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  1. Anyone recently off regal in Baltic know what movies are playing?
  2. What cruise are you on, I mean date of cruise
  3. We have a 25 day cruise booked for next year currently have free gratuities and 1000 ship board credit, slip and sail rate was raised total of 300 for 2 but no more free gratuities and 200 SBC, I declined.
  4. I find it rather ridiculous that the beds have not all been changed, I am booked on princess for August this year and have to say looked at princess seriously to try out the new beds, hasnt it been about three years since the advertisement for their great new beds started? Low and behold, I’m on the only ship without the new beds! i am platinum on princess so I am not a newbie, I was very excited about the beds haven’t cruised with them in awhile now I am 😩
  5. They haven’t changed to the new beds yet have they? We go on her in August and was hoping the bed would be changed to their new heavenly bed
  6. We board this Sunday just wondering if there will be a mass on the ship that day.
  7. We ate in Tamarind on the Konsingdam and I would agree with your negative review, have heard such wonderful reviews about it couldn’t wait to try it and it was just not enjoyable, the service or the food.
  8. Do princesses newer ships still have shower curtains?
  9. Can’t you bring your own 12 pack of water withyou when you board?
  10. Thank you for your observations, I will be boarding her in April, only my second HAL cruise.
  11. I know the $10 charge for additional entree is being tested but not on all ships wondering if it was being done on the NS.
  12. Are they charging $10 for an extra entree? Doesn’t affect me as I don’t do that, just wondering.
  13. There also was no place for passport numbers, just email names addresses, phone emergency contact and a photo to just be associated with the app. I’m confused🤪
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