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  1. Most of the crew still on every ]cruise ship on every line is no longer getting paid... basically only essential crew to keeping the ship running bare bones are getting paid.... he makes it seem like this is only an NCL thing,
  2. Aside from knowing what to pack (cool to warm to hot weather cloths) I thinking this is pretty fun
  3. As someone who has sailed mostly on NCL and once on HAL (though easily one of the best) I think your assessment is spot on. Although I sense you may have been holding back some of your opinions on your experience, I really think this is a great preservative for anyone who sails HAL and might have been considering NCL. Though if you had sailed NCL's megaships, you might have though otherwise. I do sail solo often, and enjoy the entertainment on NCL, i do miss they don't have more enrichment. I don't think I will ever sail some of the newer (Bliss, Joy, Encore) NCL ships, because of what they have done to the top decks. I do enjoy the Breakaway/Getaway and Escape. Although top deck lacking, I love their waterfront, which is the promenade deck were they have added al fresco bars and dining in their "specialty dining"
  4. I enjoyed both stops, but if I had to pick one, I also say Sitka. It is less touristy and really highlights the Russian influence, so it will show you a different side to Alaska than most of the other typical Alaska ports.
  5. I took a trip to Alaska on the Eurodam in August 2018. I love that they opened the bow deck for part of Glacier Bay. With that being said, the investment in an aft facing balcony, I have never used a balcony so much as on this trip enjoying the scenery If I only do Alaska once, I'll be happy that I did the Aft facing balcony. Though I do want to go back.
  6. I usually board as early as possible and head to the MDR for lunch. If it is a new ship for me, I might explore a little bit first.
  7. I splurged and went with an aft facing balcony and did not regret it for a second. Unless you are staying on the ship, it probably doesn't matter much which way you face. But, as other mentioned, you don't always know which way you will face in port. Also, as mentioned previously, the captain typically does 360's so both sides of the ship can see the glaciers.
  8. He's been gone only 2 months, I'd hardly call that "a while" Also, a non executive board member means he is not involved with the day to day operation, and is more of a policy making role. Maybe that is what he was looking for. saying "the best he could do" that way implies he had to settle. I'd hardly call a board of directors position settling. I hardly think he is in a position he had to take something he didn't want after only 2 month. I am assuming beat was a misspelling and you intended to say best.
  9. I would like to second this! If you are paying what you say, look into the luxury lines. Definitely no nickel and dimeing... and this if from a NCL Loylaist. I've actually been looking at other lines lately. If I am going to pay Haven prices, I'd like that service not matter where I go on the ship.
  10. I hope HAL reads these... I would love a dedicated Bermuda cruise on HAL
  11. But if you read the initial post, they were asking about just needing a passport.
  12. passport will due in this case as well
  13. Same here... not a fan of the Epic... feel to disconnected from the sea, but I just sailed her for a 10 day Southern Caribbean... Loved Curacao and Bonaire (don't miss the flamingos!)
  14. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts... a nice balanced report! I also agree, as I've seen him before, Frank Townsend i absolutely hilarious!!!!!! I think the hot dog carts are due to the New York themed hull art.
  15. Breakaway is identical to getaway. Yes there are a few decor differences, but thats about it. Each vacation is what you make of it!
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