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  1. If someone else wants to pay for my onboard charges I certainly won’t argue!
  2. I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you all have an amazing trip together. Looking forward to following along - we will be there two weeks later, please leave some bread pudding for us.
  3. Supposedly they ramp up to 80% quickly and then 95 or 100 shortly there after. I wonder how many crew will be added. I can’t imagine there were 100 wine stewards
  4. I would be thrilled if they added it as a daily desert in the MDR. But for breakfast? No thank you
  5. Totally agree. Having them come over from the home office for the sail away is nice, but having them onboard and interacting with guests could be a huge boost. Maybe they didn’t like the MDR menus and decided to stay away
  6. On top of taking over wine service I am assuming the dining room staff now also have to deal with charging the supplement for upsell items also. Not sure how many are opting in to buying these but that is even more work they are now responsible for.
  7. That is my hope as well. The MDR menus have been a bit disappointing to look at and I am hoping it is a temporary problem related to sourcing & restarting rather than a permanent downgrade.
  8. You are absolutely right about the front desk. We love HAL and have been extremely loyal over the past 10 years, and across basically all of those voyages the front desk has been a consistent weak point. When we first started sailing in Neptune suites I was completely shocked when I found out the concierge was just a front desk person who rotated up to the lounge on a several month long assignment. Have always has outstanding service from them, and have had great service from the backup concierge who covers their breaks when they are at the desk. But I have generally found most everyone else a
  9. Was the Pinnacle open for lunch any of the port days (other than Glacier Bay/Icy Strait point)
  10. Disappointing to hear about the wifi especially now they have given it away to everyone. Can you advise what time the MDR opened for breakfast today with the early port arrival?
  11. Thank you so much for the updates! One question - On embarkation day was there entertainment other than the music walk? I know they used to do a single welcome aboard show but wondering if that still happened or if the comedian did a show. We are debating if will miss anything with a later dinner or if we should do it early.
  12. I can’t believe they won’t just sell you the bus transfer (assuming it isn’t luggage direct you need)
  13. I think so. We sail on NA in 2 weeks and I can see the current days menus. Can’t book dining at all but can book shore ex. I am on the first KDAM sailing and I’m guessing I won’t be able to see much of anything until we sail given the ship won’t have menus in the weeks before.
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