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  1. When DH and I fly Southwest, 3 seat row, he takes the aisle seat, I take the window seat. If the plane isn't full, the middle remains empty. One time on AA to CA from NY a lady sitting in the aisle seat got upset with me when I had to wake her up to get past her to use the restroom. She was not a small woman so it was difficult to climb over her legs. I offered to give her my window seat but she declined. When I returned to my row she had fallen back asleep!
  2. I'm driving a 2012 Nissan Sentra. Bought it new and is very dependable. Large trunk for a small car. When it goes, we'll buy another one.
  3. My condolences posted on Bella's thread are carried over in here. Sad time for Her Majesty and all of England.
  4. Lovely birthday celebration for a woman who does not look her age. Is she the grandma who made Owen those delicious meals when you were on a cruise without him? He's growing up real nice!
  5. I remember seeing similar pictures. My DH probably showed them to me from the news from years gone by. Israel had a tough total lockdown but, thankfully, they did well with vaccines. Your DS looks like a master surfer. Kol Hakavod (roughly, all honor?}
  6. Very emotional and chilling to actually see and be part of these solemn moments in person. I was amazed how everyone really stands still, like statues . Dani, I think you posted similar photos last year? I hope you continue to do so.
  7. I once saw a cartoon picture of an empty playground. Sitting on a nearby bench were kids silently working on their "devices". How sad is that.
  8. "Friends of Dani"? I don't mind if the current name of Dani's thread continues as is. Woodstock was an iconic once in a lifetime event. I can't compare the two but I do get your point. Peace ✌️
  9. Looks like the Clampetts home before they struck oil, black gold, Texas tea! So nice to read and see pictures of all the road trips. DH and I are planning to drive to NJ this summer to see our daughter and family. It will be well over a year since we saw them last. Safe travels to those traveling thru our beautiful country. Keep those photos coming. OOOOps, sorry for quoting the photos.
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