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  1. Thanks everyone for the wonderful reply's, looks like a great cabin. The Epic Haven sounds great, although we would love 7 days we are happy with 3 nights of pure Haven Bliss We have done Epic in the Med 3 times already we cant wait not to rush around Rome as it is really a long day on a port intensive sailing so an extra 2 nights in Rome on debarking will be the icing on the Cake. Thanks again Keith
  2. It did say this when we booked : FREE AT SEA UPGRADEBest value. Low fee.GET UP TO 4 PACKAGESOPEN BAREnjoy all the spirits and cocktails, wines, draft beer, juice and soda for all guests 21 years or older.SPECIALITY DININGSavour meals at our Speciality Dining venues free for Guests 1 & 2.EXCURSIONSReceive US$ 50 Shore Excursion Credit per tour.WIFIStay connected with internet you can use throughout the ship.
  3. I have the same issue, We booked a haven Suite for a 3 night sailing i was under the impression all guests get drinks package and only guests 1/2 get dining package but its only guests 1 and 2 that get drinks package.
  4. Hi All, Have booked the first Epic sailing out of Barcelona April 25th 2021 all going well it goes ahead, the ship arrives after a transatlantic so i am wondering what happens.Long waits, crazy port etc. I have sailed out Barcelona 3 times on the Epic so i am familiar with the process but think things will be different after a TA This time we have only 3 nights booked and sailing in the Haven so should board smoothly but i am just wondering will things be rather hectic and should we avoid early arrival. Usually we like to head to port early and start our vacation early
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