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  1. We had two choices on American non stops to DFW for our return flight. 11:25am or 3:51pm. We chose the latter. We figured we could hang out at the AA lounge in Miami until it was time instead of stressing if there was any delay in the disembarkation process.
  2. We are both 66 and up until we were 60, never traveled with insurance. We had a scare twice when traveling without insurance. In 2006 my wife was rushed to a hospital in France. The other time, a storm in Dallas damaged most of AA’s planes the day we were to fly and flights were canceled. We got a flight out the day of the cruise and arrived at the terminal in FLL just minutes before the cut off. On our last cruise on Seabourn TA Cruise I came down with severe Bronchitis and the ships doctor bill came to $759. I hadn’t made my deductible with UHC, but my travel insurance covered it all.
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