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  1. Thanks, the approval must be a new thing I guess. Or new to me, anyway.
  2. Thanks, that's what it is. They must be doing it differently now. I appreciate your help!
  3. OK, thank you. I have to price some options out and run them by my husband. Your info is very helpful!
  4. I don't know, but when I click add beverage package offer it adds another $555 to the price (2 adults in room with 2 kids). Isn't that too high for service charges on just the beverage package alone?
  5. Maybe they have changed things because we just did 2 cruises since August in Balcony cabins and had all 5 offers. This is strange now.
  6. Balcony cabins. Should be all 5 on Balcony according to your link. Went on 2 cruises the past several months in Balcony and had all offers. Hmmmmm....
  7. Hello, The banner on the NCL site still has the "take all 5 offers free" offer (like it has for months), but I have been searching many cruises for all different times of the year and they are all showing up with 2 offers only...wifi and shore excursion credit only (and you can't even swap them out). What am I missing?
  8. Thank you! Ideally, we would like to see quite a bit, but wondering about the cost of a long trip for 4 (includes our 2 teens). So maybe just a few days, around 5 or so to add on to the cruise. I don't want to add too much cost to the cruise cost. We would probably like a guided tour, but would consider other options. Do you have recommendations for who could help arrange budget friendly travel in Italy? Thanks!
  9. His family is from Calabria and Aquilonia. It looks like maybe we can get there by train from Rome....am I right? Or is it too far for a few days of travel?
  10. Time is somewhat flexible and I think it would depend on the cost involved. Estimating 5 days or so?
  11. Hello, we have never been to Italy and are considering a cruise that leaves out of, and returns to Rome in August. There are stops in Naples and Florence/Pisa (Livorno) plus Greece and Croatia. My husband is Italian and would like to spend some time in Italy. Does anyone have suggestions for spending some time in Italy prior to the cruise. Probably touring some of the towns (mentioned above ) that we are not visiting on the cruise. Suggestions please… I don’t even know where to start!
  12. Thank you all. We are 53 days out. Wondering if I should just go with this price drop or wait even longer? At what point did you find the second set of further reductions?
  13. Hello, I see that the cruise price has dropped for our November cruise. It is already paid in full. I could swear that I read somewhere about people receiving onboard credit if their cruise and there room category dropped in price. Can I call and receive an onboard credit? Also, what about the additional $50 excursion perk that has been recently offered? I see some people getting that added to their cruise, but wonder if that applies to us since we are already paid in full? Thank you in advance!
  14. Hi, Do you bring the NCL towels off the ship with you on port days? Are they bulky? In the past when we have cruised another line, we brought thin towels from home to bring to ports since the ship towels were heavy and bulky. What do you typically do? Trying to pack less this time. Thanks!
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