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  1. First choice - Riviera Deck 1 Oceanview (6A) or Porthole (PT) - - most cabin space of any standard stateroom and usually a bargain. Keep in mind, these are not the Deluxe Oceanview (6L, 6M, or 6N) - which have 2 bathrooms that take up way too much space. My second choice would be Lido deck midship balcony (8F) - these rooms are quiet for their location and extremely convenient to everything on the top decks.
  2. We just got off the Magic a few weeks ago - I had two noticeable issues while on board. 1) We had connecting cabins. The temperature in our kids cabin was much lower than ours, which never seemed to be able to cool off. We like it cool when we sleep (around 68-70) but our room seemed to be more around 74-76. Our room steward was able to get us a fan, which helped considerably. 2) I noticed the "smell" a little more than usual on this cruise. I have been on around 15 cruises, and most of them have had some sewage type smells on them at various places and times, but this was probably the mo
  3. We were the first people on the first tender a few weeks ago on the Magic, but we had a Villa booked. If you want to get off of the ship early (and don't have a Villa or Cabana booked), here is what you do: around 3 pm the day before, they will put out the tender tickets in Ocean Plaza. You just need to get in line and snag the time that you would like. I was there playing trivia and the #1 and #2 tickets were there for awhile, as not a lot of people were lined up initially.
  4. We used it on the Magic last week. It worked pretty well - the capabilities and reliability of the HUB app have increased exponentially over the last year. We had a large group see it was much easier to connect and set up meeting times for dinner, shows, and keeping track of kids, etc. The biggest issue that we had is that we had to remember to keep the app open all of the time -- once you close it, you no longer get notifications. However, this was the first cruise that I no longer relied on the paper Funtimes, as the App had all of that information, plus the menus for each day at dinner,
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