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  1. Breakaway was my last cruise (Jan 2019) and just booked again for Jan 2023. We loved all the options on the Breakaway. We had booked every night in a specialty restaurant and we won't do that this time. We'll stay with the 2 nights in our package and explore other venues spontaneously. We won't worry about booking shows either, the one show we really enjoyed was the circus themed dinner show. Food was forgettable, but we really enjoyed the show. This time we'll take it a bit easier and spend time on our aft balcony. First aft balcony and really looking forward to it. We will probably do Teppanyaki and Cagney's for our 2 specialty restaurants. Anyway, follow the cues to book when available and you shouldn't miss out on anything. Hope you have a blast!
  2. We've purchased FTTF the past 3 Carnival cruises and have it for our upcoming cruise in May. I really like dropping off our luggage to our cabin and relaxing for a bit before we head out for lunch. But actually my favorite perk is the designated customer service line. it's soooo much shorter and faster than the regular line most times. Also I like getting on earlier to sign up for the Behind The Fun Tour before it fills up.
  3. Noticed in your pictures of the theater that the old 1st floor layout remains. Great! Once the ship goes into dry dock it will probably be ripped out and those awful moveable chairs will be put in their place. I like the bench seating and cocktail tables! I really enjoy seeing my 6'5" husband be comfortable and not crammed into tiny rows. Oh well, we'll appreciate the old set up when we cruise in May.
  4. Expect to see the oil rigs around midnight. If you're going to be up that late I would suggest checking out your schedule if another ship is docking at New Orleans the day after you leave. If so, you will pass the ship returning near the mouth of the Mississippi River around 11pm usually. If it's the Valor, expect to hoop and holler as you pass the other ship! You will pass fairly close in the river!
  5. Many years ago I went with a friend on a 5 day and thought we'd be home on the 5th day. It wasn't until we were in the middle of the gulf that I realized we wouldn't be home until the Thursday, not Wednesday. Had to call my boss and let her know... $75.00 call. Back then it was almost a day's pay!
  6. Pictures all look great! You may have even convinced me to try Ox Tongue. I've tried Frog Legs and Escargot on Carnival and both were surprisingly good!
  7. I agree about liking the Dream. I have only cruised out of New Orleans and we've tried the main 3 lines Carnival, Royal and Norwegian. Honestly, I liked Carnival as much or more than the others. Just my opinion. We've done the Breakaway this last year and it was fun and all, but I'm looking forward to not having to schedule every show or specialty restaurant meal. (It would be nice if Carnival would have an O'Sheehans type of limited 24 hour restaurant though. We really enjoyed that.) Well, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your review. We'll be on the Glory for our 10th Anniversay in June.
  8. Lee Mason is the exception to the rule. He's such a nice chap!
  9. Love Ruby Slipper too. I work down the street from the one on Magazine.
  10. It's a Street Car. (Trolleys are in San Francisco.) Just thought you might like to use the correct local term. Either way, do it!
  11. Check Macchu Picchu for cruise parking. It's $14 per day and covered parking with transportation to and from the terminal included.
  12. Just read in the local news that Uber/Lyft prices have gone back to prices similar to taxis. ($40.00 for 2 from the airport to downtown). They did mention that Uber/Lift have surge pricing so as demand increases, so will their price. Taxis cannot do surge pricing. The lines for both are still incredibly long though.
  13. We had a cove on the dream a little further back than yours and were worried about the noise from the galley at night. A couple of times it sounded like distant thunder (kind of muffled) but nothing that lasted more than a few seconds. The coves I prefer are up near the front of the ship, under the excursion desk. But never had a problem with smells either time.
  14. My husband would love to wear his Air Force dress uniform, if it still fit. Tell him to go ahead and wear it proudly! And do thank him for his service from us!
  15. Have you checked out the price of bottled water brought to your cabin? It's very reasonable!
  16. Nope. If you can find water in cans they will allow that to be brought on board, but no bottles.
  17. The Breakaway is here in N.O. now and the Sun is about an hour away from docking.
  18. We live down river from New Orleans and always freeze several gallons of tap water at the beginning of Hurricane season. It helps keep your food cold and as it melts, more drinkable water.
  19. We did the Breakaway this past January with all the freebies. We loved the restaurant variety, the waterfront seating, the dueling pianos, there was sooo much to do.With the drink package it was great just to try a new drink and not feel obligated to finish it if I didn't really like it. (My grown son was on a mission to try as many drinks as he could. We walked him back to his studio room a few times.) We enjoyed the larger ship but we like our Carnival too. We are going on the Panorama for our 10th Anniversary next year. (Second marriage) You'll enjoy the Joy I'm sure.
  20. With the Horizon you're going to enjoy the privacy of the Havana Pool and area, not to mention a great suite. With the Pride, I'm guessing you're not going to be in a suite? Soooo, which do you want to do more? 14 days or the Havana? You can always do the other one another time, correct? Have fun trying to choose!
  21. Doesn't Bottomless Bubbles include juices?
  22. We ordered the filet a couple of nights on the Triumph a few years back. It was a little bit of a wait, but it was delicious!
  23. Similar dilemma, different airport. Ship arrives 9 AM (Panorama), but the only direct flights are in/out of LAX. There's a 12:43 pm flight or a 5:35 pm flight. I've heard stories of the problems getting through LAX and I don't think it will be possible. Just hate getting home so late. What do you think?
  24. Thank you Ine for this information.
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