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  1. I plan to rotate the specialty dining, totally agree with your DH - I much prefer being served for dinner (and lunch for that matter) at least when on vacation. Yes, so glad there are options for us all! I do enjoy the lido on port days though as well as for the occasional late night snack.
  2. Brent was the naturalist on my Princess Alaska cruise in 2003. The second I read his name I instantly remembered him and his talks. He was so engaging and interesting. Really made that whole cruise special. Glad to hear he is still out there!
  3. Is the SS the only suite that has a bed convertible to twins? From what I gather it looks like CS/RS do not have convertible beds.
  4. Both HAL and the Navigator app are consistently inconsistent! Glad it is working 🤣
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head. We never had a bad meal but we also did not have anything in the MDR that was particularly exciting, unique or inspiring. There was chicken/beef/lamb/veal/fish throughout but the reduction of choice on any given night also makes it more of a challenge. I may also find that the specialty dining every night is too much but I think I will be happier erring on that side and maybe canceling a reservation onboard than not being able to get one. I also have never done Sal de Mer or Tamarind so want to give each a couple tries. I agree that it is all about expectations. Knowing what I know now I can plan to spend the extra on specialty dining and plan my days accordingly with the evening entertainment.
  6. So on Friday there was one and on Saturday there was another. Today it hasn't changed. Not sure if these are the correct days for these menus though.
  7. I agree 100%. All the cruise lines sailed out of Seattle and even the other CCL brands seemed to have far better choice and selection. With the prices folks pay you should not have to cobble together a nice meal at every single dinner (and we stay in Neptunes every time so it it sits particularly poorly). We wrote HAL off in 2017 after being particularly disappointed in the entertainment (food was actually pretty good) and took a few years off cruising. Decided to give them another go this year and really enjoyed most of it but found the main stage lacking.
  8. We always used to do this but the current $25 OBC on a 7 day is a lot less attractive though the reduced deposit is nice.
  9. I agree completely. We do love HAL and this next sailing will be my 10th with them so maybe it is time to consider other options. That said I’m 2 sailings away from 4 star which I do want to achieve
  10. From the program I saw on the live from recently they have more to do it looked like, just less that I would be interesting. We loved the cooking demonstrations, music walk, and EXC talks so much. Still reviewing the various activities and what not but I think it is good to see what is out there every now and again.
  11. To be honest it’s the principle more than anything else. I was a lot more forgiving on the Alaska sailing with them just starting out. Comparing with other lines in similar segments it is disappointing to see the direction they are going. We certainly did not starve on our AK trip and I can’t imagine that I will starve this time around either
  12. Lol I know that feeling and I am only 29😂. I’m looking forward to it. I think this trip I may stay on the ship most of the time and just relax so it seemed like a good investment
  13. I am definitely not shy about that either! I will often order the pasta as a starter too.
  14. I may just have to give them a go. Still reading their daily programs and deciding if there is anything during the day I would actually go for
  15. This will be my first cabana rental. Apparently they will being whatever you want from the lido/pizza/dive in to enjoy from your private cabana or the much less crowded retreat area. Will be interesting to see how I like it. Totally agree with you I am not at all a fan of crowds.
  16. But just think now you have a great reason to try the indulge section…sigh. There was a recent live thread over on the X board with tons of pictures. They are really putting HAL to shame when it comes to dining
  17. I will say that I actually found the lido to be quite good and not nearly as crowded as before due to the reduced number of pax. I don’t recall if there was lasagna daily but there was definitely a special pasta dish of some sort like lasagna, baked ziti, etc.
  18. I think I will be doing pinnacle lunch on sea days and lido on the port days. I got the retreat cabana so at least I can relax up there and the cabana stewards will bring lunch up. There were a couple room service items I’ve been wanting to try also
  19. I am planning 2 dinners each in Pinnacle, Sal de Mer, and Canaletto and 1 in Tamarind. May shift the numbers around before the sailing date but after our Alaska trip and seeing these I am very uninspired. Perhaps we will be wowed by the photos posted on the Oct 10th sailing and I will change my mind (unlikely)
  20. I believe with CPP you can add it at any time until final payment. We mostly get the insurance for the medical coverages and I agree with others that 10-20K does not seem nearly enough. I am actually considering an annual policy now for the medical (can get in the $300-500/year range) and then looking at HAL for the CPP or not. Still calculating but that may end up being better for me than buying individual trip insurance as I am planning quite a bit of travel over the next year.
  21. I am not sure if this will be the final as it has no indulge section. Definitely a disappointment. I am thinking about trying Celebrity. Menus look way better but unfortunately I’m less interested in their daily activity program.
  22. I saw from another thread they still have those three options even if not on the menu
  23. It’s the one from post 2 (first two pictures) appears to be like Alaska and not change daily. Ironically the lunch menu has far more choices than the dinner menu.
  24. This should be the case. You have never had to show a passport or anything on HMC. I realize things could have changed with the pandemic, but it is essentially their private island so there are no officials or anything to check this.
  25. That is so interesting, I still see the one for yesterday and not the Silver Gala. I am sure it all will catch up when we are on board but it is fun to see what they are planning (and plan specialty dining accordingly)
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