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  1. My reply was in reference to your previous post. We Yanks aren't ones to just fall inline.
  2. Whether the costs are itemized or combined is of no consequence to me. The only number that matters is the bottom line.
  3. If the third passenger fails to show no refund of the fare will be forthcoming. You will receive a refund for port charges.
  4. Spice H2O is adult only during the day. In the evening it is open to all ages. Most theme parties are held here and the live video may be available on the ship tv channel.
  5. A stairwell within the secured Haven area provides access from deck 15 to the main Haven areas on deck 16. You never need to leave the Haven to go from a deck 15 suite to the courtyard, lounge or restaurant on deck 16.
  6. I agree, it's just that we are provided with so few details by the agency she hired to advocate on her behalf.
  7. It's crystal clear she thought she was booked into connecting cabins. It's unclear why she wasn't. What I find compelling was her being blackballed. If NCL were at fault and then compounded their screwup by banning her, they risk a massive public relations black eye in the likely lawsuit to follow. I think her advocate would have stressed this if the facts bore it out. I think the future credit was a goodwill gesture. When it was abused the line was free to cut bait.
  8. My apologies. I misread and thinking you believed 3K was their full fare.
  9. We know nothing specific about the booking. We know NCL requirements so my guess is one adult is booked with one child. That as you say is NCL's requirement. I don't think we can conclude that she was told by NCL that she was booking a connecting cabin. It is certainly one of the possibilities but by no means the only nor in my view the most likely. One reason I believe this is that the story claims she sought to be moved to connecting cabins throughout the duration of the cruise and received no satisfaction. Cruises sail full or near full. It is very unusual to be moved from one cabin to another once onboard. The notion that you will be moved from a pair of cabins to a like pair that connects is lottery time. That a pair of connecting suites is available utterly preposterous. I'm sure this was explained to her. She strikes me as unfamiliar about how cruises work and that might explain a lot.
  10. We also don't know how she came to believe she was booked into connecting cabins. We don't know if she booked online herself, she used a TA who either was incompetent or screwed up, or she used an NCL PCC who was either incompetent or screwed up. We also don't know why she didn't spot the problem when she received her confirmation. Perhaps she booked a sailaway rate. That could explain a lot as cabin assignment could come as late as checkin. As I have read on these boards there is no reason to believe you will receive connecting cabins when booking a sailaway rate so someone screwed up. See above.
  11. The story is dated March 2019 and says they booked two suites and cruised Alaska summer of 2018 Bliss inaugural season. Those itineraries were all seven days or longer. Two suites would have cost 10K or more combined. I suspect that two suites means mini-suites which have plenty of connecting pairs. If I'm right that still would be well over 3K per cabin. The 3K must have been a partial refund offer, not the full cost of the cruise. If in a full suite its only a small fraction of the cost.
  12. The article doesn't explain why Cook only discovered the cabins were not connecting once on board. I'm at a loss to understand why this is. NCL could bare some blame. The booking agent probably shares some also but Cook should have known what cabins she booked well in advance of sailing. Without knowing all the facts it seems generous of NCL to offer the future credit. Trying to stiff the line for 3K seems a bit much. If I supplied services to someone and they pulled this on me, I would no longer do business with them. Of course there may be more to it than provided by Elliott Advocacy though I doubt any negligence by the cruise line was left out.
  13. We rank the value of free at sea offers as: 1) Drink package 2) Dining package 3) Wifi package 4) Shore excursion package If we are sailing with more than two as we often do, Third/Fourth free is our first choice then ranked as above. If you don't mind spending the additional $200 for deck 8 i suggest doing so. It is a very convenient location and just a flight of stairs above the exterior promenade which circles the back two thirds of the ship. For less than $10 per person/per day it seems a small up charge for a nice upgrade.
  14. The hot dog cart made an appearance at the end of the tunnel leading to Spice H2O during the NFL conference championship games in January. The games were shown on the big screen. We never saw the cart again. My guess is the cart is still on the Breakaway but seldom put into service.
  15. I have read several accounts of cruise ship crew providing the contents of the cabin safe to the port agent in the event of passengers missing the ship. If you or I miss the ship I would not rely on this happening. If I found myself in that situation and the port agent had my passport and valuables I would be very pleasantly surprised. The most obvious response is to 1) not miss the ship 2) have what you need with you when off the ship.
  16. If you like Rock-n-Roll visit Syd Normans Pour House. Small venue that fills fast. We loved the show. We were glad we went on the first full day of the cruise. We went again a few days later and it was packed.
  17. From what I have read the number of ships will be reduced for now while a solution (probably a new terminal on the mainland) is worked out. I hope your November cruise will not be affected. It's a shame but I'm surprised this didn't happen years ago. It looks like Dubrovnik is considering limiting the size and quantity of cruise ships also.
  18. Dancers from Burn The Floor performed in the Manhattan Room during our Breakaway cruise in January. We were lucky enough to be seated at a table on Cagney's that overlooked the Manhattan Room dance floor. We really enjoyed the show. Since the Manhattan Room is open for dinner from 5:30 to 9:00 and the dancers were there for about 30 minutes it doesn't surprise me than many guests didn't get to see the show. My suggestion is to inquire with the maître d' on embarkation day and ask if/when the dancers may perform and make a reservation for the show if possible.
  19. From what I have experienced with NCL latitudes, if the change happens during the cruise it makes no difference. My assumption, though I could be wrong is that status should be visible on the child's MyNCL account before boarding.
  20. The Ven diagram of people who want to know about debarking in Dublin is going to be small. The likely hood any on this forum much smaller. I know of no of no legal restrictions that would preclude or expense this option. Call NCL
  21. I really don't get this. You have choices. You do not have to book the beverage package with its service charge. Book what works for you.
  22. Last January ferry tickets were available for purchase at the excursion desk onboard. The number of tickets appear to be limited according to what we were told. Tickets were also available on Harvest Caye. Whether tickets are truly limited or not I can't say as we haven't taken the ferry but if you are sure this is what you want to do its is probably a good idea to visit the excursion desk once onboard and inquire.
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