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  1. Those people that get to the muster station 20-30 mins before the drills begins are going to be so mad lol. Muster drill are fun you get there 2 mins before it starts and you get to stand in the front of the line 😃
  2. Royal Caribbean has a new logo, Changes to the logo include sharpening the points of the crown and anchor and adding a surrounding circle.
  3. Hi I was wondering how long it takes to show my old prince on the guest invoice after doing a lift and shift as in today it’s showing current prince and I made the switch more than 5 days ago thank you
  4. Hi According to Royal Caribbean Global Vice President Culinary, Dining & Beverage, Linken D'Souza the buffets wont go away but I was wondering how this is going to work.
  5. Hi I have a cruise for 2020 and the timeframe to cancel it and get a full refund of my deposit is coming. Yo be honest I just wanted my money back and get my returnable deposit and see what’s going to happen for 2021 and the cruise industry But I was reading about the option of lift and shift I booked the SY Central Park balcony sailing from FL and it was less than 700$ per person a price that I don’t even know how I got it. so, my question is if I do the lift and shift and book in 2021 Oct is the down payment refundable or not ? I always book a cruise with a ref
  6. April? No thanks - Corina virus is 2 close now lol
  7. Which represent what percent in each ship? In every single royal Caribbean that I sail I see more seniors than 18-35 yrs old.
  8. Good luck to the cruise industry The response from CC members which represent less that 1% of the industry will be -the virus won’t affect me I will never stop going to a cruise And the responde from the rest of the world which makes 99% of the population that is not in CC -I will never go on a cruise ship in my life -
  9. I believe first time cruise pick a 3 days Vs a 7 day cruise More often and don’t know “ the rule” but these days people are so relaxed wearing whatever they want during their vacation. I wear suit n tie on formal night only bc my gf loves to take pics but the other nights I wear jeans and long T-shirt
  10. But your are touching your plate ( a plate that has being there expoused to others passengers fingers with the same hand that you use to eat some bread or touch any food, and I assume you also grab a cup of water that has been there expoused to other Passengers with your left hand right ? to be honest the best idea is to get some really clear gloves or just stopping going to a cruise ship all together.
  11. Im sure it wll be the last ship added to the list since it s 3 day tripand people tend to over use verything onboard
  12. Virgin Frozen beverages finally I can officially say good bye to my refreshment package
  13. why should they do that its working for them as it is right now- people are doing whatever they want lol
  14. well I am diamond right now and the only time I was wearing a pair of khakis that I remmber it was for my forst cruise following my aunt's avice until I got there and saw the reality . Every since I wear jeans every single night and formal night but for my next cruise I am seriously reconsidering if Im gonna bring the suit or not
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