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  1. We really enjoyed two cover bands on board - Rock The Boat and Wanted. Rock the Boat does all sorts of classic rock and Wanted is a Bon Jovi cover band. Both excellent.
  2. I have not seen or heard anything lately and I keep up on the updates pretty well. I'd also like to mention that the Canadian borders and ports are controlled by the federal government, not provincial. But the provincial governments do have jurisdiction to make their own laws regarding social distancing or quarantine.(Edit: I see this was already mentioned a couple of times.) Sadly, I would not count on tourist travel being open in Canada in the next few months. They don't even want cottage owners going to their own summer cottages this summer. I live in a different pr
  3. See, this is my situation. We booked a spa balcony guarantees on 2 cruises for just a little more than OV balconies. But now they'll probably downgrade us, we'll lose all the extras that were included and give us a measly $50 per CABIN (not even per person). This is totally lame compensation.😡
  4. Which would be my situation for both of my Spa balconies booked in 2021. The cheapest OV balcony on those cruises are now nearly double the price I paid for the spa cabins. If they reprice them I will be livid.
  5. We would definitely spend way more time in the casinos if they were non-smoking.
  6. In Canada it is illegal to smoke indoors anywhere except on the native reservations where hey have their own rules and can allow it if they wish. Where I live all the casinos are non-smoking except the native-owned one. They had a non-smoking section but it was still bad so we didn't go there. Last year they did an about face and turned it into non-smoking and converted a smaller area completely separate from the main casino to the smoking casino. They did this because they realized many non-smokers were not going there because of the smoke but would go to the non-smoking casinos instead.
  7. Thanks for the tip! Just booked B2B November 21 & 28 on Harmony. Got the XS (Spa balcony guarantee) on the Nov 21 sailing for same price as OV balcony guarantee was going for. Booked XB for Nov 28. Great prices!
  8. I didn't even realize that Anthem was up for a dry dock. I'm scheduled to sail on Explorer this year and Allure next year.
  9. ahh ok. I was probably confusing it with Allure.
  10. Hmmm 🤔 I wonder if she’s preparing to head across the pond? Spain is starting to open the construction industry now.
  11. Being familiar with the construction industry it will be interesting to see what they do here. Being so close to the dry dock date I would guess that most supplies/contracts would have been ordered and committed to so cancelling them would come at a huge penalty. Things like the water slides, and extra cabins will already have been manufactured. New custom carpeting, millwork, furnishings, etc. would also be ready to go and they will have to pay for them regardless. Sometimes in these situations it would be cheaper or cost neutral to continue than to cancel. I'm sure Royal would no
  12. Prime Minister Trudeau just announced the cruise season for Canada is postponed until at least July.
  13. Exactly. Then there's public transportation (busses, subway, etc) - in Toronto alone the TTC has a ridership of 1.69 million per day! But cruising is bad🤨
  14. This must have been a horrible experience and to know you paid for it must be heartbreaking. I would be upset too. Regarding the beverage packages - I think that if one bartender has cut someone off they should have the ability to cut off the package on their card. This seems simple really. Bartender deems the person too drunk, calls a supervisor to confirm decision and then the supervisor should have the ability to deactivate the booze portion of the package for a few hours (I say booze because they will probably need the non-alcoholic portion😜) Personally I rather see
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