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  1. I have searched the excursion board for aruba but couldn't find the answer. we will be in aruba from 7 - 5. If we did an excursion through rccl, it states it's 4 hours, leaving at 8:30, will we be back in time to shop in town for an hour or two? Just wondering if anyone did this. It's site seeing with beach. Thanks in advance.!
  2. I did enjoy the mdr, being served, and it did take more than a sit down dinner as far as time, that was when they came and served you rolls, then the appetizer, and then the main course, but now the rolls are already on the table, and the menu doesn't change, i again would much rather not have to dress up because everyone complains that people wear short in the mdr and i can chose what and how much i want to eat. i'm relaxing and my cruises are my vacation and i don't want to have to hurry, rush, dress up on my vacation unless i want to . this is great for those who want to, but for me, windjammer will be my dinner time, especially since they do have prime rib, duck, veal, "italian night" turkey, in the windjammer!
  3. i was on the Liberty a couple of weeks ago and was really disappointed. I don't usually complain but i wanted to post this to see if it was just this week or if it has changed. The last cruise I was on was Liberty 12/17. Menu was great. This time, the menu had changed so much. Same appetizers everynite, same dinner 2 different nights. nothing really appetizing. I went to look to see what was on the dinner menu everyday and it was on the windjammer. This was the first time we had gone to the windjammer for meals. We probably won't go back to MDR. On top of that, the first night we didn't get our main course until an hour after we were there. It has really been a disappointment. I was looking for the different cold soups only had 1 night and it was again, in the windjammer.
  4. Any one else on liberty now. 3/3/19. Super foggy are we getting off at normal time?
  5. thanks everyone. One more question,,, do they ever have escargot and shrimp cocktail in the windjammer?
  6. Does the windjammer have the same dinners that the MDR has for each day? Hardly go to windjamer for dinner. Do they have lobster, shrimp, and other MDR menu items? Thanks!
  7. we've been going out of Galveston for the last 4 cruises. I'm tired of the same ports, but flying into FL is $$$ also, driving is a LONG LONG time Only good thing for Galveston is only the 3 hour drive. We are in Bozeman Farms
  8. thanks ... just don't want any last minute surprises. LOL
  9. This is for 2019. We are sailing 2/24/19. All 2019 for LOS are crossed off.
  10. I go to a website and it tells all the dates for all cruise lines....(please delete if I shouldn't post this). So for all dates listed for 2019 except xmas time they are all marked off. Is there a dry dock scheduled? Help please. thanks
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