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  1. In my case I'm always inclined to purchase it but never do it We always sail on a 7 nights ships and I have to admit the food becomes boring after a while and the main reason we sail on cruise ships is not the balcony, the pool or the ports of call but the food. In my case and maybe coincidence, the older the ship te more inclined we are to get a package. 99$ pp is not bad for 3 nights but I rather pick a fee stake from the MDR menu one night and that's about it for me. I forgot, some of the tables are so close together at the specialty restaurant that It makes you feel you are ea
  2. IM so lost when it comes to celebrity lol I though she was already at sea before the pandemic
  3. Hi In 2022 I might sail on Celebrity for the first time and I was wondering if you consider the Apex better than the Edge and why. Thanks
  4. thank u so much btw I was looking at the sailing on your signature lol but I might end up in celebrity instead
  5. HI For 2022 I might sail in celebrity for the first time and I was wondering what do I have to do before I book a cruise and get the Elite status ( I believe thats what you get if you are diamond in royal ) Thanks
  6. thank you so much, you were super with ur answer. One more quick question, do they still have the free sauna/ steamer?
  7. Hi My friend told the that the North Start BY IFLY, Seaplex and ripcord are activities onboard that you can only do one time during your sailing, I was wondering if you guys know anything about it.
  8. Hi I was wondering if the Explorer will go in a dry-dock soon or not, I read it was scheduled for 2020 but it was cancelled, I really cant find the latest update about this ship. Thank you so much
  9. it wasn't enforced before but I will be enforced for a few months until they forget about it. I miss those days when they called " diamond plus " yeah because pinnacle its 2 obvious lol
  10. I just cancelled a deposit 500$ for my 2022 cruise - it was refundable deposit- How long do u think it's going to take for me to get the refund?
  11. I 99.99% of the time book refundable not because Im not sure about royal but because vacations plans can change and I might go somewhere else or doing soemthing else. The only time I book refundable is because Im going in the next 2-4 weeks ina 3 days short cruise.
  12. HI I dont know if its called like that _ end of season region- but I was wondering if its a good or bad idea to sail in the last day of a ship that is ending in a region for example Caribbean and now its going to for example Alaska. Is that week the end of contract for most employee? are they tired? are they going to be motivated? Thank you guys
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