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  1. 18 hours ago, KENCHURCH said:

    Thanks for all these. What a great idea to post live while on the ship.  I am concerned about the dinner times. Our 4 year old grandson simply can’t go,beyond 7:15. We started at 6 then moved to 4:45 which to date is the stupidest dinner time I have yet to hear about. Now, like you were, gtd at 7:15. We have a family of 9 so anytime will be a nightmare. Thanks again, Ken 

    I have also been on with a family of 9 and we had anytime dining. The maitre d'  approached us at the end of the first night and asked us if we would be willing to have a set reservation for 6 pm every night as it made it easier for him to schedule his staff in accommodating us and other guest.  Worked out great for us. You may want to visit him when you board the ship.

  2. My two adult daughters and I did this last May on the Caribbean Princess. We contacted Princess for route deviation and received a reply in less than a week that we were approved. Two days before we got to LeHavre we received our luggage tags and a letter stating we were disembarking in LeHavre. There was no immigration or anything. Walked off the ship, picked up our bags and grabbed a taxi to the train station. We had pre-purchased train tickets with insurance. It was a 2 hour train ride to Paris. We had a super time and so glad we deviated. Our Plan B was to go back to Southampton and take the Chunnel.

  3. Yes, it can split into two twins and the sofa bed. We (mom and two adult daughters) were in an aft suite on the Caribbean Princess in May 2017. We had the new beds as twins but I will say the sofa bed mattress slanted toward the sofa back so the head was lower than the feet. Had the steward make the bed up with the feet to the sofa back. Problem solved. Have a great cruise!

  4. It will depend. We were in the Aft Suite on Caribbean Princess this spring that was over Club Fusion for the 12 night BI cruise which is a sister ship to the Crown per se. If you are ones to retire to your cabin early then you may not like it. You can hear the bass from Club Fusion nightly. However all activities were done by 10:00 pm except for two nights that were after 11. If we did return to the cabin early we usually were bundled in blankets (it was cold) and sat on the deck until after the music stopped. (We never actually heard music just the thumping of the bass.) The balcony is huge and wonderful; fully covered and really protected from the elements.

    They also had Zumba in the morning at 9:00 am in Club Fusion but we are early risers.

    Enjoy the suite life, we surely do.

  5. A little background. We have all cruise previously (I have 24 withPrincess and few with some other lines) My adult daughters have 3 – 6 cruisescompleted. We experienced Club Class dining on our Norther Europe Cruise inMay. We were on the Caribbean Princess.

    Our experience was amazing (YMMV). Nelson was the HeadWaiter and Magdalena was our server. They were both extremely attentive and went above and beyond for ourdining experience.

    We would go to dinner depending on the port scheduleanywhere between 6:30 and 8:00 and always had immediate seating. There were many tables occupied but always afew available. Magdalena and Nelson provided a cheese/olive/bread (sometimesfruit too) plate every night for us.

    We did have the regular dinner menu of the MDR and had a specialtyitem prepared nightly. A few that I recall were lamb chops, filet mignon, and apasta and shrimp dish. One night Nelson served peach flambeau for dessert. Nelson did the ‘cooking’. As previously stated, it is not preparedtableside but in the dining room and not the galley.

    Since we were in Europe folks always seem to dress a littlenicer for dinner. Al least that is my observation.

    I and my husband will be on a cruise to South America inFebruary and will again experience Club Class dining. If the experience is ½ of what we receivedthis past May it will be fabulous. I know the head waiter and serving staff has a lot to do with one’s personal experience, but this was our experience and the girls and I are still talking about it.

  6. It is a very nice lounge. There are specific hours for the concierge. There is no happy hour but there are coffee machines including specialty coffees, water and I think soda. (don't drink soda, so not real sure) There are pastries etc in the morning and sandwiches and such in the afternoon/evening. Very quite for the most part. I've never seen folks really hanging out there unless waiting for the concierge.

  7. We are going to South America in Feb 2018 and when I log into that cruise I have a new Icon at the top of the page between Onboard Reservations and Travel Arrangements that says Specialty Dining Reservations. I can choose three dining times: 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30. Must be paid by credit card. It also states if you wish to use OBC or Specialty Dining vouchers you have to book on board.

    It is not an option on May 2017 cruise to Europe or my Fall 2018 cruise. Assume they are testing it on select sailings.

  8. Every day is a bit different so its impossible to be 100% certain about your day. But, as an example, a few years ago we jumped off the Ruby Princess (1 day early) in order to spend a few weeks in France. We had booked the Noon (actually a few minutes before Noon) train to Paris. Like you, we got off the ship around 10am, grabbed our luggage (which was waiting in the small terminal building) and walked out to the taxi queue. There were a few taxis, but none wanted to do the short haul to the local train station. We waited about 10 min until we found a driver willing to do the short haul if we would share with another passenger who was going to a local ATM machine. If you are off at 10, you will eventually get some taxi to take you to the station (about a 10 min drive).




    Hank, we are also leaving the ship early in LeHavre for Paris. We arrive in LeHavre at 7:00 am. From your experience is it too early to try to catch the 10:00 am train to Paris? There are 3 of us all handling our own luggage and in our 40s.


    Thanks for your input.


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