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  1. We have stayed a couple times in the Cove balcony on the Magic. Our room number was 2272. We chose this specific room because there are no life boats above us and we could see the stars at night. We had no noise issues at all and we never smelled any sewer smells our entire trip anywhere in the hallways. Hope this helps.
  2. This is great stuff. I check my passport maybe 50 times before I leave. I am 7 hours from port and I just cant go back and grab it. As long as I have passport and ID, I am good to go.
  3. I did the tour on the Breeze and the Dream. I highly recommend it. It was quite interesting and informative. I love going on the bridge and also seeing how the crew lives.
  4. I knew that there were some items on the menu that had a charge but now I was told that there a 7.95 charge to deliver your food to your room. We used it last year and ordered things like salads and sandwiches with no charge at all.
  5. I did a search and have not found an answer yet. I was told that Carnival is now charging for delivery of room service. Any truth to this? Thanks
  6. I have seen sand taken but not shells. Never seen shells confiscated.
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