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  1. Normally, I avoid responses. So I will just write this one post only. I do not wish to debate. In April 2019, I was disembarked at Guadalope on day 90 of a 111 days cruise. I had Platinum Princess Vacation Plan (PVP) with an evacuation coverage of $50K. The final evacuation was to be to my city of residence -- SFO. Fortunately, the French Hospital in Guadalope to which I was disembarked and admitted was able to correctly diagnose my problem (not a pre-existing) which the ship doctor was not able to do. After 6 days, the Guadalope hospital doctor cleared me to be transpo
  2. The Up-dated Medallion software works now for Ipad/OS now (10:30pm PDT Oct 12). Thanks.
  3. Hurrah -- The updated version works now (10:30pm PDT Oct 12) for Ipad.
  4. DO NOT UPGRADE if you are using Ipad with the new IpadOS. Was working well before update. Now same as Lani above. I wonder whether Princess got the LOWEST bidder to develop the MedallionClass software. Fortunately I have the printout and already got the medallion.
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