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  1. We had one free movie on our Alaskan cruise with Celebrity this month. This was my second Celebrity cruise and now I'm done. I was given food that I shouldn't have been given on more than one occasion. I'm looking at trying Princess out next year.
  2. Nice. I'm keeping an eye out for my cruise. So far I haven't found any deals like that. I must pick more popular cruises or cheaper ones that sell out.
  3. I don't drink soda, just club soda and sparkling water. I do like fancy coffees and teas so I went with the Premium Non-Alcoholic Package. I will probably get a few Virgin Daiquiris. Not sure if I will try any of the smoothies. I'm allergic to so many raw fruit and veggies so I don't know if there is even one I can have.
  4. I could eat macaroons if I liked coconut. Unfortunately, I don't like coconut that much maybe fresh but not dried. Same with raisins I really don't like them in my food, I can eat them on their own. I found out about chia seed pudding so I have been making that as a treat at home. I did not gain weight last year (I probably lost a bit, I just don't keep track). We did the 7 night cruise and then a few more nights in San Diego before coming home. Eating at the San Diego Zoo was interesting. I think I lived on oatmeal as they had nothing I could eat. Oh and I had oatmeal everyday for breakfast at our hotel since I wouldn't touch the hard boiled eggs that had been shelled and left in a bin in the fridge (there were no tongs or anything to pick them up with). I know I'm a challenge for them. I can't even eat raw veggies other than leafy ones. At least half of the fruits also have to be cooked or dried or have something done to change the chemical make up. After seeing a Naturopath he said I should be okay with eating raw veggies, he was wrong. My allergy to peas went from itchy eyes to almost Anaphylaxis. I was so close to calling 911 but then the Benedryl kicked in. I haven't even looked at cooked peas since last summer when I tried raw peas. The Naturopath did tell me to stop eating wheat, dairy and corn. That cleared up my lungs and I no longer have asthma attacks when breathing in the smallest amount of smoke. I know I did get a bit of dairy and possibly corn when on my trip last year but I never needed my inhalers. So worth eating like this over the asthma attacks and always worrying about smokers. I haven't had to use my inhalers in over a year. Also the first trip I didn't need to go to First Aid or go for a ride in an Ambulance in quite a few years.
  5. I had trouble with their signage on my first cruise. I found things labelled GF but then it appeared to be the same brownies on the regular line. It was hard to trust the signage. My allergies are more complicated so most of the GF stuff I couldn't have as I also can't have dairy or corn. I did get GF bread at dinner (most nights it was raisin bread) which made very little sense as they had plain bread down in the buffet which would have been better at dinner time. I also had fries made one time at the buffet but it was a long process to get them. I had to talk to a manager then they had to cut and cook them in new oil. I think it took about 30 minutes, but they were so good. Dessert every night was sorbet. The next day it was the same flavour in the buffet. Was hoping that one night they could have made apple crumble or something.
  6. The smoothies are not on the Classic Beverage Package. You have to pay full price for one. I tried to change my Free Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Non-Alcoholic just after boarding but they would only let me do that if I paid them more $. It made no sense so I just left it as a Classic Beverage Package. I just ordered Virgin Daiquiris and the blended coffee drinks from Al Baico. I did frequent the Aqua Cafe a few times and I often saw full or almost full smoothies just lying around. Made me glad I didn't pay for one if others didn't seem to enjoy them.
  7. I did not have any luck downgrading my Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Non Alcoholic Package. They wanted me to pay to downgrade. I said no thanks. The only thing I might have tried was a smoothie or two. I just ordered virgin drinks and they were good. Club soda was also good.
  8. I would like to purchase the Premium Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package. Is it better to wait until boarding or purchase now? It's an Alaskan Cruise and we paid in CAN if that makes any difference. I know last year people were saying they got a discount on the Classic Beverage Package onboard, but I'm not sure if they offer a discount on the Premium Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package.
  9. My guess is Michael's Club or the Theatre. Those are the areas closest to your location. We were on Deck 3 but aft last year and we had Rendezvous Lounge as our Muster Station. It was packed there too. Lots of people standing along walls or sitting.
  10. We asked our stateroom attendant to remove everything from the mini bar. That way we had room to store some water that we got with our drink package.
  11. Blended brown cow- milk, chocolate syrup, ice and Kahlua. I tried a mudslide and it was okay. I think I like the Blended brown cow better. I also don't normally drink.
  12. Not sure what happens for you but I use to get asthma attacks from smoke. They got so bad that I needed either oxygen or a nebulizer treatment as my inhalers didn't always work. I started seeing a Naturopath just over a year ago and he did testing and found that certain foods were not good for me. I now don't eat any wheat, corn or dairy. I haven't had to use any of my inhalers and have been exposed to smoke quite a few times with no reaction. For me this has been life changing. I wish I knew about it years ago. I can now go anywhere without fear that I'm going to end up in the hospital.
  13. I drank Club Soda instead of my regular sparkling water that I normally drink at home. For me the cost to upgrade to the Premium Non-Alcoholic Package was not worth it. I don't drink energy drinks and with my allergies I wasn't sure I could even drink most of the smoothies. Glad I didn't pay as I saw a few almost full smoothie cups left on tables.
  14. I don't know the price but when we were on board the water was all expired. My mom noticed it the last day.
  15. At the back they also have a pasta station and a pizza station. In the morning it's made to order omlets. Another big difference is the M class ships have 3 elevator and stairs.
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