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  1. Coolers, On this special day before Monaco Grand Prix ... a special mention and remembrance for the father of it all for many ... the unique Niki Lauda. He was an extraordinary man of unbelievable courage and talent and the world is a touch smaller without him. We’ve been fortunate to have flown with him at the controls of his plane and been in his garage at Monaco when cars were a touch more basic. He not only made racing cars safer for drivers, but his fight with Boeing made planes safer for us all. The piccy may be very fuzzy but our memories of him crystal clear. RIP Niki.
  2. Hi, No problem at all. Your note gave the clear impression that you are considering imminent retirement but not having all the clarity of detail I think anyone needs at their fingertips many years before retirement. Personally developed plans over many years add control and lessen risk, increase certainty and therefore offer fact-based reassurance. I mean a clear life plan on a spreadsheet with an accurate picture of exactly where you are today, with all your assets, income and expenditure so that you can model yourself different retirement scenarios. The purpose of my note was to nudge you into questioning whether your current approach is prudent. You think it is, so job done. 🙂 Hope it works for you.
  3. Lois, the sooner you take more fully informed control of all of these challenges for yourself rather than delegating them to others, the sooner you will set a bespoke and personal track and set of plans that will take you to your chosen destination in the most optimal way. You aren’t doing that. If their advice is wrong they do not lose or suffer, but you do. Chartering a vehicle with an unclear map with a stranger in the driving seat paid on maximising mileage, is not the way to end up at the destination of your choice. You need to understand clearly where you wish to end up, how far from where you want to end you currently are and how much fuel you have and if and what those shortfalls may or may not be. You need to have clarity on all of these issues yourself. It seems to me that you have left the driver to handle all that. You need to understand what your advisor says they understand on your behalf. If you want the very best chance of achieving what you wish to achieve, then you need to understand all of it fully. No one has your best interest at heart more than you. It is NEVER too late to learn these basic skills. Best wishes and good luck.
  4. Hi, I'm not certain that your question can accurately be answered in the precise way you might think. Whilst any travel agent can request odd bits of special treatment that might either be foc or chargeable, and perhaps they might then keep their clients sweet by saying "you have been VIPed" in general terms I think you'll find that each persons experience who receive "special attention" will be different. The term VIP might likely never be mentioned to the passenger. The start of the experience might be a simple question "is there any requests you have that might make your experience of your cruise extra special". The answer to that might be different for each indicividual and some things might be possible and other things not so easy. For example free laundry might be fairly automatic, but special requests might include early embarq and late disembarq; a table for two always available in Terraza without reservation; extra special in-suite bar items that might get overlooked if others requested them; NOT receiving invites to join hosted tables etc. Also what will happen is your photograph will be on the wall in service areas just behind the door. This not just alerts staff generally but might open up more attention from (for example) the sommelier ie they may find you the odd bin end and that bit more personal attention. Ironically genuine VIPs might when asked if they want any special arrangements reply and insist "please no fuss - I simply want to be ignored and left alone". That is why I do not think there is one answer.
  5. Good Morning Dave, I was thinking of you this evening, as I fancied that of all the people I “know” you and your partner would be the most likely to have a Eurovision bash of some sort .... but I wondered whether you and your normal straighter-laced patrons might be on a different track for such an event. But Eurovision and gin is a perfect combo. I thought it was an extraordinary event. Music was rubbish but Eurovision has nothing to do with music does it! 🙂 Madonna. I think these legends in their own minds all end up the same. They start off by rightly believing that their music is what bonds people and then wrongly conclude it is a vehicle for them (because they are now wise) to educate us dumpsters. They are often too stupid to understand that the moment you believe your audience to be dumb then they wise-up to you. I thought Israel did a remarkable job. I had my bet on North Macedonia but was let down at the last hurdle. I hope the new business takes off. It must be a stressful time. I’m envious. There is nothing more exciting than starting a new business from scratch. There is only one mantra that guarantees success and that is “keep focussed as failing isn’t an option”. Pass on my best wishes. Hope all Coolers travels are smooth and fun.
  6. Hi ... thanks both. Yes ... perfectly well. 🙂
  7. Good Afternoon All ...... Today’s daily bread was pizza - for those interested in the dough .... 90% hydration with my no mix/no knead process baked in 90 seconds (I like my one charred - but this was a few seconds too long ...... 🙂) with great leoparding.
  8. I think you photographed a metal fish trap Bill ...... 😉
  9. Good Afternoon all .... Dave good to see you are mucking in with the rest of them! We're now back in civilisation up the A303 in and in cultured Hampshire. Why is it traffdic has to grind to a halt whenever we pass Stonehenge ....... I wish they'd move them out of sight of the A303! 😞 Dave you're clearly missing all the stuff going on here and Our Nigel has launched the new party today and gave a decent speach. Linked in case you may have missed it ...... get your wallet out ..... 🙂
  10. Dave, it’s good to see you keeping up British standards. Hope that Old Spice wasn’t splashing it all over! Today we received a note through the door ( 😉 ) ..... and in contemplation of our extended trauma we had a Ruby Murray and a double Rioja this evening ....
  11. Dave, good to hear you are having an educational time. Your post set wifey and I thinking of our Corporate move to a village in East Angular to look after and harvest our mainframe base. A lad sent to learn about sugar beat, diesel engines, pharmaceuticals, decorating products, supermarket point of sale, etc etc and their IBM 370 selling possibilities I immersed myself into village life as mandated by The Center, and found myself in the local Conservatives Association. With my background in the entertainment business I was quickly given the job of organising a village fund-raising do to help support our new MP who we lovingly referred to as “Mild, mannered Colin” ie John and Norma. If anyone had ever suggested in those days that John would eventually move on to become Prime Minister they would have been met with hoots of derision. Anyway. Strange things seem to happen on our small isolated island. In mitigation I will say that I asked clearly what I should wear for these do’s and perhaps to ensure my attendance I was told “oh don’t worry, come as, you are”. So I did. Black polo neck and jeans. When I arrived everyone else was gold lame’d up and suited and booted and bemedaled. To give a feel for things, when I was in the reception area waiting for the boss to decant from the loo everyone thought I was door control and I gave up protesting and simply took the tickkets offered to me and tore them and handed them back. John was now a regular visitor to our kitchen as the village Conservative to discuss “events” and Norma in perhaps a misplaced sense of duty at the Do asked for a duty dance. Just as she did, the immortal first and unforgotten notes of “The Birdie Dance`” came through the speakers and it was at this point that my name was entered into village legend when I said to aforementioned Norma, “Norma, I am prepared,to,sacrifice many things for the sake of `the Party, but The Birdie Dance is not amongst them”. And so Norma was deprived off her one opportunity to flap her wings on the dance floor with yours truly. We both I feel gained. Anyway, today was messy crispy duck and Bredon champers @seaside.
  12. Dave, good luck with dinner. Remember to observe the strict dress code. 🙂
  13. Food afternoon all ..... for fellow bread obsessees today’s fresh baguettes were for sausages and caramelised red onions on The Balcony.
  14. ........ and it’s sunny .... first cigar of the year on The Balcony .... 🙂
  15. Stormy evening yesterday and the waves were high ... but today is sunny and oysters ...... and champers ..
  16. What some people will do to avoid more Brexit ..... we might be out by the time you return! :)
  17. Thanks. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dog+riots+Syntagma+Square&prmd=inmv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiCwJbfoLrhAhWXTxUIHTg2DH8Q_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=991&bih=913
  18. Thanks Dave ....... and you enjoy your trip! You might even see that famous dog who use to find his way into almost every news report! Do you remember him? Hoping for some sun tomorrow as I have a couple of dozen fresh oysters to shuck and some Bredon champers to be drunk ... hopefully on a sunny balcony. Thinking of you on your adventure on Sunday. Safe travels. 🙂
  19. Greetings from a stormy Seaside to all Coolers. Not on The Balcony ..... but fresh baguettes every day continues ......... 🙂
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