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  1. always have gotten them back when I've missed a port on all of the 4 cruise lines I've sailed...
  2. Simple supply and demand... If certain stateroom types are selling, or are not selling, they will change pricing... often the really good deals go fast, so if you see one, JUMP ON IT!!!! and most importantly enjoy your cruise!
  3. Nowhere does it say there is a Bar lab folks...it just says the specialty cocktails are "crafted by" meaning they are the ones who created the recipes... as it reads cut and pasted from the link "try our unique specialty cocktails, hand-crafted by Bar Lab."
  4. I think best is a matter of opinion.... To me GoKarts and Laser tag are not my thing, but Howl at the Moon is, therefore making Escape, Breakaway and Getaway better for me then Bliss, Joy or Encore will ever be. Newer isn't necessarily better...letting the OP know what we individually like or do not like, helps them to decide best for them.
  5. Things I like about the Escape that the Getaway/Breakaway (regular breakaway class) don't have: District Brewhouse and Food Republic (for fee tapas style restaurant). Things that Escape has that Bliss and Joy do not: Howl at the Moon (dueling piano bar and really fun) I also travel solo most of the time and Joy does not have Studio cabins. Also the restaurants are different. I am a fan of Moderno, the Brazilian Steakhouse (though often can be salty/sodium rich). All of my cruises on Escape, Breakaway and Getaway have been great and I think if you enjoy one ship, you will most likely enjoy all three. I would take price, cabin selection and itinerary into consideration before the actual ship with Escape, Breakaway and Getaway.
  6. I would seek out your cabin steward the first day and let him/her know how you prefer to have it done. Either left as a bed or changed back to a couch each day. As they have a lot of new guests the first day, a gentle reminder the second day if it is not done to your request. If on the third day it is not handled the way you want, then mention it to the housekeeping manager/supervisor. At least that is how i personally would handle it.
  7. Thank you for bringing that up. Part of the reason why I enjoyed the Eurodam is recently I have been on many mega ships on NCL. I think Eurdam married some of the aspect of what I like about NCL, with a number of specialty dining options, and more evening entertainment than you get on the smaller ships, but in a non mega ship environment. But I also liked how it has a more traditional cruise ship feel than the modern mega ships. I also love a proper promenade deck. I am not against smaller ships, however Eurodam is a nice transition. Again, I an trying to stick to the ship reasons and not itinerary, and Alaska is amazing. I do like the array of entertainment as well on Eurodam.
  8. So I am looking at taking more cruises on Holland America. My first trip, last year on the Eurodam to Alaska, was easily one of my best cruises ever. I have read here how the services and other things have changed recently, and I don't intend on starting a debate on the changes in the cruise industry. I also know that itinerary and cost are factors on choosing a cruise. However, I would like to know from seasoned Holland America cruisers what their favorite ship is and why. Please, keep in mind that this is personal to each cruiser, there is no wrong answer and others cruisers answers are not wrong, as it is their answer. Your reason for liking one ship or another may open up considerations for my, and maybe others, choices for the future.
  9. This is what was posted on social media:
  10. I was in an Aft Facing Balcony last August on The Eurodam and felt it was no inconvenience to get to the stairs or elevator... Go for it!
  11. I second enjoy outdoor time on The Waterfront. There is a take out window open 12-2 on sea days with good lobster rolls.
  12. Looking forward to reading more of your Live Review...I'll be on Escape in 2 weeks!
  13. To answer your question, the package works the same, in port or not. Typically just not as many bars open on the ship during the day when in port. Question for you, which Bermuda sailing are you on that had 4 days in Bermuda? The main ones, out of Boston and NYC have 2 overnights and basically 2 1/3 days in port.
  14. I am going to also vote studio. Although smaller, I agree that they are better laid out. And the perk that doesn't come with a guarantee. the best part to me is the studio lounge...coffee/tea/Juice and pastries in the morning and cookies in the afternoon. Oh the coffee maker is so good, you sometimes see officers coming in to get coffee! Typically from 5-7 in the evening there is a bartender there as well. Unless there is a significant price drop for the inside, go studio. Also make sure the price you see for the inside has no supplement... otherwise it is per person based on double occupancy and you pay for 2 even though there is only one person!!!!!!
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