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  1. The weather is gorgeous and when I did this cruise a few years ago, Bermuda was very lovely. The mornings can be a bit cool though, so the light pullover sweater I packed came in handy(it warms up nicely in the afternoons). What I did was monitor the temps in Hamilton, Bermuda the week before the cruise because I already had it added to the weather app on my phone since it's my favorite place to visit. That way, I knew that the chances of it being cool in the mornings while in port were very likely and I packed accordingly(as well as needing it to wear when the ship docked in Bayonne).
  2. I've sailed Summit to Bermuda many times, and our family's traditional sailing time are the late August/early September sailing dates. The temps range in the mid/upper 80s during the day and very sunny, and if there's any rain, it's been the evening into early morning(before sunrise) shower type. Even with possible rain, the nights are warm and beautiful, and the rain's not constantly falling all night. There was only one time I've been on the Summit when a late night thunderstorm lightning strike knocked out power to some of the homes for a couple of hours(not King's Wharf or of course the ship), and everything was fine by the morning. The rain the OP mentioned was during a sea day, and the Atlantic can give up a rainy surprise every so often.
  3. You most definitely can bring unopened cans of soda back to the ship from a port, I've done it several times carrying them in my tote bag, and didn't have an issue bringing them on as the bag went through Security. I've carried aboard as many as 6 cans with no issues.
  4. From what I understand, the Sushi on Five menu for the M class ships is not the exact full menu served on S class, there are some items not offered(and it says this on the sample menu on the X website for So5). I've seen recent pics of the M class So5 menu(Summit), and the "Kobe" sliders were not on it in the starters/appetizers section.
  5. The delays often come when pax try to board before their assigned check in time. You won't be penalized for needing to board later than your assigned time, as long as you get checked in and boarded before their "last call".
  6. I've had the classic package in the past and while I flirted with the idea of upgrading to premium, I ended up not doing it and was happy to just pay for the one or two Martinis I enjoyed during my 8 night cruise. This upcoming sailing I will have the premium for a 15 night, and I'll be very happy to take it for a spin to see what I was missing and just upgrade for future cruises(or not, since now only the difference is paid for an out of package cocktail, not the whole price). As others have said, factoring in the extra $11.80 US a day for an upgrade is not just only for the top shelf liquors and higher priced wines it's also access to the premium water brands, some smoothies, and full cans of soda rather than cups (PLEASE, someone tell me X finally straightened this out and we all know what's definite with the soda service, I stopped following the soda war threads a while back :D:')), the coffee drinks at Cafe al Bacio that contain premium liquor. The upgrade definitely pays off if you drink more than two bottles of Evian, San Pellegrino or Vitamin Water a day. Your best bet is definitely to take the classic for a spin for at least for a day or two and then decide if you want to upgrade.
  7. I was on Summit to Bermuda last May, and I did see some jeans in the MDR, a few jackets, but mostly lighter weight slacks, collared shirts of all kinds, polo shirts, and maybe one or two tuxes on the Evening Chic and Smart Casual Nights(no tuxes for smart casual ;) ). No shorts, flip flops or tank tops at all during my seating(traditional late)that I can remember. While some may not take denim to a warm climate, I do have at least one pair packed because I find the ship to be on the cold side and feel comfortable wearing my lighter weight and white denim jeans in Bermuda while on the ship(off the ship in port, that's a different story it's too hot for that even in May!). That and I found those jeans to be very welcome when I got back home to NJ and the temps were in the low to mid 50s(it ranged from the mid 70's to low 80s on the island) while we disembarked! Your description of the jeans, collared shirt(untucked), jacket(extremely optional, but if you have a linen one, I would take it)and great shoes(I agree, great quality shoes makes every outfit look better!)you will be good for both Smart Casual and Chic Nights.
  8. I'm sorry you didn't have help, but that was definitely not my experience disembarking with my DM in Bayonne last year on the Summit. A crew member saw her struggle while walking with her rolling walker (it was a rough morning for walking that day for her)and asked if she needed wheelchair assistance off the ship(we had no idea this was possible). She gratefully accepted, and a different crew member arrived with a wheelchair and stayed with us from off the ship all the way to the parking deck and waited with her until I got the car down to the lower lever get everything loaded up and even made sure my DM was seated in the car safely as I tipped our luggage porter(he earned my gratitude and a very nice tip as well). Not every disability needs the use of a wheelchair full time as in Mom's case, she wants to stay as mobile as possible before her illness progresses to the point where she can no longer walk. Short distances are fine and since she knows the ship's layout as well as our home, she knows where to take a rest(and her rolling walker also has a seat feature), but with all the walking and carrying that comes with embarkation and disembarkation, she now prefers the use of a wheelchair to get on and off the ship. Thankfully the renovations make Bayonne ADA compliant so the elevators and ramps make it a lot easier time now.
  9. I'm going to experience this in a couple months, as there's a request for wheelchair embarkation assistance(and disembarkation)for my DM at Cape Liberty(Bayonne) in September. The wheelchair request was put in via our TA at booking, as well as filling out and faxing this week the Special Needs form for other items she needs for the cabin(the form needs to be done either at booking or submitted up to 30 days before sail date). Either way, we plan to get to the port to board as early as we can(as long as there's no text/email notice saying otherwise)to really make sure a wheelchair is available. I hope your experience is better this time.
  10. Yes, you definitely have to try the buffet at least once for dinner during your cruise. I had dinner for the first time in the OV cafe last year, it was really nice and relaxing(and a nice change of pace), and I wondered why we hadn't done it sooner. The lighting is soft and pleasing in the dining area(s), the view is spectacular(either indoors or outside on the deck) there are definitely less people up there, and there's a really great selection to choose from; grilled meats/fish to order, some tasty Indian(the night I was there)entrees, pasta made to order, pizza, salad/veggies and some carved meats. I'll be on a 15 night soon as well, and the buffet will definitely be a dinner option for us on a couple nights
  11. I normally skip most of the shows(and the port talks) in the theater when sailing; I do go to the late night parties and prefer doing the tastings offered in the evenings(there was a really nice whiskey and bacon tasting I enjoyed very much last year)and catching up with new friends in the lounges while listening to music or at the Martini Bar. I prefer the late seating in the MDR, but once a friend I made on board who was traveling solo didn't have fixed seating, she and I ended up meeting and eating dinner up at the buffet(a really nice meal too!), headed to Cafe al Bacio for dessert/coffee, and eventually at the Martini Bar.
  12. My favorite four letter word.....sale! :D:D Thank you, I will check Athleta out.
  13. I was waffling about it, but now I will definitely pack my super cute black rain ankle boots! Socks are a given, I even pack a pair or two when going to the Caribbean(my feet get cold easily on board, and I used them as slippers walking around the room), and I am looking at a packable waterproof jacket right now. Thanks to you all for your very helpful tips!
  14. Oh the jeans will definitely have stretch, one of the best things ever was when they added spandex to denim(I was an 80s teen, I remember! :D:')). Huge fan of Diane Gilman's DG2 denim on HSN and Old Navy's Rockstar denim, and I bought a pair of DG2 faux suede leggings that I am definitely packing(very nice for dinner with a tunic top and wedge heels), I am super picky about leggings; thank you for reminding me about including them, I love those leggings!
  15. While I also enjoy choosing outfits and packing for a cruise, I'm running into new territory with my upcoming cruise. While the ship and company aren't new to me(Celebrity Summit), the itinerary, length of cruise and many of the locations are. It's a 14 day Canada/New England itinerary and it's during late September/early October(exactly 68 days, yahoo!). I'm a lifelong East Coast dweller(NJ), so I already know what a crapshoot this time of year can be in Boston(quite similar to where I live and just as unpredictable in the grey area of early fall, it can still feel like summer!), it's Maine and Nova Scotia that are my unknowns because I'm so used to packing for cruising in the tropics and it will be my first time visiting the upper Northeast coast. I have a feeling the days will still be warm most of the time, but the nights will be cooler. So far, I will definitely be packing at least one jacket(either a fleece moto style from Samantha Brown's collection or a fleece moto style from Isaac Mizrahi's QVC line)and one or two cardigans along with both long and short sleeved t-shirts, ankle length pants, one pair of dark wash jeans, skirts, and dresses with 3/4 sleeves. Any tips from y'all who have done this itinerary during this time of year in the past would be gratefully appreciated. I'm just happy I'm driving to the port and don't need to stress over being over weight in my packing!:D:')
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