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  1. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what's the difference between the cabins for 3 versus 4. We are a party of 3 and have a deck 12 forward penthouse that sleeps 3 we have stayed in a forward penthouse on the getaway on deck 9 which could sleep 4 but just wondering whats the difference between one that sleeps 3 to one that sleeps 4, Is the space in the living room or bedroom as looking at the videos i can see one has a dresser in bathroom as the other has it in the bedroom. Keith
  2. Hey Steff , Yes its me , we set beside 2 sisters. Hope your keeping well and safe. The Escape from Hamburg was defiantly a great cruise and the build up too it and all the events on board i still remember it all. The people on it made the trip a blast and i would love to do it all again. I will consult my cruise consultant to see if there is any idea of mini sailings , or that i would be interested in one. They may announce something shortly tho before the have this big announcement. Keith
  3. I would love to sail on this ship after a great sailing on the Escape from Hamburg to Southampton with some of you wonderful people. Unfortunately i have booked the NCL Joy to Bermuda September 1 2022. Love watching the progress of this class of ship.
  4. Hi Bird, Apreciate your reply , loved your review and pics cant wait to sail the Joy now having only sailed Epic a few times in the Med non haven and Getaway in the Caribbean i am looking forward to the newer Ship and dining options
  5. Hi All, We have Haven Suite booked on the NCL Joy out of NY September 1 2022, we hope by then things will be back to normal. We are traveling from Ireland so will probably to 2/3 nights pre and post cruise or a multi trip all going well. Just wondering is there any difference in NY with embarkation we have done haven from Miami on the Getaway. Is there vip check inn after security or is there anyone we should look out for prior to entering the cruise terminal. Do NCL still offer complimentary dining elsewhere for Haven guest in the american dinner first day and discount in Food republic the first night or has this stoped. Having only sailed the Getaway ( Haven) and Epic a few times any tips or pointers for the Joy Thanks Keith
  6. Hey All, Like a lot of us i have had a cancelled cruise, We were due to sail on the April 25th Epic sailing for 3 nights from Barcelona to Rome. As this was cancelled we like others received the 10 percent off a future cruise. We booked through our personal cruise consultant as always, My total reservation for a Haven suite for 3 adults September 2022 was 5018 euro, so i was under the impression of 501.80 discount. I was then told it would be off the base fares -Taxes/Port /Gov Fees. Is this standard as i never came with terms and conditions? Also when i went to pay deposit, i had 2 future cruise certs i was told i couldn't use these as deposit and pay the additional balance. Cruise deposits was 402 euro altogether so i would have paid the additional balance. Deposit for the Suite was 872. He told me to wait until the end of year to apply the 10 percent discount which seems odd. Have ye ever heard of this happening is there a reason for it? Stay safe and well Keith
  7. Thanks everyone for the wonderful reply's, looks like a great cabin. The Epic Haven sounds great, although we would love 7 days we are happy with 3 nights of pure Haven Bliss We have done Epic in the Med 3 times already we cant wait not to rush around Rome as it is really a long day on a port intensive sailing so an extra 2 nights in Rome on debarking will be the icing on the Cake. Thanks again Keith
  8. It did say this when we booked : FREE AT SEA UPGRADEBest value. Low fee.GET UP TO 4 PACKAGESOPEN BAREnjoy all the spirits and cocktails, wines, draft beer, juice and soda for all guests 21 years or older.SPECIALITY DININGSavour meals at our Speciality Dining venues free for Guests 1 & 2.EXCURSIONSReceive US$ 50 Shore Excursion Credit per tour.WIFIStay connected with internet you can use throughout the ship.
  9. I have the same issue, We booked a haven Suite for a 3 night sailing i was under the impression all guests get drinks package and only guests 1/2 get dining package but its only guests 1 and 2 that get drinks package.
  10. Hi All, Have booked the first Epic sailing out of Barcelona April 25th 2021 all going well it goes ahead, the ship arrives after a transatlantic so i am wondering what happens.Long waits, crazy port etc. I have sailed out Barcelona 3 times on the Epic so i am familiar with the process but think things will be different after a TA This time we have only 3 nights booked and sailing in the Haven so should board smoothly but i am just wondering will things be rather hectic and should we avoid early arrival. Usually we like to head to port early and start our vacation early. We have paid a nice sum for the Haven but not much extra comparing to 2 cabins and as its a present for big birthday we thought what the heck! After a bad year we think a little luxury will be nice.We have sailed the Haven on the Getaway so familiar with the process but do you think we wont get the full experience being Haven as the focus will be on 7 night cruisers. We have Cabin 16001 a 2 bedroom villa , any tips or tricks we should know. Pre cruise we intend to have 3 nights in Barcelona and 2 nights in Rome. Thanks Keith
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