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  1. I believe washboards are what we need to accompany the Princess Choir. Jim
  2. I think maybe I wasn't clear. What I really like is Club Class. I know it's expensive, but it's the only dining option other than buffet, etc. that gives us real control over our evening schedule. Anytime Dining leaves you at the mercy of buzzers and other people's schedules. Traditional sometimes takes two hours. With Club Class, you can be in and out in an hour or so. Only once have we paid the full rate for CC, and that cruise it wasn't much steeper. But we've taken several upsells to a suite partly based on how much we like CC dining. Jim
  3. Now that was a sweet deal, at least according to me. The ability to just show up when you're hungry and be seated almost immediately is worth quite a bit. We like to go to shows or catch musical acts when the spirit moves us, not when the dinner gods force us. Jim
  4. I can only tell you how it was on our BI cruise last June. It was pretty calm most places but was real bouncy up around the northern part of Scotland, probably two rough days. Jim
  5. In our experience, the Regal in particular seems prone to the 1 p.m. room ready declaration. Sometimes you can get in earlier and sometimes not. Jim
  6. Honestly, a better question would be: Can you get away from NFL playoff games if you just don't care? I'm 99% sure they'll be on the big outdoor MUTS screen, plus a few other places. Jim
  7. Yes. It's the same as if you call the general Princess number or book online. Jim
  8. I'm pretty sure hot chocolate is free and readily available during breakfast hours in the dining room and at the buffet. Jim
  9. Premium is strictly about location. Some might have a bigger balcony too. Deluxe, regardless of location, is distinguished by having a loveseat. And they're a few square feet bigger interiors. Jim
  10. It probably depends on how many ships are in port and what kind of "parking spot you get. When we were there 5 years ago it was actually worked into the comic's routine. Something that seemed to take forever was described as being "Longer than a tender to Belize." We probably spent 30 minutes in the boat each way. Jim
  11. Yes. All side-facing balconies on Aloha deck are covered. Jim
  12. Just tell you waiter for the night. He'll want your cabin number, probably. Other than that, it's the same as with traditional dining. Jim
  13. Glad to hear it. It doesn't affect us, just a fairness issue. Jim
  14. My mistake. I was assuming this was a 2-step repositioning cruise (FLL to NY via random Caribbean islands, then NYC to Quebec). Not the case, I see. Jim
  15. Please note that premium balconies are simply location. Only "deluxe" balcony cabins have the loveseat. And they are only on Royal class ships. Jim
  16. That about sums it up for me. The only thing we liked was the entertainment. Jim
  17. We were on deck 12, one deck below the decks skynight warned about. I would agree decks 14 and 15 on starboard side present privacy issues, but 12 was fine with me. Jim
  18. Sounds to me like two cruises sold as one. In other words I think people will be embarking and disembarking, so I'd plan on Brooklyn. Jim
  19. From what I'm reading, I can't see any reason for any of you to have a beverage package. Jim
  20. On Regal earlier this month the steward had already filled the slot with his own filler card. We always tried to pull it when we went away for awhile, but we would return to find it plugged in again. Jim
  21. Last time I tried to book it we got there at 12 noon on embarkation day only to find out the entire 10-day cruise was booked up. I asked whether some of those bookings were from the previous cruise and was told no, they don't allow that. So go as soon as you possibly can with your fingers crossed. Jim
  22. Looks like a great cabin to me. I don't know whether you're pool people, but you're just steps from the adults only Terrace Pool. And I'd call $99 each for 10 days a real steal of an upsell. Jim
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