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  1. Wow there are so many chill island cabanas, I wonder if there is any option to select a cabana number before getting to the island. On the other hand I see a tram getting there, that’s nice bc that’s a long walk.
  2. Like they are sailing symphony August with those crazy prices 😫
  3. Nav- my fav free sauna steamer nice promenade I love it Mar- it’s nice 2 but I prefer Nav Maj- got a free suite so I like the ship but it’s old haven’t been on the other ship
  4. I made a booking I believe more than a year in advance for the symphony dec 2018, during thanksgiving I finally got my cousins to book and he did with his gf they paid around 1099 each for a balcony way less than what I paid booking more than a year in advance. Right now, a couple is joining us last minute for September navigator and again they are paying less than what I paid. The idea that royal is no longer doing price drops is a total lie
  5. No matter what they say I always find better price closing to sailing. If you are not picky about a particular room or category itinerary just book last minute you will thanks me later.
  6. Hi 🤩 I think that one of the perks of having a suite is that you can order from the MDR menu- correct me if I’m wrong. But there do I call for it, room service- do I get a new menu everyday ? Thanks 😋
  7. I have been living in south florida for enough years to be able to say that most of the people dont care about the harmful effects of uv rays they should probably skip tanning that much at the pool
  8. Hi is it true that giving a big tip to the porters will get your luggage faster to your stateroom? I dont know how a porter has any control on a luggage once its in the ship but Im reading it about it over and over and I was wondering if its something new now that I dont know or simply a rumor. In my case I wont pay more to get my luggage a few hours early but its always good to know what is trending now Thanks
  9. I never had a cabin in the same deck as a pool but Im sure t must be so fun, we always book under the pool area, one floor up to the fun n food
  10. 150 to impress your girlfriend Chops if she wants to make u happy Italian for a romantic night Hooked for a more casual relax night
  11. I always arrive near 10am even if I dont make it to the ship by 11am I love to arrive early since my mind is on vacation that day since 12:01am. From dropping the luggage to the ship is a fast process I was on the 2nd floor ready to board the ship when I notice they were boarding everyone no matter your status so I joined the group. When boarding or in a ship you can sense who diamond plus vs gold a mile away, since people in a suite board at a different location they just want to get everybody else fast
  12. When docked and I need to go back to the ship the process wont take me more than 30 sec I dont know how this new rule will speed up anything
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