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  1. Very interested to hear more especially do's and don'ts. We will be boarding in just under 3 weeks (3 generation family of 10) so all hints and tips appreciated such as % formal (TA's are usually more than normal as will probably be Christmas). Thanks for taking the time and hope the cruise blue's are over.
  2. 10 of us ranging from 16 to 68 will be on Rhapsody over Christmas. Any ideas on possible theme nights would be appreciated since the 3 youngest would love to dress up. Cheers,
  3. OMG! We made an unscheduled stop in Halifax in October of 2007 as we ran from a hurricane. The people were unbelievably generous in hosting us until we were able to leave port the following day. Prayers that recovery is quick for this and all locations that felt the wrath of Dorian.
  4. And they are not alone! Safe travels to all who will be heading out to sea today!
  5. Under the best conditions it is 45 minutes from the port to MCO. If I had private transportation arranged in advance, I would take the flight.
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