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  1. We went on the Jade mid December 2019 out of Singapore, I did ask the question here, as I was looking for options of Aft Penthouse suite vrs Haven, with the cost difference being around $2000/2500 per cabin. As the jade is a smaller ship, the difference did not seemed to justify the cost difference. We got all the perks, and mainly just not the location, although some Haven suites were also located near us. We boarded and disembark the same as Haven guest, breakfast and lunch same as Haven guest etc. and for those I talked to staying in Haven, they seemed to think it was not worth the extra co
  2. on the Dec cruise on the Jade they had you do both when entering buffet line.
  3. While on vacation and at a brunch I sometimes like to have my mimosas, I know with the PPBP you have more choices, but I wonder what choices you get in the UDP, are there any choices on Champagne, or just what they have and I sure its the cheapest. I know some may say why waste a good Champagne with OJ or other mixes, but to each their own on that, and are there a few choices under the $15 threshold. I'm still thinking if I will upgrade LOL.
  4. Ok back to the drawing board LOL, as this cruise will be in a Penthouse suite, I'm sure I will also want it or Haven next time as well. At lease that's what I been reading on here.
  5. Thanks, I got my math wrong, before I was thinking about booking another cruise, and also staying in a suite or Haven, so I was going to buy 4x250, but only if I could use the 4x250 on a single cruise for 2, as I think that is only on specific cruises, again its all new to me especially NCL, as my past cruises were on Carnival, and maybe 9 plus years ago.
  6. I was thinking about getting the upgrade to the premium drink package, but the cost was a little over $400 for our 6 day cruise. As I new to NCL my question is? if I get on board and buy 2 $250 cruise next certificates. If I read it right, I would also get a OBC of $500, and then can I use that credit to pay the $400 + upgrade drink package? If so it would make my decision easier, as even if I were unable to use the credits for another cruise, I am still getting my UDP, and have two certificate for another day. Has anybody done this. My DW does not really drink Alcohol, but would enjoy, the o
  7. Thanks for the input from everyone, it seems in my case I made the right call, I actually enjoy the at sea days by the main pool, as there seems there is always something going on. I do want the other perks, and happy to receive those, and I think for the $1000 plus per cabin Min Bid for 6 days, it would be that the extra money is better spent, on other things, and save the Haven for a larger ship someday if I like the NCL experience overall.
  8. its my first time on NCL, I been on several Carnival ships, mostly balcony cabins. Its been a good 13 years or so since last cruise. Anyway I am now retired and live in the Philippines, I'm originally from San Diego, CA. I decided to take a cruise within Asia, I found a cruise in Dec 15 on the Jade for 6 days. A big part of my search criteria was to find a suit type cruise with all the bells and whistles, that can be had. I looked for concierge/butler type service, special restaurant or lounge, priority boarding things like that. Drink/dinner packages if included a plus. So yes the Haven fit t
  9. We are booked on a cruise Dec15th out of Singapore, it says the ship will arrive in port 8am. It says you must board by 5pm for 7pm departure, but I can not find any where on the booking site that mentions how early we can board. We are staying in Singapore the night before. and the hotel checkout is 12pm, so I was hoping we can go straight to the port/ship. We are staying in a penthouse suite, if that matters.
  10. My background is I have lived overseas in the Philippines for more than 3 years, I was born and raised in the US. I will be taking a NCL cruise in Dec out of Singapore. My question is, especially on meat, where does the cruise line source the food. I ask because when I buy beef here in the Philippines the vast majority comes from Australia, and it has a different taste and texture, than what I'm use to in the US. I'm not saying one is better than the other, its more like what one is use too. I am sure this is true for cruisers from other parts of the world as well. So does any one have inform
  11. When it says 1 login per stateroom, it that 1 login at a time or only 1 device per stateroom per cruise
  12. If your given the standard drink package as a perk, (yes I know you pay the gratuity up front), and your spouse does not drink alcohol, what options does she have if any.
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