing..one is on boardwalk.. in Stanley..the penquins are walking around you.. unbelievable experience..one NOT to be missed.. in my limited experience..they did wait for you. But it is not the difficult to be one the first tender.. people line at early but the tender portal.. the advantage of being early is first one to the penquins..plus easier to drive on the Pete moss..
  6. On our last Ocean cruise, Viking placed in your room on your birthday a cake and a bottle of wine..
  7. So true but booking a cruise is so much more fun..and makes a great story
  8. But did you get Champagne?
  9. When I went on Viking over my birthday, I ask my TA to get me The private dining room at Manfredi for a certain time.. it did not count toward my allotment..the only catch is you need about 8 people for the room..but it was no problem..I filled it up with folks from the roll call..and my TA got s cake and the waiters sang.. great memory
  10. The only reason to go go Cozumel, IMHO, is to buy Vanilla..
  11. Without Silver Spirits..the wine was wonderful..I did mention that the were some I didn't like and they substituted a different wine for me..
  12. Mdr is open seating.. never a line to get in..although I did see a line after a lecture/port talk get out and it seemed like the whole theater emptied in the MDR..there was a line so Viking handed out champagne for those that had to wait a few minutes.. 🥂🥂
  13. I don't remember which day it was.. check the menu outside the restaurant or ask at guest services...I was given a whole lobster.. it was fantastic..
  14. I did this cruise in EarlyMarch this year from Buenas Aires to Santiago, Chile. Weather was nice, think summery in BA, 40s around the horn and then warm/nice again. We did not miss any ports although many ships do..especially liked the Faulklands and Usheria.
  15. We started in ATHENS on the Viking Orion ATHENS to MUMBAI. The first day we did the hop on hop off..the next day was the included tour. It drove past sites and you visited the museum.. that was it.. it did not include entrance to any other sites.. On our cruise we left ATHENS early so exploring was done before the cruise. There is a free walking tour that was VERY informative..
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