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  1. I've suggested to Captains Club they allow C1 upgrades. Standard answer, there are limited C1 cabins. Translated, we like the added $'s revenue.
  2. Perhaps after 1500 points, make two new lwvels. One at 2000 and 2500 before Zenith. But if we are attracted to a new intinarary, we'll not hesitate trying another line. Perhaps a European or Asian river cruise. That's how we booked a great itinarary, a fall 2020 African 22-day cruise with Azamara. By the way, that cruise is essentially sold out with occasional cabins opening up.
  3. After our next booked four Celebrity cruises and one Azamara cruise, , we'll be at about 1500 or so points. We began with Celebrity in 2012. However, realistically we do not aim at becoming Zenith level members. We cruise because we like the itinararies, level of service and dining quality. We do appreciate and use the category upgrade, laundry, and 240 Wi-fi minutes. It would be nice to have a mid level status. Perhaps 50% off of a beverage package if not already included with a booking would be nice or if part of the booking increase to the Premium package. Perhaps a few meals in a Specialty dining room.
  4. About MSC: For a May 2017 family cruise, Our two daughters organized a 7- day family cruise on the MSC Devina after we already booked a 2 1/2 month long trip. That is the reason we strayed trying a new line for the first and last time. It was less than a week after our return from our around the world trip. Being Elite plus, MSC elevated us right away to the "Black status", I believe their highest membership statuslevel . No mas con MSC! For the latter reason, we joined 16 other family members. All but one were adults and several seasoned cruisers. As it turned out, our son decided not to go. He missed nothing as far as MSC itself. Of the 17 family members who went, only our 5 year old enjoyed the cruise. We did not like MSC.! The food was way below X's standard, dining room and bar service was horrible. Bar drinks were weak. We came home with unused alcoholic beverage coupons. Yes, I got carried away above. MSC did elevate us right away. Very likely, we'll not try that cruise line again. Bobby
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