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  1. We are on the breakaway and in a mini suite our bid was 2300 and got a 2 family haven suite
  2. I brought one box of wine in my carryon out of tampa last march.no problem, also a case of pop.
  3. Went on the Legend in march 2011 and carried on a 12 pack of pop and 12 pack of water. also had a box of wine in my carryon/. all went through just fine. Carnival lets you bring one bottle of wine, pp in you carry on luggage. do not put it in your ck bag as it can get smashed as a few cans of pop did on a previous cruisre and went all over our clothes. some people on the cruise has there ck bags open and got liquor taken out
  4. they are allowed to sit on you lap but you can request a taxi with a car seat
  5. book air over tgiving to sju and paid 490 united via chicago. still trying to book tpa to sju over tgiving and can use direct air out of lakeland for $99 each was. tpa to san juan not posted yet but look like airtran will be 109 each way and jet blue will be 99. free bag on the blue
  6. just in on the black box. 4 bottles a box. very light and you do not need an opener. ps put it in your carryon
  7. thanks for your help, i was looking at we will rock you or billy elliot
  8. has anyone seen Queen or the elton john play in london? have you done the dinner and play deal? which plays would you recomend? thanks
  9. Has any one taken alcohol on in their carryon at this port? Does the cvs sell alcohol?
  10. I asked the lady who ran the store if we were allowed to carrry this liquor on the ship in san juan. She said yes but you have to put it in a bag or carry on. Yes it went through the scanner so I think the rule there is, if you are boarding the ship, you can carry on what ever you want including pop, but once you land in the ports you may not bring any liquor on. I am not sure of the pops. They did take my wine in Florence and also my liquor in St thomas but that was fine as I was going to drink the wine with dinner. They did not charge me the corkage. I did have to go to guest services and have it sent to the table. The only reason we like to take it on is to have a drink in our room as we are sailing away or a party on the baclony and to sluff a glass of wine or two from the bar to your room is a pain in the glass. Also I have seen many people who were well !!! over the limit and not cut off at a bar. They just keep bringing more and also really try to push drinks on you around the pool and show area. This is were the problem starts.
  11. Is there a duty free inside the ship terminal in fort lauderdale? We have been buying it and just putting it in our carry on and taking it through. This was in Barcelona and last year in san Juan. Thanks for the help. We have a lot of drinkers on the jewel in jan
  12. I am not handicaped but a room beame avaiable for the Jan 27th sailing. I booked the room in Aug. not having read this board and since it was ava. I took it. Since reading the board I called rcl and told them I had the room and I would give it up to a hc person if needed. If anyone has a hc room, just cal the line and in it special needs dept. and let them know that you are in this room and if they needs arises you will give it up. When I called rcl was very grateful and they did not know I was not hc. They took my name and put me on call for the room. In the mean time a sr citizen rate has been listed so for a d1 cat you pay $909. I changed my room to a d1 non hc and took the $400 saving per person. So the cruise line DOES NOT know until you call them that you are holding a hc roo. I checked the list of ava rooms and it is not showing up. maybe they are holding it incase anyone needs it.
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