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  1. I have Viking AirPlus and am on the July 3rd sailing. I was told they are not ticketing earlier due to the number of airline changes. We are on Delta and we have had 5 changes but only one since ticketing. They did have seats assigned to us but of course without being ticketed we knew they were not technically ours. We return to the US on July 10th and our flights were ticketed less than 45 days ago. Viking "lost" our return seats which were Premium Economy so they upgraded us to Business Class on the return flight at no additional charge to us. So Viking did the right thing as far as we are
  2. Thanks for the link. Lots of great information. I really like the general overview of the port and weather information. Diana
  3. I think they are pretty good. I am following one of the groups that is on another site that has something to do with faces and books. It is a Viking group for the British Isle seacation that sailed yesterday. Lots of great information on protocols etc and he say the device is pretty small. The medallions on Princess are a little larger than a quarter so I think I'll see if it works since I already own it.
  4. I have this little round silicone thing that fits on my watchband that I use for my medallion when I sail Princess. I am hoping it will work for this tracer gadget as well. I really dislike lanyards. I got it a few years ago from Amazon and it comes in many colors. https://www.amazon.com/Luke3DP-Adapter-Holding-Carnival-Medallion/dp/B07RC2B9BY/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=medallion+holder+for+cruiser&qid=1621801199&sr=8-1
  5. That may be true in normal times and we are 'hoping' for normal times but as of now there will be no late night pub crawls. Please see what I placed in red text. The source is: https://www.icelandair.com/blog/iceland-is-open-faq/ In an attempt to control the outbreak and minimize the strain on the healthcare system, Iceland has implemented various testing and tracing measures, together with social gathering bans and social distancing measures. Details of the measures are outlined at 'Restrictions in effect' on covid.is. From May 10, 2021, the following rules apply:
  6. Hi Anne, we are arriving on Jun 29th for our Jul 3rd cruise. We arrive at 6: 40 am. I contacted the hotel where we are staying in inquire about quarantining at the hotel and we are able to do so. We are not paying for the previous night and they will have a room available for us. I don't know what hotels are making you pay for another night before you arrive. I am a cautionary person in generalizing statements such as "hotels are advising to book the night prior... Unless you have contacted your hotel and know they will not allow you to quarantine or arrive early I think a broad statement
  7. Here is the link to the hotels that accept quarantine guest. https://www.ferdamalastofa.is/en/about-us/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-general-info/accommodations-that-welcome-guests-in-quarantine
  8. Yesterday I was able to access in MVJ my cruise for Iceland on Jul 3rd. There were no excursions available yet but the full itinerary was there. I could see the dining options and it said I was able to reserve on 4/24. Today when I access MVJ, I only get the "Coming Soon" message. Anyone able to access their booking? Diana
  9. Viking has returned my call this evening so I'll try to recap what he said. In regards to the 3 cruises in England, he said vaccinations would not be required and they will follow the protocols that have been outlined. He said they will encourage guest to be vaccinated but it will not be required for these 1st three cruises. The crew may not all be vaccinated for these 1st 3 cruises either and he did not say if they will require crew to be vaccinate or not for future cruises. He said this continues to be a moving target based on feedback from guests. I asked about dining and what that may
  10. I have contacted tellus@viking.com and will see if I get a response. If I do I'll post it here. Diana
  11. My daughters and I were RT Southampton - Southampton a couple of years ago. This was our experience: We contacted Princess and requested a cruise deviation form which I believe was emailed to me. We completed the form and returned it to them then needed to wait for Princess to approve it. (They only allow a certain number of people to complete a deviation of the cruise so apply early) Once we had approval, we made our plans to take the train to Paris. We hired a taxi from the port to the train station. (we were told there would be very few taxis but that was not the case at all) Our plan
  12. Following your lead I read Andy and Judi's blog and have also cancelled our World cruise with Princess and we are now booked on the Viking Star World Cruise in 2022, LA to London. We have never sailed Viking Ocean but love the Viking river cruise experience so we are taking the plunge on our first Viking Ocean voyage and our first WC. So exciting and look forward to seeing you on board. Diana
  13. We were introduced to cruising in 2004 with our very first cruise being a 7 night Caribbean cruise on the Golden Princess. We fell in love with cruising and with Princess.
  14. Bob, I have enjoyed your past Live From's so will be following along. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!
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