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  1. Looks like the thread may have suffered a bit from premature agitation...
  2. Every incident is unique - the latest one especially egregious.
  3. At this point...the "private" Labadee property is a risk. Based on what happened to the President of that country this week...the Royal Caribbean Labadee property fencing and "protection" might only protect from amateur problem seekers. This has long-term implications for that private port.
  4. Yeah - the cabana's are great - we enjoyed ours near the wave pool... But no cabana is worth anything near the $1299 asking price...
  5. If you get a cabana at a great price...it's well worth it.
  6. Geee.....wonder if there's a message in there somewhere...???
  7. It's fair to forecast that some of the cruise lines may indeed fail, as they are all operating with fragile budgets. Kudos to the 100% vax requirement on NCL...all cruise lines should be abiding by those requirements.
  8. A good deal is a good deal anytime. This bonus extension is certainly nice for many folks to seize.
  9. It's called being smart - assure following health protocols through controlled tours, instead of "who knows what happens" on local "buy-a-tours". After all...we're talking cruise vs alternative Mexico local tours....we all know how well locals follow "rules"...
  10. All is pretty well here... We choose not to live in Hurricane Alley (aka Florida and up the coast), and so dealing with the consequences of those locations don't come into play - nor does a "lockdown". With getting vaccinated early on, and wearing masks, and responsible distancing...any "lockdown" here was short-lived. Most of the folks in our area didn't have to be locked down long either. Good choices pay off most often.
  11. Can we start to pop the bubble wrap on the top and back then? 😁
  12. Great. Once the unvaxxed get hit more and more in the pocket book with testing costs...things can only improve even further for everyone else.
  13. True - same thing in the Promenade or Boardwalk areas.
  14. We've been on Oasis twice, coming up on Allure twice, nd Harmony once. They're all (in the words of our grandson) ginormous. Other than the "different" bubble-wrap look in the front and back of Wonder of the Seas...and while via a tape measure it will be larger than its previous brothers/sisters...THEY ARE ALL HUGE when experienced in person. The "largest" claim is primarily a marketing thing...When you have 8-9,000 on a floating vessel that's larger than an air craft carrier...a few extra feet or meters is virtually indistinguishable. They're all something to enjoy.
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