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  1. Great to see her! We're getting on board next Sunday :-)
  2. Thanks! This is useful info. In fact, we just got the paperwork today and it says we will depart at 7.30pm - so with sunset at 7.43pm that night, it will be perfect :) It also confirms San Basilio, which is handy as I've departed from there before on Azamara, and it's easy to get to on the Vaporetto - though the monorail to the main port is not exactly difficult either! Good to hear drinks prices are reasonable - and will investigate the pre-ordering of wine ;)
  3. That's certainly plenty of time to get from one to the other! It's only about a 5 hour drive, so you could pretty much do the whole of Italy in two weeks :) Def worth spending time in Tuscany (Lucca is lovely and much less touristy than Pisa etc.) Florence is a nightmare for parking so best to avoid driving into the centre - I think they have 'park and ride' type arrangements? Sorrento and the Amalfi coast also amazing - and a hop to Capri on the ferry should definitely be factored in if at all possible! Whatever you do, you will have a fab time :cool:
  4. Never a bad thing to plan ahead :) We booked Oasis of the Seas out of Barcelona for Sept 2014 as soon as it became available! We'll be doing our first Royal Clipper trip in 2 weeks and 2 days - can't wait . . . Driving through Italy def a good plan, there is so much to see!
  5. Definitely a good photo opportunity, thanks! I did a similar thing years ago when I was on a Turkish Gulet, but this would certainly be more impressive :)
  6. Thank you, that would be great! Also very jealous . . . ;)
  7. Thanks for the info - you'd think RCI could get their facts straight, but no-one seems to be able to give me a sensible answer! Can I ask, was your husband just using a normal email account and internet access or was he using some type of remote access? The reason I ask is that my partner needs to work, but he accesses his work computer remotely, so needs good upload speeds as well as download, and a good ping rate. Would be really useful to know if anyone has tried doing this. Thanks!
  8. Thank you - all great info again, much appreciated :) Can't wait . . .
  9. Thank you all, this is all brilliant information - much appreciated. I was a bit surprised to see that it doesn't sail until 10pm - I'm used to cruise ships where you can get on board at 11am and depart around 6pm! Does anyone know why they go so much later? I take it there is no point arriving much before 3.30pm in the hope of getting on earlier? Does anyone know where it goes from? I'm guessing San Basilico rather than the main cruise port as that's where the smaller ships (like Azamara) tend to dock in Venice. I've just checked the sunset time for 4th Sept and see it's 7.43pm which is a bit of a shame as it will be dark when we depart - though I always tell people that you have to do everything in Venice twice, once in the light and once in the dark (as it looks totally different) so guess I'll just be going with my own recommendation! I've sailed out of there twice on cruise ships (Voyager of the Seas and Azamara Quest) in the daytime and was stunning. Bit of a shame to have no sails, but I can see why that might be given the unusual departure point. We'll have to make the most of the other two sail-aways! And yes, coming back in through Venice in the early morning is amazing and we'll definitely get up for that :) Thanks for the cabin info. I chose it for position (midships and low) to avoid movement and was hoping the dining room wouldn't be too noisy so that's all good to know. Has anyone done the climb to the crow's nest? I'm definitely planning on giving that a try :) Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Bob. We did Allure last December and I recall you could get 24 hours for $24.99 I think it was, but don't remember the speed. What I'm trying to find out is whether this new 'high speed' service on Oasis is a sensible price (and speed!) so my other half can work while on the cruise - and he needs good upload speed as well as download speed. So those tests that were done look ideal - if you can actually get that speed now as standard. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I just set up a roll call in the main area (Venice on RC - 4th Sept) but Jobake said I might be better posting here. Not sure if Star Clippers travellers use the roll call forum! Anyway, it's our first Star Clippers trip (cruise? voyage? sailing? adventure? - not sure of the right word!) after many 'normal' cruises and we're ridiculously excited. We're in cabin 130 so any info about that would be much appreciated - and about the ship in general, for 'newbies'. This might seem like a daft question - but will we have some form of plug socket in our cabin where we can charge camera batteries etc? Thanks :)
  12. Hi all, I heard that Oasis is trialling new high speed internet in association with O3B. Can anyone confirm is this is true and if so what the rates/packages are? I heard there was a trial back in March but can't find any more recent info. Thanks!
  13. Any developments on this anyone? I would really like to know if Oasis and Allure now have high speed internet and if so what the costs/package options are. Thanks!
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