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  1. That is a picture of the C728 balcony. We have stayed in C728, C726 and C727. C728 and C727 would be our first choices if we were to cruise on the Coral Princess again. There are public aft balconies on the Coral. The balconies are wide enough on the Caribe and Baja decks to have lounge chairs. We have been lucky enough that our fellow passengers didn't slam the door to the aft balcony. Besides ourselves, we seemed to be the only ones to use that aft balcony at night.
  2. I have sailed on the Coral Princess 3 times.....each time on the Caribe deck in the AFT section of the ship. This particular area does have Mini Suites, most of which are partially covered. However the most Aft cabin on each side of the ship is uncovered. We do love this ship and would book in the AFT section on the Caribe deck if we were tp sail on her again.
  3. Yes, I have had that problem too. I have had to call them and they posted the credit to my acct. while I was on the phone with them. Unfortunately this seems to be a recurring problem of them overlooking the credit when you have more than one booking that you are sending in........at least in my case.
  4. I just tried to get into the site to check on my upcoming cruises and the web site is not working (at least for me).
  5. Wondered what happened. Yesterday I was looking at the Nov. 12 cruise and writing the info down so I could call my TA when he got to the office; when poof, that cruise disappeared. Bummer!
  6. Spent the weekend in West Lafayette Indiana.....these lovely flowers were in pots outside of our hotel.
  7. Our Oct./Nov. TA was cancelled (by Princess) last May............Our base fare (in the form of FCC) showed up a month ago; plus a 100% goodwill FCC. The amount we paid (by CC) for excursions was credited back to our CC yesterday. Now if only they would apply the FCD's from the cancelled 2020 cruises to the 2021 booked cruises. 🛳️
  8. Went out after a rain shower.....some things were still wet and some things weren't. Also went a little crazy in Luminar on some of the images.
  9. I have/had 2 cruises cancelled by Princess that were scheduled for this year. The April cruise FCD is sitting in a holding (special) account and the Oct/Nov cruise is still attached to that cruise (though it is cancelled). I have 2 cruises booked for next year and so far neither FCD has been applied to my new cruises. My TA has asked Princess several times about this and Princess just replies "don't worry" "we are still working on it". So, the answer to your question......who knows. Like you I am still waiting.
  10. Some images processed in Luminar 4. They range from keeping the image from what I saw when photographing it; to light editing; to over the top editing.
  11. This image is the same for both, just done 2 different ways.......LR 1st......Lum 2nd.
  12. This image is the same for both, just done 2 different ways.......LR 1st......Lum 2nd.
  13. This image is the same for both, just done 2 different ways.......LR 1st......Lum 2nd.
  14. Did some playing around in LR 5 and Luminar 4. In LR, I tried to keep the image to what I saw when taking it. In Luminar, I attempted to get a little creative. In this one, the two images were taken one after the other from the same position. LR 1st......Lum 2nd.
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