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  1. On 10/28/2017 I gave Princess $200 as a FCD. Since my 2 planned cruises have succumbed to the KungFlu, I requested them back a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I had cancelled the credit card I had used. The rep said they would refund to the cancelled card and it would reject. Then a check would be mailed. Count take SIX months. Are you kidding me. That will break me of doing this again.
  2. Both of ours arrived today after 105 days. Now we're all dressed up with nowhere to go.
  3. Those buggers were uber fast in getting to the bank to cash my check. We applied for renewal on April 24th. Hopefully we'll see ours in a month.
  4. Yesterday Princess refunded all but my $200 FCD onto my American Express Card. This was 70 days since I filed my request for Option 2.
  5. We have received 2/3 of our 28 day cruise as provisional credit from American Express. Part of the split is because we paid in 4 separate chunks. We also file an insurance claim with AON which was a waste of time. Like many insurance companies, they find a reason not to pay. 60 days and counting.
  6. I filed a dispute with my CC company. We'll see.
  7. This seems simple to me.....you have $10,000 of my money. You were unable to perform the service I paid for, even though it was through no fault of yours. I want my money back. You have been either unable or unwilling to comply with my refund request that you solicited. Do you really expect me to ever step foot on another one of your ships? Seems Simple to me.
  8. US Navy 1968 - 1975 Nuc Machinist Mate USS Truxton DLGN-35 Staff Instructor A1W Nuclear Training Facility, Idaho Falls
  9. We haven’t cruised RC for over 10 years but have been using Princess. They offer good onboard credit for military. I am a vet but don’t see where you find how to score a discount. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ours was split with half into my account and the balance to my wife's account. Since we have always booked and worked through one account, I had to open a new account for her - and there was her half. Ours came 4/23 for our 4/11 cruise that was cancelled on 3/12
  11. We sailed R/T to Hawaii and the highlight of the trip was staying in one of those special cabins - S702 and S704. Our friends were in #704. These were the only 2 rooms that were truly premium ocean view cabins on the ship.
  12. I anticipate it dropping much lower as more of the virus emerges. I have owned it for well over 10 years and never lost money on it till now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it below 20. As more cruises get cancelled and fewer are offered, times will be tough in this segment. I want to see the bottom and then see some recovery before I jump back in. The cruise credit is nice but I don’t want to bleed hard dollars to get it.
  13. Any vinyl sign cutter can turn one out fast and inexpensively. I had cut a number of them for halloween a few years ago on the Golden. Easy on and easy off.
  14. Our fare would have gone way up for 28 day South Pacific Cruise. Plus, we don’t drink nor buy soda packages. Water and a Monster in port works just fine.
  15. I just dropped by Princess.com to check on my upcoming cruise. I guess the Island Princess defected because my cruise isn't listed - nor are any of my previous cruises. Bugs, bugs, bugs.
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