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  1. Seems that's quite true... https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/carnival-cruise-ship-fails-health-inspection/ar-AAFA6d0?li=BBnbfcL
  2. A good question...but likely won't have a good answer. 🤣
  3. There's no exact timeframe...we saw them become available numerous times inside of 150 days before our cruise. The prices were all over the place...fortunately we snagged one (by watching almost daily) at the low $373.99 price.
  4. I suspect you are correct. California regulations result in businesses avoiding the state
  5. The most well-known (but not all of them): - Carnival Sunshine failed in 2018 - refit in 2018. - Carnival Elation Major Power Failed in 2017- refit in 2018 - Carnival had 4 major ship fails in 2013 - Triumph, Elation, Dream, and Legend all had propulsion, electrical or mechanical problems at sea Carnival has a reputation of doing minimum and far too infrequent maintenance on their ships. Many folks consider their "bargain" fares nothing more than a bribe to try their risky fleet. Royal has a regular schedule of refurbishments, and also interim maintenance as needed. The onboard features of Royal ships are also well-known for being much better than many other fleets.
  6. Not sure who you spoke with...but the fact that they've had so many ships with major disaster failures/problems...there's a reason why they are cheaper...they're known as "Walmart of the Seas".
  7. If you want to see a good joke...cruise Carnival. My brother just went on a "bargain" cruise with them a few months ago...and his photos and testimony of how terrible the conditions were in his cabin and throughout the ship demonstrated what a "bargain basement cruise line" gets you. Add that to their history of ships having to be towed back to port after failures at sea...and it proves you get what you pay for in most cases. If someone shops for comparable cruises...the gaps in price are not that much...but the gaps in the ships and overall experience are much greater.
  8. That's sorta true...but Carnival has always been known as the discount party-boat cruise line and proud of it. Their ships offer less in most cases, they are not well maintained (a few years ago 3 ships got stranded/failed within a 14 month period), and they cater to a different crowd than Royal, Celebrity, Disney, MSC, and other offerings. With Carnival, you get what you pay for...which is a cheaper cruise experience with lower standards in cabin comfort, service, and ship amenities.
  9. Consider a Western Mediterranean itinerary out of Barcelona. We loved ours, and found the balance of ports and at-sea time was a perfect balance.
  10. Indeed. Not everyone would be disappointed if they added some new destination ports to Caribbean itineraries...
  11. You forgot the biggest draw of that port - pigging out on Salmon!
  12. For the most part...yes. There have been a few cases where the 2 pricing models have resulted in the same cabin prices on certain cruises...but that's the exception, not the rule.
  13. Ketchikan is a very small port stop...so it's really difficult to understand how anyone could be so late to return - the ship docking area is close to virtually 90% of any shore activities. Hopefully there is nothing serious that caused their delay - getting to another stop will be a challenge and likely very expensive.
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