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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and welcome home!
  2. Very excited to follow along. I want to do this itinerary when I retire in 2022.
  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures. We have made the trek to Lighthouse Beach and it is stunning and well work the hike.
  4. I have also been on with a family of 9 and we had anytime dining. The maitre d' approached us at the end of the first night and asked us if we would be willing to have a set reservation for 6 pm every night as it made it easier for him to schedule his staff in accommodating us and other guest. Worked out great for us. You may want to visit him when you board the ship.
  5. Always love your reviews. We board in February. Have wonderful time!
  6. They do have non fat lattes but I have never been able to get sugar free.
  7. My two adult daughters and I did this last May on the Caribbean Princess. We contacted Princess for route deviation and received a reply in less than a week that we were approved. Two days before we got to LeHavre we received our luggage tags and a letter stating we were disembarking in LeHavre. There was no immigration or anything. Walked off the ship, picked up our bags and grabbed a taxi to the train station. We had pre-purchased train tickets with insurance. It was a 2 hour train ride to Paris. We had a super time and so glad we deviated. Our Plan B was to go back to Southampton and take the Chunnel.
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