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  1. Yes, she did. 2001 or 2002? She was the 1st RCI ship to come to Australia. I don't know the details.
  2. One of our favourites as well. This one is being extensively advertised by online TA's here, and will be full of Aussies. Our favourite ship as well, but we are already booked elsewhere..:( EDIT:Sorry, I thought it went to China. Must be a different one.
  3. This all changed recently. Kids now get all of the same benefits of Diamond that adults get. Yes, some parents are using their kids vouchers to get alcoholic drinks for themselves.
  4. You do not lose your deposit. You would receive an FCC for each person, that you could then use on the rebooked cabins. You need to decide if it's worth the hassle.
  5. Some one on social media, who says their relative works there. They didn't say who.
  6. Interesting that they haven't advised me. We have a domestic cruise with them in January. We are due to pay the balance next week, so we shall see.
  7. A little birdy told me that OPT RCI staff have been told they are back at work in December. Care to comment?
  8. Spectrum has just met up with Voyager in Hong Kong. Some crew transferred from Voyager to Spectrum, for her restart in October.:)
  9. We have found on all of our Asian cruises, that there is a lot of Asians dishes, which we love. But there is always the standard menu as well. And as soon as the ships leave Asian waters, they revert back to the standard menus.
  10. We always do 10.30 - 11am, and we've never had a problem, or had to rush. Hate waiting at Sydney airport. Cheers
  11. Yes, we have done it a couple of times. $65 fee as mentioned, and completing a down-line form. You have to pay for the whole cruise, so you do get all of the points.:) Cheers
  12. You will need a multiple entry Visa, because you are going out and coming back. The 144 hour Visa Exemption doesn't apply in this case. We got ours last week. We have done the 144 hour Visa exemption when we cruised from Shanghai to Sydney. The down side was the hour wait to get through the process at the airport.:(
  13. Agreeing. Our kids were 3rd top cruisers early this year, as we were the only Pinnacles. They are 24.
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