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  1. We hit Junkanoo beach early (around 9) and it was wonderful and quiet. Tons of fish swimming around us, and it didn't get busy until 12. By then, the number and types of fish were less than earlier in the day, but the party on the beach was hopping .
  2. Adrieske

    Local cuisine on Nassau

    We ate at the port at the recommendation of our taxi driver. There is a stand that is the third from the left of the gate out (if you are facing the street with the ship behind you) and is called Linda's. He said only buy from Linda, no one else. It was really good and had conch, plantains, curried chicken, peas and rice, etc. A lot of the locals were eating there as well. Sodas are right next to her and are only $1.
  3. Adrieske

    Need Park & Cruise Hotels in New Orleans!

    Holiday Inn French Quarter. We planned on using Priceline, but every hotel during our stay was pretty full. I couldn't get anything under $150, so I stopped bidding. I was able to get a room here with parking for $241. Considering our other option was a hotel at the airport for $134, this was better as it allowed us some sightseeing and parking. Shuttle is $8 per person, but dh is going to drop me and the kids off, then come back, park, and either catch a cab for $8 or walk. We are less than two miles from the port. We leave in a few hours!
  4. Where do we go if someone is dropping us and our bags off at the terminal? We are thinking the men will drop the women and children off with our luggage, then return to the hotel and park, then catch a cab back to the pier. The hotel is less than two miles away, but the shuttle costs $8 a person, and there are 9 of us, so we are thinking this might be the easiest/most economical for our crew.
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    I see lots of mentions of snacks for the kids. Are there not kid snack foods readily available? At home, my kids (7,4, almost 2) eat fruit, veggies, yogurt, crackers, etc. Won't I be able to find that kind of thing on board? I am thinking either buffet or room service should have something, right? I was thinking of packing some fruit buddy packets or something similar to have on our port days invade the kids don't care for the food we have access to, but since we will just be in Mexico, I'm sure we'll be able to find something. We will be on the Carnival Ecstacy. Thanks!
  6. Adrieske

    Non-alcoholic drinks?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I drink water filtered by my fridge at home, so it sounds like ship water will be just fine. I guess I will be nice and let dh bring his mountain dew!
  7. Adrieske

    Will it be warm enough to swim?

    Thanks. I wasn't even thinking about the humidity. Get a little fall weather under my belt, and I loose all common sense. ;)
  8. Adrieske

    Will it be warm enough to swim?

    We cruise in two weeks. Will it be warm enough to worry about swimming when we board? It is currently 75 degrees here, and 77 in New Orleans. I wouldn't swim outside at home. Are Carnival's pools heated or should we plan on doing something else with the kids that first day?
  9. Adrieske

    Non-alcoholic drinks?

    I'm thinking about how I should use my carry on drinks. I take a medicine that makes soda taste awful, I don't drink alcohol or tea and coffee. So, my question is, what are my other free drink options on board? At home I drink lots of water, but I'm a water snob and only like filtered water. Does the water on board taste good or is it funky? I also like the fizzy juice drinks like Izzy, but I'm guessing I won't be able to get those on board. I have to drink lots of water with my meds, so should I just plan on a large water budget? How much is bottled water? Thanks! We leave to drive to port in two weeks!
  10. Do I need to buy my girls their own snorkeling set and bring it with me? They are 7 and 4, and both on the small side. Do they have child size rental equipment?