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  1. It looks like Oasis or Odyssey of the seas is the most likely we are looking for the Caribbean with perfect day for 14 nights possibly B2B to get what we want. Is there any where inside just from memory late at night at sea it can get rough and cold so outside isn't always an option. We always do all inclusive usually Caribbean or Egypt where the entertainment and bars are very much kids allowed kind of situations, so don't really want to be limited to structured entertainment only sometimes its nice to just find somewhere and chill but in the same sentence know he will love the activities 90% of the time hence looking at RC over say Norwegian. I may be reading it wrong but the website makes it sound like we couldn't go to say Lime and Coconut or the English pub order ourselves a cocktail and him a soda to sit outside never mind inside.
  2. Thanks Smokeybandit we are unlikely to use that would rather do things with him, we will likely encourage him to go to kids club on a few occasions so we can use the spa and he gets some time with others kids but if he was to meet a friend he wanted to play with round the pools etc we would be happy to facilitate that for him.
  3. Hi having had multiple holidays now cancelled due to COVID we have started to consider 2022/23 holidays! We will be traveling with a 9/10 year old, we are set on a cruise that includes perfect day likely a B2B (March 2023) to give us 14 days. Having sailed with P&O before our son we have been looking at RC as it seems to offer a lot more for our son and our tastes (were young parents ill be dragging the kid and husband away from the slides!!). However when looking at the nighttime activities the majority seem to say 21+ is there anywhere onboard for families to just grab and drink and chill listening to music. I appreciate that yes their is a lot going on which we will want to do but our normal night time procedure is dressed, 30-40 minutes for adult drinks (colouring, Switch, iPad for our son), food then family friendly entertainment (not a theatre show!!). We would be looking to maybe leave the ship on a half day excursions (COVID permitting) and then spend a lot of time onboard enjoying the facilities so access for families is a really important part of the decision will appreciate any advice people can give!
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