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  1. We always do 10.30 - 11am, and we've never had a problem, or had to rush. Hate waiting at Sydney airport. Cheers
  2. Yes, we have done it a couple of times. $65 fee as mentioned, and completing a down-line form. You have to pay for the whole cruise, so you do get all of the points.:) Cheers
  3. You will need a multiple entry Visa, because you are going out and coming back. The 144 hour Visa Exemption doesn't apply in this case. We got ours last week. We have done the 144 hour Visa exemption when we cruised from Shanghai to Sydney. The down side was the hour wait to get through the process at the airport.:(
  4. Agreeing. Our kids were 3rd top cruisers early this year, as we were the only Pinnacles. They are 24.
  5. We do feel your pain. We won't do those 3/4/5 nights again to the same ports. We would go to Singapore every year for our winter-time cruise. Well we do go twice a year for the repositioning.:) Going to China again this year for our winter cruise.:(
  6. My kids turned Diamond + on their 19th Birthday cruise, the same as their parents, as we were on all cruises together. Now they have a couple more years to make Pinnacle.:)
  7. I take them when my cruise stops there. Next up November 26th. I have previously posted on FB.:) With dolphins.
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