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  1. I was just making a silly point showing how fortunate we are to be able to cruise even when encountering these problems.
  2. Sorry, I don't understand your question ?
  3. First world country problems. Wish I could cruise enough to find the entertainment repetitive.
  4. I haven't read this whole thread but wanted to put my 2 cents into the party. I always wait patiently for an elevator. If I allowed every wheelchair/scooter to enter before me, when they arrive after me, I would have a super long wait to get where I'm going. I won't go into my medical history, but I like others, have mobility issues that cannot be seen by others. Let's agree there are rude people on both sides of the issue.
  5. Sorry your friend got ill. The cruise was sometime in the summer and out of NYC. Weather very rocky before docking in Bermuda.
  6. My husband, daughter and I were on the infamous Legionnaire Disease Celebrity Cruise (Horizon?) to Bermuda approx. 20 years ago which was attributed to the hot tub. One person died, many fell ill. Luckily, we never used the hot tub. Since then, NO to public hot tubs.
  7. Wonderful review. Thank you for taking the time to share your cruise especially with those of us in temporary dry dock. Your family is lovely. It's nice getting to know them thru your posts and pictures. Can you please let me know for next time, how I can view periscopes? I know nothing about it and sorry I missed some of your and CLR's colorful....shenanigans. Have a safe trip home.
  8. OOOH Another LIVE report from Robyn! Such fun, all of them. Handbag, especially LV chat, is a delightful bonus. Love the banter with you and your GPS who lives in a region I love AND Mystic Seaport was one of my fave places to visit when we lived in NY. Have wonderful smooth sails and fabulous adventures...on The Adventure..
  9. We were in connecting promenade cabins 2x on Indy's sister ship, Liberty. Never heard anything from the connecting cabins. Maybe we were lucky with quiet neighbors. Love the extra seating area in front of the window. Have a great cruise
  10. It's ya'll not y'all? Fifteen years in TX and now I find that out! Entertainment venues change with each cruise based on the large groups that have their private events all over the ship. Only theme night I remember was Caribbean night. Lots of tropical outfits. There was a 70s and an 80s "party" on the Promenade. There was also a balloon drop which we didn't bother to attend. Hey RCI how about a 60s night? Quest as always was crazy. Same old, same old but lots of laughter. Oh and the Meet and Mingle was well attended. Every seat in the Olive or Twist lounge was taken. I wasn't able to meet folks on my roll call because I had no idea where they were. Cookies, tea, coffee was offered. Very few raffles and no give a ways like the notepad and pen on a "string"
  11. We were only in the Star lounge once or twice when they had a Country band. I'm a NYC gal and grew up with far different music than country so I really don't know WHAT music was played. Ask me about Josh Groban, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Motown, I could answer your question. I do like Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. Does that count? BTW we're in TX 15 years now and I still can't bring myself to say "y'all'. Will they throw me out for that??
  12. Thanks for the info. Sounds like quite an undertaking.
  13. Hey Wolfie, always a pleasure to see you. I would be happy having the Liberty in Galveston instead of Oasis. I don't like the idea of having to pre-book entertainment. RCI does a good job of crowd control but I can't imagine the pool areas on sea days. Of course I will try it and hopefully change my mind. Just how long does it take to chop a salad? 5 seconds maybe? I didn't push it but the tutti salad lost its appeal. It became a regular salad...sigh. Enjoy your cruise in March and please post a review. I always enjoyed your previous ones.
  14. I tried responding a few moments ago but my empty reply was sent. g-r-r-r-r AND I couldn't edit. I HATE new and (not) improved anything which usually means new and confusing. What I tried to send was: WHAT? My review put you to sleep? Now I know it's really boring. LOL
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