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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if the days we lost from a cancelled cruise still counted toward days at sea?
  2. We had a cruise on the Radience on Sept.13. Now cancelled. Got offer and had the following questions. 1) I have not done final payment, do I continue to pay? 2) Sister in law was going, what if she can't go on rescheduled cruise. May take grand kids instead. Thanks
  3. Got an offer, we are on Radience , Sept. Canada/New England. We are on deck 8 mid .Offer of Lido deck 9 for $18.00 or Cloud (spa) for $58.00. Happy with what we have but don't know much about spa room. What do you all think??? Thanks.
  4. Haven't seen for awhile. There are kiosk several places now. Easy to do.
  5. I thought 5.00 was cheap. Would not have surprised if it wasn't 10.00 or more years ago. It was neat for grandkids and there were a lot of adults without kids. Would do again.
  6. We are doing Radience in Sept. New England/Canada have balcony on deck 8 starboard mid. Offer was deck 9 port mid. Seems like the same just other side and up one. 20.00 more seems about same as booking myself. What do you think?
  7. Carnival Radience 7 day from NY. mock booking is 600.00 difference
  8. I have an ocean view on deck two, got offer to go to balcony on deck 6 for 470.00 for two of us. What do you think?
  9. Thinking of doing Canada/New England in Sept. I feel that on an Alaska cruise you need a balcony room. How about Canada/New England. Price is quite a bit more. Been on 23 cruises and have had balcony on the last 18 or so. Would I be disappointed with an ocean view. I know its a matter of personal preference just wanted other opinions. Thanks.
  10. Can't wait for new England/Canada review. Thinking on doing in 2020. Some reviews don't sound so good. Cold not so bad, been to Alaska 3 times. Need another view point. Thanks
  11. Don't know about taxi but did the caves three weeks ago. Very hot in cave, not like caves at home. it is called an above ground cave. They had fans all thru the cave. It was nice but nothing special. The cave was about 45 min. The time at the beach was a little over an hour. Beach has a sea wall out about 3o yards. You could swim out to it and stand on the rocks. No waves at all.
  12. Thinking about Canada/New England cruise in Sept. What can you tell me about the weather, ports and shore trips. Any must see things? Been to Alaska
  13. Just back from Magic 8 day. Me and wife (23 cruises), daughter-in laws mom (5 cruises), and her dad, (first timer). On the day we left the newbie's dad (96) was taken to hospital. Things seemed ok for a few days then things changed. Daughter-in-law called ship and she said things didn't look good. There was a lot of debating what to do, the best place to fly back was Aruba. They needed the internet to kept in touch. Here's the kudos, Carnival gave the internet FREE. As they do, they posted it under charges and then under credit. The family back hope told them to stay on cruise. They did, but he passed on Sunday. Thanks for a wonderful job Carnival.
  14. What did you do in ports? We leave Saturday.
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