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  1. Thank you for taking us along on your journey Your threads are always well received here, especially pics of your adorable ball of fluff, Bella. Now, how can I view your periscope?
  2. Congratulations. This is what makes you happy? BTW PC Walton called it like it is.
  3. My faith in mankind has been restored. Glad you were just kidding. Thanks.
  4. I just watched the video before going to bed and will continue to smile....Grandma Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. We've seen dolphins on most of our cruises when departing Galveston. Sorry, no pic.
  5. Thanks, all, for info on casino openings. We were on Labadee and CoCo Cay many years ago when they were tender ports. I remember Labadee was one for sure. No zip lines, no cabanas, no water parks, no pools, just a beautiful beach, some hammocks, small shopping village, one buffet for all. Simpler times................
  6. Thanks. I thought as much. Good to get clarification. Seems their investment into CoCo Cay is massive based on the cabana fluctuating rates. That surprises me. I thought they only opened when the ship leaves port. Live and learn.
  7. Are the casino and shops closed while docked in CoCo Cay?
  8. We basically cruise out of Galveston and get to the terminal approx. 11ish and never had to wait more than 15-20 mins. to board...no key, no suite, no pinnacle or even diamond (but we like to think we're working on it). Just the anticipation of boarding whenever ready is enough.
  9. I was just making a silly point showing how fortunate we are to be able to cruise even when encountering these problems.
  10. First world country problems. Wish I could cruise enough to find the entertainment repetitive.
  11. I haven't read this whole thread but wanted to put my 2 cents into the party. I always wait patiently for an elevator. If I allowed every wheelchair/scooter to enter before me, when they arrive after me, I would have a super long wait to get where I'm going. I won't go into my medical history, but I like others, have mobility issues that cannot be seen by others. Let's agree there are rude people on both sides of the issue.
  12. Sorry your friend got ill. The cruise was sometime in the summer and out of NYC. Weather very rocky before docking in Bermuda.
  13. My husband, daughter and I were on the infamous Legionnaire Disease Celebrity Cruise (Horizon?) to Bermuda approx. 20 years ago which was attributed to the hot tub. One person died, many fell ill. Luckily, we never used the hot tub. Since then, NO to public hot tubs.
  14. Wonderful review. Thank you for taking the time to share your cruise especially with those of us in temporary dry dock. Your family is lovely. It's nice getting to know them thru your posts and pictures. Can you please let me know for next time, how I can view periscopes? I know nothing about it and sorry I missed some of your and CLR's colorful....shenanigans. Have a safe trip home.
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