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  1. jonj

    Sled dogs?

    Is there anywhere at these ports where we can visit a sled dog camp. We are not really interested in the actual sled dog cart pull just visit a camp and spend time with some of the dogs. I did see one in the Yukon which we could visit while in Skagway but it is two hours away and was wondering if there are any others closer. We are not interested in doing a ship tour or organized tour. The places we are visiting are Skagway, Ketchikan, Juneau. Thank you
  2. We will be on a cruise visiting GC on December 30, 2018. Looking for an area where to rent beach chairs. We are a total of 7 adults, with two being in their 70's, while still active they really can't just plop down a towel on the sand any longer. They are more comfortable on a chair. I have read through many post and see Royal Palm, Calico, Tiki and Hemingway keep popping up. In further reading it seems the last two are now closed, is that correct? Seems like Tiki's website is still operational. We do need to be near an area where there are restrooms and a place to get a small bite to eat. I also read Royal Palm is closing? Cannot find information on when / if that is happening. I emailed them directly last week but haven't heard back. Any suggestions other than the places above? Will hotels like the Marriott, etc. allow you to use their chairs if you have lunch in their restaurant? I am not looking for a freebie but thought being near a hotel would be best for amenities. Have looked into a day room but with it being a holiday weekend the hotels I contacted are not offering it. I have looked up how many cruise ships will be in GC on this day it seems to be only two, Disney and Regent. Thank you in advance.
  3. I have an additional charge on my credit and have no idea what it is for. The amount is $23.76. This amount is not on my room account invoice I received by email and in printed form before getting off the ship. I don't see any information on the email or printed copy on who to contact if there is an error. I have tried calling Royal the last two days but the wait times have been really long and have had to get off before they picked up. Is there an email or a direct number I should be trying? Thank you
  4. Thank you so much for the review, thoroughly enjoyed it. The other terminal, I believe, is for Disney cruise line.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to post a live review. I am loving your photos and information you are providing.
  6. Thanks for the review, will be following along. Are the bathroom soaps because of the suite or just for this ship. What type of suite are you in?
  7. If you have time can you post menus from the different bar venues? Just curious if the same as other ships in the same class or different. Thank you for your review and details you have provided.
  8. What level / nights onboard, does it require to get the crystal block?
  9. Anyone has photos of the Symphony drink menus at the different venues? Wasn't sure if they are the same as Harmony or other ships, or different. Thanks
  10. Thank you that is what I thought, a website glitch, but calling RCCL had me second guessing.
  11. 3638 is the one I was considering. I don't need an accessible room.
  12. Does anyone know what this room is. It shows as Ocean view 1N but says accessible, however on the deck plan it isn't a handicap accessible room. I called RCCL three times and each time they had no clue. They couldn't explain why it says accessible. From the deck plan on Royal's website Ocean View Accessible Our Ocean View staterooms offer a gorgeous view, two twin beds and a private bathroom. (Up to 4 guests)
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