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  1. Is it really possible that with 8 ships in port on January 2, 2020 that with passengers and crew there could be 40,000 people? should we just stay on the ship?
  2. Thanks so much for all the wonderful info, we will be boarding in Greenwich as you are leaving and we are very excited about this awesome port intensive cruise, we have been in Switzerland and are arriving in London tomorrow, heard the heat wave is coming again, and could be 103 degrees in London on Thursday!!! Enjoy the rest of your cruise and please keep sending your thoughts judi
  3. Thanks for the link, I only saw one comment regarding Clear we travel a great deal, so would use Clear more than just trip this summer to UK, I have found Global Entry to be worth every penny, and we did get refund for our renewal this time through our travel credit card, so even better 🙂 judi
  4. Anyone try CLEAR yet? Thinking it may help tremendously to get through security long lines at international departure at JFK during busy busy summer months judi
  5. Thank you very much for replies, this helps a lot i am afraid I have a terrible NYC accent, and living in Florida for over 30 years hasn’t helped in the slightest ;-( judi
  6. same, I renewed and got mine, but it did take more than 4 weeks. every so often I went on website to check, and then one day, there it was in my mail. good luck Judi
  7. We have booked a few private tours for our upcoming UK cruise this July/August. Most of these are all day with a car and driver/guide. What is the recommended tipping for these tours? Haven't done this in awhile, and not sure of protocol in UK. We do like to thank our tour guides for a day of great service, thanks for any input or suggestions. Judi
  8. Lots of fabulous choices in Amsterdam, we also love the Indonesian restaurants, and we have been to Restaurant Blauw for the rijsttafel, or rice table, on two different trips and it is awesome. For seafood, we went to John Dory and it was amazing, inside a 17th century warehouse, or the Seafood Bar, more than one location now. For something a little different, we went to De Kas, which is inside a conservatory, and you can see the outdoor gardens which grow much of what is used. Also Restaurant Vinkeles in the Dylan Amsterdam, very lovely and special; I think we went to Izakaya for sushi, and must try herring at a street stand, we were so lucky to be there for nieuw herring. Have a great trip, wish we were going back soon.
  9. We went to Glenmorangie and thoroughly enjoyed the tour and tasting Judi
  10. Thank you so much, we definitely want someone local, and thanks for tip about seeing cliffs, I am fine with watching from ship :-), and I don’t think we want to hike down and back up either always so happy to get responses from the cruise critic community, thank you as always judi
  11. We are looking for a private tour company to take us to Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral and see the cliffs in Dover, any recommendations? I saw some reviews about a company called Eds Taxi Dover on trip advisor, and they were all good. We are in Dover at the end of July on the Viking Jupiter for the day The tour through the ship is about $360 for two people, and then you need to be on a bus with lots of other people and on someone else's schedule Thanks for any input Judi
  12. Have you considered going to Delft? We took a day trip there by train, very easy, and it is beautiful, smaller, and quieter than the city. Things to see and do, depending on your likes, walks along canals, Vermeer Centrum Delft ( no actual Vermeer's here), beautiful market square, stop and rest for a coffee, Prinsenhof, Old and New Churches, and stop at a herring stand. We never went but there is also a porcelain factory. Judi
  13. If you are staying 4 or 5 nights as you mention, you may prefer a small apartment, so you do not have to eat all your meals out, and have a little space to spread out. We stayed in Edinburgh at the Chester Residence on Rothesay Place. It is an apartment, but you also have some hotel services, and it was wonderful, we were very very happy there. We were able to walk to Princes Street and up to the Castle. We actually walked everywhere, and also were able to walk to train station to go out to Linlithgow for a Jousting Tournament which was so much fun. We stayed a week, and loved Edinburgh, and found so so many things to see and do. The Queen was in town so we could not go into Holyrood, but we saw all the people lined up in their Sunday best, with fabulous hats, and some in formal kilts, getting ready to go in for a garden party. For an easy day out of the city, but close by, we took a boat out to Inchcolm Abbey, from SouthQueensferry, we booked before we got there, and packed some snacks, and stopped at beautiful Botanic gardens on way back. You will have an awesome trip, cannot wait to go back. Judi
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