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  1. Wonderful review. Thank you for taking the time to share your cruise especially with those of us in temporary dry dock. Your family is lovely. It's nice getting to know them thru your posts and pictures. Can you please let me know for next time, how I can view periscopes? I know nothing about it and sorry I missed some of your and CLR's colorful....shenanigans. Have a safe trip home.
  2. OOOH Another LIVE report from Robyn! Such fun, all of them. Handbag, especially LV chat, is a delightful bonus. Love the banter with you and your GPS who lives in a region I love AND Mystic Seaport was one of my fave places to visit when we lived in NY. Have wonderful smooth sails and fabulous adventures...on The Adventure..
  3. We were in connecting promenade cabins 2x on Indy's sister ship, Liberty. Never heard anything from the connecting cabins. Maybe we were lucky with quiet neighbors. Love the extra seating area in front of the window. Have a great cruise
  4. It's ya'll not y'all? Fifteen years in TX and now I find that out! Entertainment venues change with each cruise based on the large groups that have their private events all over the ship. Only theme night I remember was Caribbean night. Lots of tropical outfits. There was a 70s and an 80s "party" on the Promenade. There was also a balloon drop which we didn't bother to attend. Hey RCI how about a 60s night? Quest as always was crazy. Same old, same old but lots of laughter. Oh and the Meet and Mingle was well attended. Every seat in the Olive or Twist lounge was taken. I wasn't able to meet folks on my roll call because I had no idea where they were. Cookies, tea, coffee was offered. Very few raffles and no give a ways like the notepad and pen on a "string"
  5. We were only in the Star lounge once or twice when they had a Country band. I'm a NYC gal and grew up with far different music than country so I really don't know WHAT music was played. Ask me about Josh Groban, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Motown, I could answer your question. I do like Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. Does that count? BTW we're in TX 15 years now and I still can't bring myself to say "y'all'. Will they throw me out for that??
  6. Thanks for the info. Sounds like quite an undertaking.
  7. Hey Wolfie, always a pleasure to see you. I would be happy having the Liberty in Galveston instead of Oasis. I don't like the idea of having to pre-book entertainment. RCI does a good job of crowd control but I can't imagine the pool areas on sea days. Of course I will try it and hopefully change my mind. Just how long does it take to chop a salad? 5 seconds maybe? I didn't push it but the tutti salad lost its appeal. It became a regular salad...sigh. Enjoy your cruise in March and please post a review. I always enjoyed your previous ones.
  8. I tried responding a few moments ago but my empty reply was sent. g-r-r-r-r AND I couldn't edit. I HATE new and (not) improved anything which usually means new and confusing. What I tried to send was: WHAT? My review put you to sleep? Now I know it's really boring. LOL
  9. Vicki, thanks for popping in! I totally agree with you.
  10. RCI now allows soft drinks, water too maybe ? The drinks must be packed in your carry on. We brought 6 cans with us, no problem. I think a case of 12 is allowed. We were never questioned about the soda nor the wine we packed in our carry on. Not sure about the quantity of water. We had a deck 6 Promenade cabin. We were out of the cabin when all the noise/parades took place. We did cut short one of the PR happenings and barely heard anything in our cabin. No noise was heard late at night from the pub I wonder if the pizza varies from ship to ship? I saw no smoking signs on some of the slot machines, for which I was thankful. Not sure how much of the casino is no smoking. I came home with a casino voucher for 2 cents. So much for lady luck on the Liberty.
  11. Food is subjective. It might have been the same as yours but there was a definite improvement over the pizza in Dec.
  12. BillOh, not sure what pizza I had but it was cheesy and stringy, a true mark of good pizza.
  13. Drive down to Galveston was thankfully uneventful. Of course we stopped at Bucees to gas up and stretch our legs. We stayed at the Quality Inn Seawall Sat. night. OK place for one night. They keep our car for the duration of the cruise, no charge and they give a good continental breakfast with make your own hot waffles. Customs was a breeze. Took a few seconds for him to be sure we are who we claim and then we were out. My DH did mention that we had a bottle of champaign and he said "don't worry about it" We waited to disembark in the 5th deck dining room, the designated Crown and Anchor departure lounge for all C&A members. Once in the terminal, try to get on line for a porter, bypassing the long line snaking around the terminal waiting to reach customs. Two lines for porters; one for handicap passengers and one for everyone else. Very organized. Port official took turns from both lines. Hope this exciting addition to my boring cruise review helps you fall asleep tonight.
  14. Why boring? No pictures, no suite or balcony, Emerald status so no Diamond Club. No specialty restaurants. No port excursions either. I mean how boring are we? Cruised with DH. We had the best time in our Promenade cabin, MDR dinners, paying for drinks. Wine most nights for dinner. Thank you RCI for allowing us to bring wine on board, in addition to a few cans of diet Sierra Mist soda. No questions asked upon check in, which was a breeze. Got to the terminal approx. 10:15 and was up in the Windjammer having lunch less than an hour later. Food improved over our last Liberty cruise in Dec. 2017. First night did not start off well. DH asked for a regular salad; lettuce, tomato, cukes, onion. Waiter told him only Caesar Salad was on the menu. What? No other salad? I said loudly (to DH's consternation) "this is NOT the Royal Caribbean I know" Waiter was miffed and then went into the survey talk. He didn't specifically order us to give him a 10 but he did his best to let us know we should favorably respond. He even told us not to blame him if we didn't like the food, that it wasn't his fault.....sigh. I tried not to give him the stink eye. I always loved the chopped tuti salad on sea days. Sad to say they don't chop the salad anymore. Not sure why they cut that out. (no pun intended)I Each cruise I take it seems the ingredients get fewer and fewer. Second night, until the last night, instead of this "no salad" waiter, we had the head waiter, the guy wearing the black jacket (used to be red?) that cuts out the lobster tail from its shell. He was WONDERFUL. My husband never got his salad but never asked for one after the 1st night. We had wonderful table mates and asked the wait staff to hurry things up and not drag dinner into the 2+ hours it usually takes. Out in approx. 1 hr and 15 mins. Nice! Mark, our Cruise Director was wonderful, funny and engaging. Out of our12 previous cruises he led the funniest Love and Marriage game I ever saw. Congrats to the couple that won, married 71 years, both in their 90s sweet and funny. Enjoyed the Country Band in the Star Lounge. Never got to the pub or Schooner Bar for their entertainment. Ice show as always was amazing. We enjoyed the aerial (did I spell that right?) show in the nightclub. Comic was ok but I'm getting tired listening to cruise jokes. OK so I DID laugh when he physically tried to show us how a certain umm activity is done in the shower. I'm a big Sat. Night Fever fan and did not enjoy RCI's production. We saw it back in Dec. and thought it was just ok. This time around was disappointing. Not sure why we even bothered this time around. I'm sure many loved it. Hats off and kudos to Capt. Anders for steering clear of the hurricane and getting us to all of our ports on time and safely. Other ships experienced bad weather and diverted to Jamaica. What made the cruise so wonderful was getting together with our friends Denise and Roger whom we met on The Voyager approx. 5 years ago. This was our 3rd cruise together. I know it won't be our last. We were also fortunate to have Sandy, Ken, Lynn and Dan at our table every night for dinner. Getting off the ship wasn't as bad as I feared. Whole process took less than an hour and we were on our way home. I don't remember how long it took last Dec. Oh, and we took a bottle of champaign off the ship but nobody asked questions. Custom forms are no longer used. Capt. Anders confirmed Oasis will be coming to Galveston in 2020. New class of ships to come named Icon. Smaller than Oasis, larger than freedom. OOps I forgot to mention that the pizza in Sorrentos improved greatly...yum. I rambled long enough. Questions anyone? If you read through my boring review, congratulations!
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