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    Best Steak, Cagney's or Le Bistro?

    The filet in Le Bistro, Cagney's and Moderno has been spectacular and just very good on different occasions.
  2. On some weeks you will make it, on others you won't due to the many issues that can cause a delay. If you have a decent backup plan that works for you, then go for it.
  3. I suppose the ships could have been named after cities in Norway ala that Dutch cruise line.
  4. Paul Bogle

    Cruise Norwegian App

    No, using the app onboard is free, using the messaging feature has a one time fee per device of $9.95 To avoid roaming charges you must put your device in airplane mode, them manually turn on wifi and connect to the ship's network. Failure to do so may result in substantial roaming charges from your carrier.
  5. Paul Bogle

    NCL Jade - Key Card

    I mentioned five ships, none of them "newer" nor with proximity readers. Since the OP was asking specifically about NCL Jade why are you confusing things?
  6. Paul Bogle

    NCL Jade - Key Card

    Other than color our room keys have always been the same on Gem, Jade, Pearl, Breakaway and Getaway. No problem punching a hole in a corner to attach to a lanyard. We see many people who have done this on every sailing.
  7. Paul Bogle

    Balcony Lock Question

    The balcony door handle requires quite a bit of effort to turn in order to open the door. The handle doesn't lock the door. There is a separate lock that you turn located where the door panels meet and a few inches higher than the handle. This lock secures your cabin from access from the balcony and should prevent small children from unlocking the door.
  8. Paul Bogle

    Mini-Suite or Aft Balcony?

    Hey that sounds great. My wife and I sail every winter from the upper gulf coast just to escape the winter blahs. One of my wife's brothers frequently joins us. He lives in the northeast. After several cruises we serendipitously discovered the upper berth trick. He was fine with the upper and having the sofa available when returning in the evening and getting up in the morning was very convenient. When the sofa is used as a bed there is only one small seat in the stateroom, so having the sofa available made things much more comfortable.
  9. Paul Bogle

    Mini-Suite or Aft Balcony?

    One other tip, if you decide to take a mini-suite try to pick one that sleeps four. The third berth is the sofa converted to a bed. The fourth berth is a pulldown above the sofa. If your third passenger doesn't mind the pulldown this leaves the sofa always available to the three of you to use. If the third person decides the pulldown isn't for her just let the steward know she prefers the converted sofa. You have nothing to lose.
  10. Paul Bogle

    Mini-Suite or Aft Balcony?

    Sauer-kraut is right, the mini-suite has a larger bathroom with a double sink and larger shower. The aft balcony has a much larger balcony that can easily accommodate three. You may want to consider a mini-suite with large balcony M6 and get the best of both worlds. You won't have the nice aft view but you will have a balcony three can stretch out on and you will also have the larger bathroom. The price should be similar to the aft balcony.
  11. Paul Bogle

    Tips for Getaway - food/chairs

    Shanghai noodles are open for lunch on sea days also, noon to two.
  12. Paul Bogle

    Best Value of 5 Perks

    The drink package will be assigned to the first two names on the booking. Make sure you know who you want to have it and put those names first.
  13. Paul Bogle

    Best Value of 5 Perks

    The three night dining runs around $94.80 to purchase. If you select it as a perk you must pay around $21 gratuity. You are better off taking the third person free for $399 and the drink package and buying three 3 night dinner packages for $92 each and saving over a hundred bucks.
  14. Paul Bogle

    Best Value of 5 Perks

    The drink package applies to the first two passengers on the booking and takes two drinks per person per day to break even. Since you could choose another option instead of the drink package you probably need to average three drinks per person per day to offset the opportunity cost of another perk. If passengers one and two will average four or more drinks per day the drink package is the best value of all the perks.
  15. Paul Bogle

    NCL Transatlantics

    We like sailing east to west because changing time zones means 25 hour days instead of 23 hour days. The open ocean can get rough anywhere and anytime but some places and times are more likely to be bad. As a general rule sailing from Northern Europe and/or to New York or Boston will most likely experience rough seas. Southern Europe (Med) to southern USA ports via Madeira and the Caribbean will least likely experience rough seas.
  16. Paul Bogle

    Syd Normans Pour house

    There are no age restrictions in Syd's other than alcoholic beverages. On our sailing Rock n Roll trivia was held one night before the show. Several families were in attendance.
  17. The specifics will vary by ship and port. What you need to do is visit the Latitudes desk in the lobby and ask for instructions.
  18. I think this is likely a standard experience in Grand Cayman as the tenders are double-decker and do not require stairs. You step directly from ship to tender. Grand Cayman is a very efficient tender port. In 2016 on NCL Jade we had to tender in Roatan as there were two ships in Coxen Hole with dock space for just one. We went to the Latitudes desk, were escorted down to the gangway and put into the line by the crew as soon as we exited the elevators. It still took a good twenty minutes to actually board a tender as we were using the lifeboats and the process was very slow, but it was still much easier than going through the ticket process and seemed identical to the process used by suite guests. (which is what prompted my response to this thread in the first place)
  19. On Breakaway the Latitudes desk instructed us (Platinum) to report to the Spiegel Tent on deck six when we were ready to board a tender. When we arrived at the Spiegel tent entrance crew members checked our ship cards and put us in the priority line. The line was roped off from the Spiegel Tent to the first forward starboard side elevator which was reserved for priority tenders. We exited on deck four and walked aft to board our tender. Total time from arrival at the Spiegel tent to sitting on a tender was less than ten minutes. Those on NCL excursions or with tender assignments were directed to the theater. NCL excursion tickets gave the time to meet, those with tender numbers had to wait to be called. Once called groups were directed out the port side of the theater and onto the first forward elevator port side which was reserved for this purpose. Once on deck four the line exited the elevator and used the forward tender gangway. This was in Georgetown Grand Cayman in January. Tendering began at 11:00 am. We left our cabin around 11:00, went through the tender process and were ashore before 11:30. I was a very easy and very well run process. Breakaway was using both forward and aft tender stations when we returned late in the afternoon. I suspect that once the priority line exhausted both lines were available to all passengers. Since I was ashore I cannot state it as a fact.
  20. It's a separate queue from general boarding. You go to a different designated place, on Breakaway it was the Spiegel Tent and join the priority line.
  21. Latitudes status Gold and above also enjoy priority tender benefits and do not need to wait.
  22. Paul Bogle

    Anyone Ever Gotten off Halfway on A Cruise?

    If you board a cruise ship in an American port and leave the ship in a different American port you trigger a PVSA violation. Technically the cruise line is fined and they pass the fine on to you through your shipboard account. You agree to this in the contract of carriage. Example: You board a ship in New York City sailing to Port Canaveral, Nassau and Great Stirup Cay. In Port Canaveral you get off the ship and fail to reboard due to being late or for any reason at all, you trigger the fine. The PVSA prohibits foreign flagged ships from carrying passengers between US ports without stopping at a distant foreign port first. Roundtrip cruises are ok because you get off where you began. Panama Canal cruises are ok because they make a stop in South America or an island off the coast of South America which qualifies under the act as a distant foreign port. Puerto Rico is an exception as it is exempt from this provision of the PVSA as long as no domestic shipping company is offering service between the mainland and the island. Since this is unlikely to ever happen Puerto Rico will likely remain exempt indefinitely.
  23. Paul Bogle

    Avoiding Plastic Cups?

    Only the open deck space bars (broadly defined) will force you to use plastic cups. This seems reasonable considering the hazard broken glass can pose in these spaces. The bars in the enclosed spaces will have and will offer glassware.
  24. In the Quarter you can try Vieux Carre' at 422 Chartres St. They have a nice wine selection but do not expect to find bargains any where in the Quarter.
  25. We looked into this for our Breakaway Bermuda sailing two years ago. We were taking my Dad who lives in Pluckemin (The Hills). We flew in before the cruise and stayed with him the night before so we needed the same transport as you. We priced out Uber but getting a suitable vehicle was difficult due to luggage. Few Ubers, even UberX had trunks large enough to accommodate five suite cases. After running the numbers the savings was going to be less than $50 arranging car service over parking at the pier. Since dad has a mini-van that could accommodate us all we did that. We took 287 up to 80, across the GW and down the west side expressway right into the port. On a Sunday morning it couldn't have been easier. I have flown into JFK and taken the train out to Whitehouse. It was a major hassle with luggage as the trains are designed for commuters, not tourists with luggage. I really wouldn't recommend it. Plus on Sunday the schedule is limited so returning might entail delays.