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  1. What is your plan B? We were here on the Maria Theresa last year. Lovely ship and wonderful crew. We are supposed to board River Duchess Friday, but I am sick!
  2. Thank you...but what does “rafted with us on the Panorama” mean?
  3. Begete

    Rhine - Beyond the Standard Ports

    Thank you both. At the moment I am sick. We are all packed and ready to go if I am well enough, but did notify travel insurer and our travel agent just in case! For some crazy reason, to avail oneself of travel insurance, you must give them the notice required in your insurance documentation...not the short summary, but the whole 40+ page policy! I really appreciate the research both of you have done on our behalf as it helps a little with the stress. We did Budapest to Passau last November and enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again. Thank you
  4. Has anyone seen or heard anything from or about Uniworld? We are supposed to board the River Duchess in Budapest November 9 and head norther the evening of November 10.
  5. Begete

    Rhine - Beyond the Standard Ports

    Mark, were you replying to my plea to notamermaid? If so, thank you. We are supposed to board the River Duchess on November 9, spend the day of the 10th in Budapest, then head north, so arrival on the 8th sounds like what is scheduled for Uniworld’s River Duchess. However, what is scheduled as opposed to being actually sighted by anyone on this thread reporting in (which hasn’t happened) or showing up anywhere other than in Linz on the various navigation sites....that hasn’t happened either! So what is on the schedule may or may not matter. We have a slightly less than 2 hour layover between our flight from Seattle to Amsterdam and our flight from Amsterdam to Budapest, and last week, our friends on the same flight last week, spent 5 hours on the tarmac in Seattle before the plane departed. Their Crystal cruise was departing from Amsterdam, so waited for them. We do not have that luxury. I called Delta, and their only advice was to immediately request a booking on a later flight to Budapest from Amsterdam. I asked about the flight’s On Time history, and was told it was a newly scheduled flight, so that information was not available....doesn’t sound good......
  6. Begete

    Rhine - Beyond the Standard Ports

    Wow, notamermaid. That is quite a rundown of places we may be docked or visit. Can you even begin to appreciate how grateful all of us are for your help? THANK YOU. Could you please do me a favor? Uniworld is providing zero information other than the cover post on the “already booked” page which hasn’t changed as much as a comma in the weeks it has been posted. When one writes to them, or calls, all one receives is that same statement. Our travel agent doesn’t have any more information. We are supposed to leave Thursday, and it looks like the rains have stopped. We are supposed to be on the River Duchess from Budapest to Amsterdam. It seems there are no other fellow cruisers on this cruise here on cruise critic. I tried looking at the ship locator site, but I must be doing something wrong because in two weeks, the River Duchess seems to be located solely in Linz. I know you have mentioned the River Empress a few times. Would it be too much to beg for whatever you are able to see online about the travels of the River Duchess? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Begete

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    Bravo, Jacqueline. Hope you are soon feeling better. I am a retired lawyer, hoping I will not have to cancel my cruise next week, due to my current inability to walk. We are very experienced travelers who have always bought insurance, fortunately never having made a claim in over 40 years. But even I did not notice the clause in the policy that requires one to report the event that gave rise to a medical cancellation within 72 hours. I was diagnosed with sciatica yesterday, and called the insurer to tell them I was under treatment, but was almost completely packed and still hoped to go, but not might be able. The insurer cautioned me that I had to report this to the travel supplier, too, just in case, and put my notice in our file. Life happens. People get sick, cruise companies and travel agents need to turn a profit. Rudeness and blaming victims is never appropriate.
  8. Roz, our Uniworld trip, European Jewels on the River Duchess, starts in Budapest on November 10, 5 days after yours. The Duchess is only 110 meters, so maybe smaller than yours? I read all the posts about water levels, etc., and though I have an advanced degree, frankly, I do not understand them. At at the moment, I am apparently having a sciatica attack (never had that before) and am on steroids, so if we hit a dry patch, I might be able to carry the boat! Seriously, I do have grounds, as per my doctor, to cancel for medical reasons as per our travel insurance policy, but if there is any chance the trip will proceed as planned, we do not want to. Last year we did the Budapest to Passau and one person in the gentle walking group said we walked an average of 7 + miles per day on excursions, and right now, I am having trouble walking from the bedroom to our living room. So I am going to give the steroids a few days to kick in, and see if this goes away, because we really want to do the cruise, as scheduled....if I can.
  9. Has anyone heard anything from Uniworld?
  10. Begete

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Has anyone seen a Uniworld boat anywhere?
  11. Begete

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    We are on Uniworld's European Jewels November 9 and got the same replay Mitchell got on his cruise. I wish they would give us the option to cancel.
  12. Begete

    Uniworld Pricing

    If it doesn’t turn into a bus tour due to low water levels, we are set to do our second Uniworld cruise November 9, Budapest to Amsterdam on the River Duchess. We did Budapest to Passau last year and thought Uniworld was the best cruise line we had ever experienced out of about 12. I have become increasingly concerned about negative reviews here, noting the change in management and service from 2017 to 2018. I guess we will just have to see. I am also worried about only a 2 hour layover in Amsterdam between flight from Seattle landing in Amsterdam and boarding flight to Budapest. Been a member here long enough to understand that most people who post on Cruise Critic are honest and sincere in expressing their opinions, but that individual experiences can differ drastically. Also important to understand that for many people who cruise, loyalty to a particular company seems to be something like religion. Viking, for example, has many loyal followers, but we had our very worse travel experience in over 40 years of traveling, including living in two third world countries, with Viking. Yet some people we met on our Viking cruise were on their fifth cruise with Viking. So chin up....and let’s both hope Uniworld’s performance has not deteriorated as some have described on the cruises we are taking!
  13. Begete

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    We are supposed to start our Budapest to Amsterdam cruise with Uniworld on November 9, so thanx for the more hopeful post. Going a bit crazy trying to decide whether to pack for a cruise or a bus tour! Never been much of a boozer, but so stressed about this trip, glad Uniworld is all inclusive with wine!
  14. Begete

    Christmas Market questions - Danube

    Thank you, Coral. Great information. The only one I guess we can make...if lucky, is in Budapest.
  15. Begete

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    Our first river cruise was several years ago with Viking. We, too, booked the whole package directly from Viking. The person who arranged our air transportation from Seattle to VietNam got the International Date Line backwards, and booked us on a flight that would have arrived after the riverboat left Saigon. Fortunately, this was not our first trip to Asia, and upon receiving our tickets, etc. from Viking, I realized the error they made and called Viking, expecting a profuse apology and a satisfactory rescheduling. They treated the situation as if it was our fault! Even though we bought a package from them. Then they rebooked us both ways on flights in each direction requiring us to travel two days each way, 3 plane changes each way, with long...sometimes as long as 6 hours, layovers in each direction....I guess to punish us for insisting on receiving the 2 days in Saigon plus being on the boat when it sailed that we paid for. We would NEVER travel with Viking again.