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  1. My wife and I have sailed on both Princess and Holland America and much prefer Holland America. We don't drink but other than that, you seem to enjoy all the things we enjoy and those are the things Princess lacks. I think you would enjoy Holland America. You might enjoy viewing my wife's website. She creates slideshows from the thousands of pictures on every cruise. They are all listed in chronological order on the Travel section of her website and include slideshows of the ships, our shore excursions, and the suite we stay in on each cruise. I'll insert a link below that will take you there. Nancy's Oasis - Travel
  2. Has anyone else received one of these emails? I received one of those emails a few minutes ago.
  3. Is the OM used for going ashore and getting back on the ship the way the card is used?
  4. Wonderful information. I'm glad it's automatic! Thanks for the tip about keeping Anytime Dining. We will do that. I hope we will be able to get a table for 2, and one that's not too close to others.. Thanks what we prefer. Thanks for your quick reply. Happy cruising!
  5. We are currently booked for Anytime Dining. Since we are in a full suite, will we automatically be assigned to the Club Class Dining Room? If not, what do I need to do to have Club Class dining on our cruise? Thanks
  6. A lot depends on how much time you can take for a cruise and what you can afford, but if it was me, I would seriously consider a "bucket list" type of cruise such as Alaska, the Med, Panama Canal Transit, South America to name a few. That would make it very special!
  7. Thanks CruiserBruce. We are cruising on the Crown Princess so I will check on the Princess website. I should have thought of that!
  8. We usually have our bags shipped home from each cruise through whichever cruise line we are on. They are called something like Luggage Direct. I wonder whether this type of baggage handling service is available overseas?
  9. Yes I meant to say LHR. Our cruise leaves from Southampton. We have arranged for transfers to the hotel, to the ship, then back to the airport after we disembark from our cruise. Thanks for you input. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  10. Thanks CruiserBruce! Knowing what to expect makes traveling much less stressful. I thought of another question. What about our bags? Will they be checked all the way through to our final destination both coming and going from the airport?
  11. We have a British Isles cruise booked for next August and will be departing from Southampton. The Air Canada flights from SAT with a connecting flight in Toronto look appealing in terms of price and flight duration. I've done research but can't find answers. This will be our first cruise in Europe. I'm hoping to receive some guidance here from those who have experience going through Toronto. Do we go through Customs in Toronto before our getting on the connecting flight to Southampton? If so, can you describe the process? Do we go through Customs in Southampton upon arrival or departure? Please describe the process. If we come back from Southampton, do we go through Customs in Toronto again? How much time should we allow for our connecting flights? We have up to date passports. Is there anything else we will need? Thanks in advance for any information and/or helpful comments!
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