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  1. Thanks so much. we are traveling with our twin/teenage daughters, who at least right now, aren't showing much interest in cultural sites, but more in to nature/gardens etc, so I'll start narrowing the sites we would want to visit first by looking into the tour guides recommended. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Just recently booked 7 day Scandinavia/Russia cruise on RCCL, ports visiting will be St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallin, Visby (Sweden). From what I've found & read so far, St. Petersburg we'll need to either book excursion through the cruise or authorized visa-free tour operator, so that's out of question for DIY. Trying to be frugal & save some money. This is our first time cruising in Europe. What ports would you recommend for DIY? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. We'll be taking our first ever RCCL cruise in July 2020 on Jewel of the seas. Previously cruised only on NCL which has an APP & $9.95 /pp fee to use it for communication (text & call) while on board, very convenient features, especially to get hold of family members. Is there any thing similar on RCCL? What';s the best hack/way to communicate with family members while on board? Thanks.
  4. How do different cruise lines compare? Done only NCL in the past, but with Baltic, seeing more options with Costa, Holland America & MSC cruise lines. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your responses, so in summary look for Baltic cruise or Norway-Sweden cruise & 7+ days recommended. Good info to start.
  6. Hello Looking at Europe cruise in July/Aug 2020, just started with initial research. Will be traveling with tweens & teens, have already been to most if Europe except Spain, Greece, Scandinavia, & Portugal. What would you recommend? Looking at 5-9 days cruise. Must sees? most enjoyable with kids? Any insight to start my research will be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Sorry for the delay in reporting, I should had labeled the above post as Sea days instead of Day 1, because actually it was Day 1 & 2. From here on I'll just review our port & excursion experiences. We arrived in Ketchikan on Day 3, it was raining, which is expected as its in the rain forest area. We had booked excursion through Ketchikan Taxi cab tours after researching the posts on CC as well as trip adviser. Tim White is the owner of the company however, we were guided by Dave who was the previous owner, a very nice gentleman, well informed and the world traveler. This was very
  8. Day 1: Sea Day We explored the ship further, attended CC meet & Greet. Few of the officers had come & were mingling with the crowd. Other than the usual dining rooms & bars, there is Starbucks on deck 6 , Atrium. The Local is in place of O'Sheehan's on deck 7 from where you can see the events happening at the Atrium. Deck 8 has nice Waterfront hallway which is nice place to view glacier while cruising. Also, they open up deck 6 forward when the ship gets close to the glacier. The Tradewinds shops & other shops had specials going on the entire week, my daughters loved to co
  9. All right here is some more: although cruised before, this was first trip to Seattle as well as to Alaska. Pier 66 cruise terminal in Seattle is very crazy busy place, we had rented a car from Avis which is few blocks away from the pier, so my husband dropped us off at the terminal with luggage while he went to return the car. NCL & port staff had made wonderful arrangements as to pick up tagged luggage by the drop off location. Avis rental was however another story, just 2-3 employees working & catering to the needs for many, so it took a while for my husband to come back
  10. Frankly, my younger one is 10, & she stayed in kids club just once, there were 6 yr old twins in our grp & unfortunately they didn’t like the kids club at all, it’s called Splash academy in NCL. Although signing kids in on first day was an easy however, a lengthy process due to lines & just a few cruise employees working, I would recommend to sign them as soon as you get on board. Also every time you’ll sign kids in & out they’ll need not just yours but kids room key as well.
  11. Since our extended family is Seattle based, we stayed with them, however, quiet a few hotels in the vicinity of the port, we were looking at Marriot before making plans with the family.
  12. These boards have been very useful for all of my cruise experiences and I hope my review will be useful for anyone else looking into this magnificent ship or the itinerary. We sailed from Seattle, inside passage, 7 nights cruise on NCL Joy on Aug 24th. We were traveling with our school aged kids & extended family including older uncle & aunts. The extended family was based out off Seattle, so it was just us flying from OH to Seattle, we reached a day early & rented car to visit Mt. Rainier, if not seen before, definitely worth a drive. Our itinerary was as follows:
  13. Thank you for your review, we'll be on Joy next week, very much looking forward to it. Do you remember/know what time was all aboard when the ship was in the ports? We're a little late to book excursions & the one I'm getting in Ketchikan is starting at 10:30 am, about 3 hrs duration, so ending by 1:30 pm, the ship's sail away is 3 pm, hence wondering if we should go for it or not. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your advises & insights.
  15. Hello: Anyone experienced a guided cab tour other than by Ketchikan cab tours? I found their name from the recommendations from CC & Tripadvisor, however, unfortunately they don;t have a taxi available for the time we are looking at. Are there any other taxi services available in Ketchikan? Thanks.
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