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  1. I don't buy or wear jeans with rips or holes in them because I come from a generation (Gen X) who went the DIY route when we wanted rips and tears in jeans. Why pay extra for holes when I can do it myself for free? 😉😅 Besides that, I got wanting to wear ripped jeans out of my system as a 20something and see no reason to go back. I don't buy designer jeans because(at least for now)I refuse to pay those prices! I find great looking and fitting jeans well under the ridiculous designer price points.
  2. I hope so too. Not my first trip to Bermuda, I love the island and the people. I also felt very happy because yesterday evening, I found that a local store carries Fever Tree's Elderflower Tonic Water, so it's great that I don't have to order it from Amazon.
  3. Now I really envy y'all across the pond! I'm sailing in a couple weeks to Bermuda, so I hope that I can find some flavors on the duty free shelves on the island. The Elderflower and the Pink Gin sound especially intriguing, as does the Rose & Pomegranate.
  4. You're putting way too much energy into this, in my opinion. I've sailed on Celebrity cruise. As a regular passenger since the mid/ late 90s and have seen the evolution(some might call it the devolution)of the dress guidelines. As for the price of my clothes, they come from all over, and any high end designer pieces I've acquired over the years from Marshall's/TJ Maxx and consignment shops happily mix with my Target and Walmart buys and things I find in vintage stores and thrift shops. The snooty folks will always find something to be snooty about and I don't care because I don't dress to please them. It's not my problem if they have a problem with the way I look, it's theirs.
  5. I'm get email newsletters from a UK based monthly subscription box company(I Love Gin) and I'm very jealous that all of you overseas have easy access to so many flavored gins! A lot of it sounds fantastic, and I hope the trend gains some traction over here in the USA very soon. Meanwhile I have to make due with infusing my own gins at home. Thank goodness I can get Fever Tree mixers, they're so good!
  6. It's been open on the Summit the last couple times we've boarded, hopefully it will remain that way. It's so much more relaxed. Then again with the change in boarding(able to drop bags off in the room first then go upstairs). It should be less hectic in the Oceanview with no bag slalom while carrying plates.
  7. The quick answer is that your cafe mocha is covered under the classic package, as are all the coffee drinks not containing alcohol. For any other with alcohol on the Cafe al Bacio menu, see helen haywood's answer above mine.
  8. When I left from San Juan(late April) on the Summit, boarding was definitely by 11-11:30am at the Pan-American Pier, and the muster drill was done long before any dinner service started, probably by 5-5:30pm.
  9. I've only seen the pink packs, yellow packs and the blue packs when it comes to sugar substitutes onboard. I would definitely suggest you bring your own packs of your sweetner of choice.
  10. If you have an account with Celebrity at their website and have registered your current cruise info, began/completed your check in, and have a North American address, you're able to request your luggage tags in a couple days. There will be a link on your reservation page that will allow you to type in your name and address, hit send, and you should have your tags in the mail in 7-10 days. Your docs, as cruisestitch mentioned, are also available on that reservation page after you fully complete your check in. There should be a "print e-doc" link that will open another page to them, plus more luggage tags. I used to print all of it early on, but now I print the first couple pages just as a backup, as the check in at the port has everything already.
  11. @TTOC55 If you bring wine aboard with you(you're allowed 2 bottles) either bring your own corkscrew(or ask your room steward to bring you one along with the wine glasses. Just be warned, if you take the bottles from your cabin with you to a restaurant to enjoy with a meal, you'll be subject to a corkage fee($35 the last time I checked).
  12. As stated above, there's already a gratuity added to bar and Cafe al Bacio purchases when using beverage packages(it used to be 18%, however when I upgraded a beverage package last week for an upcoming cruise on the Celebrity website, 20% was charged), so any extra tips given are completely optional and at your discretion. Always name people you believe go above and beyond in your guest survey as well, so that their supervisors, management and the corporate office will know who deserves extra perks, contract renewals and future promotions.
  13. Thank you, however you're preaching to the choir with me. I'm fully aware of the ways to finesse the beverage packages, as I've been on several Celebrity cruises in the many years since they were created. I was answering a question as it was posed, as well as a follow up comment.
  14. The coffee served shipwide(including Cafe al Bacio) is Lavazza. It's all very good, but because al Bacio's coffee is freshly made to order, it's best. I can't comment on anything made with shredded coconut because I dislike it, most of the pastries are lovely at the Oceanview Cafe(the croissants at breakfast are pretty good), as well as the ice cream up there too. MDR desserts can be hit or miss. I liked the creme brulee a lot, the cheesecake is not true New York style as advertised, but it's still good, the apple pie was a disappointment. The doughnuts at Tuscan Grill were superb when I tried them.
  15. You're right. The fancy coffee drinks with alcohol are covered under the Premium package, or the difference plus 20% gratuity if it's bought under the Classic package. I don't know about the Affogato, since that's made with Gelateria gelato.
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