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  1. We'll take that bet. Not advocating anything...known plans for future cruising are still in the works...but masks seem to be pretty clear part of them (trademarking a mask name a good clue). Rest assured...to retain its licensing....Royal will have to adhere to and enforce policies tied to health and safety procedures. The vast majority of cruisers will be inconvenienced but likely comply.
  2. There simply won't be that many ignorant people onboard who intentionally violate rules made clear to them before boarding.
  3. Perhaps they suffer from the "ignorance is bliss" syndrome...more than sad.
  4. That's what they said about smoking bans in cabins...saw a couple escorted off a ship in the first port after committing that rule violation. It's enforceable when viewed and reported by a crew member.
  5. Whoever they might be is likely also the source of the Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch. As for masks...don't count on them required 24 X 7 nor everywhere.
  6. Royalist and Hypocrite labels are quite obvious to nearly anyone...other than those who throw out terms like those freely. No worries...we understand that posting those things can simply be a technical problem like a loose nut behind the keyboard.
  7. Brother's testimony was more than sufficient on his cruise in 2018 (his last he said with that cruise line)...he provided us with photos to demonstrate the horrible condition of the Carnival ship, poor maintenance of common areas and cabin...but could not photograph the awful smell in the hallways aboard Legend (thankfully). Some folks don't require jumping off a cliff to know it will hurt.
  8. Agree they won't force things...but they can use survey questions to thelp people "come to their own choices". In general, people tend to be attracted to what's easiest and/or best based on their onboard activities anyway.
  9. Kinda reinforced my point...people will take more of a note as to location based on most-used activities. Those who can use stairs with regularity may choose "middle-level" decks...others doing regular excursions choosing lower decks. Stairs...not a first choice, but an alternative to the confined small spaces of elevators. Rest assured...changes on cruises will happen...they won't guarantee people don't either abuse or misuse options.
  10. No doubt one of the "side effects" of changes will include people's choice of cabins...and which deck they're on. Just watch.
  11. Well of course...elevator use should feature disabled passengers first and foremost.
  12. Now now....one could have noted that they don't see mask-users in the trailer park either...but that would be so wrong to say that.
  13. Then again....they call it practicing law and practicing medicine....probably for a reason...
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