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  1. FYI: Letter from Virgin Voyages regarding Cuba travel ban: https://view.e.virginvoyages.com/?qs=50961a56dd301e75f006328de8ce5d89ffe615b52a56584bdba0224e4781723d31d147e6cd83b1949eff4396754ab16148af8e0abc53f100405ca0f7b6797442d5d01f126adf4451750532f054d05b31 I personally would love an extra day on Virgin's Bimini Beach Club or a visit to Necker Island!! 😉
  2. Live reporting on Viking Sky arrival on webcam - wish I understood Norwegian! 🙂 https://direkte.vg.no/studio/nyhetsdoegnet#!verbatimId=5c976bd65152f7e35da7e372
  3. One what site did you see this - can you include a link so we can keep up with reports of these problems? Thanks!
  4. Can I ask how you all found this information about the Viking Star? We are scheduled to board this Thursday, February 14th - and want to be kept up to date on what's going on between the mechanical issues and norovirus! Thanks!! Melissa
  5. Thanks so much - Now at least I might have an email to look forward to tomorrow! !! Hopefully there we'll be able to see the deck plans and fares too! 🙂
  6. Hi! Does anyone know how we book a cruise tomorrow and what do we need? Is there a contact number and start time booking opens up, and what we will need to quickly determine what cabin, etc.....? So hard without knowing price, dates, location of cabins, and itineraries to book in advance!!! Virgin Voyages we need more info !- Can't believe there is no info anywhere - just teasers!! Melissa
  7. Hi! Interesting first glimpses - hope the cruise fares come out soon! But does anyone else feel an Ikea/ Scandinavian vibe in all these cabins? I would expect this look more in a new NCL ship - I understand the ambiance they are going for - but I expected it to be Fun & Refined with a touch of British flair, not just a Union Jack or an expand Virgin Club lounge area - We are very much looking forward to cruising with Virgin Voyages, however I think we're leaning more towards the suites! 😉
  8. Just saw this about the cabins: https://www.virginvoyages.com/article/cabins Video -
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