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  1. The lines have been hit by noro multiple times and never went to permanently removing self-serve. They might enact that short term, but not long term.
  2. Yeah I'm sure worst things have been in those beds. lol
  3. I can back up what the others said about not using a plug in clock. As the week went on I was later and later for things before finally realizing the clock was losing time. Now I just leave my phone by the bed as a clock/alarm, and plug it in to recharge during the day if needed.
  4. I'm sure it didn't take more than a phone call. Probably the hotel director(or whoever handles that part of the process) on the Celebrity ship called the one on the Royal ship, and confirmed the info. That's if they don't have a procedure in place for this already. I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened. Hell, they might have already decided that was what was going to happen before the passenger even got back to the pier.
  5. Harbor freight probably has a full azipod sitting on the shelf. It's at least 3 weeks minimum right now to fix it as theres not a functioning dry dock in North America that they can use to fix it, so it has to go to Europe. Also, Royal is not worried about St. Thomas' economy.
  6. Celebrity and Royal are the same company.
  7. The screens are modular. The port side screen looked in earlier pictures like the right hand row of panels had been removed. The picture above backs that up. They have just resized the video to use just the undamaged panels and they have put a filler panel in the spots the missing panels were removed. The starboard side appears to be all filler and no screen. They got the framework up, but did not get any screens in. As the previous screens required no projection, the ship isn't equipped to do projection.
  8. Well an L1 and an L2 aren't the same category. Whether they let you switch would probably be based on the going rate for the two rooms. If the one you want is more expensive, then you'd probably have to pay the difference.
  9. I'm sure the Bahamian government isn't going to object to them doing something to bring more business there. Capital would be the issue, but with what they are lost on this oasis deal, they probably could have paid for it. The more big ships carnival and royal build, the more dry dock time they are going to need. Eventually, not having to take them all across the Atlantic will pay for itself.
  10. Different company. Celebrity and Royal are the same company. They already had payment, verification of the guests identity, and confirmation of their destination. Carnival wouldn't have had any of that. They'd just be picking up a stranded passenger who was supporting a competitor. But once they switched ships, was it still a closed loop cruise?
  11. In that incident did they catch a ride on another ship or were they in a situation to be back at the port when the ship arrived? If they weren't going to be back by 10am, certainly the crew would pack their stuff. But if they were going to be back in time, I don't see the need. Surprising, but I'm guessing that since Celebrity and Royal are sister lines, they already had all the documentation. I'd think there'd be a customs issue, but maybe they had their passports on them. Might have to pay a fine as well for re-entering the country on a different vessel. If it had been a carnival cruise(either the one they missed of the one that was still there), I'm sure it would have been a different result.
  12. Ships usually dock at like 6am. Last passengers off are around 10. If they get off the one and head straight to the other, they would have at least an hour or two to get their stuff.
  13. And Royal Caribbean. They both have ownership stake.
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