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  1. This vaccine to my understanding does not prevent you from getting covid, it protects you from a serious case or deaths from covid so my question is why if someone does not get the vaccine should they not be allowed to travel? It is them taking the risk not those of you who are vaccinated. Even with the vaccine this virus could still run the ship, hopefully not as seriously. You will still have as much chance of getting this virus as those who do not, just will not have as bad of a case. Not understanding people getting forced to vaccinate before travel.
  2. I know, celebrity is being very hard I get they are having hard times too, the FCC was originally our money and I don’t understand why it is so hard. This was a cancelled cruise by them, not me. Anyway, I paid the final payment and will still have time to cancel if need be and keep the credits, I will just lose all my perks. If things don’t go as planned for them and cruising is still not a healthy option, I’m hoping they will cancel.
  3. I am scheduled on reflection so wish they would give us their plan to sail safely so I could read it.
  4. Jan 15 for 10 days. they will not let me use FCC for refund. I keep thinking if my best bet is to make final payment and hope they cancel but then I think what if they don’t? It’s a gamble, and if I follow my gambling record my chances are not to good...lol
  5. I really appreciate all your comments and opinions. We are suppose to go Jan 15 2021, we are on cruise credits on a previous cancelled cruise, celebrity won’t let me use the credits to pay off an already booked Jan 15 2022 B2B. They say the credits aren’t good on Apex or Edge. If I don’t rebook for 2021 if cancelling I lose them. Also the if I rebook with my credits, the cruises are much higher in price then when originally booked and I lose all my perks which are quite a few. I am really in a quandary as to what to do.
  6. What are your thoughts about cruising in January if cruising resumes?
  7. Going on Sunday hoping for a great cruise, I really cannot take all of this panic and the market and crazy people buying all the sanitizer stuff and 🧻. I pray to be ok and I will do my very best to be vigilant.
  8. Believe me,, that crossed my mind too....part of me will always wonder if she really made that call....lol
  9. FYI my agent did call to ask for suite perks “no” worth a try. Would have loved free internet. Just happy to have suite and luminae
  10. I would ask my TA to do that but I feel sorry for anybody trying to call celebrity at this point so I will live with classic
  11. Got mine yesterday afternoon, I bid for celebrity suite, sky suite and aqua, got the sky suite (can’t say I love the location) I was in bump out veranda on 6 originally. I hope they don’t cancel the cruise. question if anybody knows, will I get the premium beverage (already have classic) will I get free internet? Those are suite perks will they come with my move up.
  12. Got my sky suite bid happier to go now but admittedly a bit nervous
  13. We have 500 open rooms on our cruise leaving sunday and I have put in a move up bid months ago, have heard nothing. Just wondering if they are so overwhelmed nobody is doing this on their end.
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