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  1. Let's just hope Seattle can get back it's stats in 2021. Would love to see the city.
  2. I lived in Key West for many years. In fact I was there when Mallory Square was a wood pier, when Christmas Tree Island and Monkey Island where trees, not condo's. We went back and a lot of things have changed. It does seem more crowed than when we lived there (which I know that happens). I remember the cruise ships were approved to arrive when we left. There was a lot of mixed emotions then. Key West has always been touristy spot, but relied on locals, military and Fantasy Fest as well for income. Maybe it's nostalgic, but I miss seeing the old Key West. OH! and we didn't have iguanas when
  3. True, my comment was not indirectly to the question, it was just another suggestion in case the OP would like to go another direction. When I have read other posts, I have gathered so much info on suggestions. Apologies to the OP, but in a round about way it did up the conversation of construction. (LOL). Also, OP asked if it was safe, and that was also one of the reason for not staying downtown, in which I went another direction.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I heard there was going to be construction. I assume it will be for a while. You are so correct, I did read an article that did indicate they were thinking of increasing water taxi's and buses.
  5. We (Mom, Dad and 2 adult children) decided on a VRBO, for the same price or cheaper. However, you have points (totally understand). We will be staying at Alki Beach and it is only a 15 min water taxi ride that will drop us off right downtown. We chose a VRBO for several reasons. It was actually cheaper, not only in daily rate (yes including all the fees) also we can make some of our meals, away from downtown (noise, etc) and we have a view of the beach. The bonus, everyone gets their own bed. We do not want to rent a car, and we are still close to all transportation. Arriving 5 days befor
  6. Thank you, I will check it out. I have called 2 places before COVID. 1 didn't answer and the other VM/with no return call.
  7. I was just recently tested. Not because of symptoms, due to I had to have emergency surgery. I looked at my labs the hospital performed and they called they called the test SARS Coronavirus 2, PCR Rapid. Just thought I would throw that out there.
  8. I am sure some of them are stuck, but I thought there still had to have a crew aboard the ship to keep maintained. Plus I am sure they did a deep intensive cleaning as well. The ships aren't dry dock, so I am sure there has to be some staff remains behind.
  9. I was just trying to make some light humor, because it seems like all I read is so depressing. Will go on a cruise, or won't you, face mask vs non face mask, ports closed, vaccine ...etc. Just trying to put some positive humor into the situation. BUT reality this is all new to us and the guidelines and the future "standard", we do not have any idea how it will be. I told my DH a couple of months ago with this face mask situation, those who wear vs those who don't.. I never thought I would live long enough to see a new type of predigest. Our cruise was cancelled. We opt for next year from w
  10. Beaddazzel is coming back. I am buying stock. LOL LOL The next Carnival contest, who has the best Beaddazzel mask!
  11. Ummm, can I be trapped on a ship ? At least I would have a different place to go on the ship, instead of living room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, living room... LOL Look at all that exercise!- All those stairs. Have the chef teach me on how to make specialty dish. Have some of the other crew members Retts Stone another and teach me another language. I know, I know, working on ship is a lot different than cruising.
  12. You sparked a thought with this last sentence. First, I hope you get to go. That would be wonderful. 2nd: I wonder if and when the vaccine is produced, I am wondering if that will be protocol to go traveling. It will be considered like a regular immunization, or one of those injection you must obtain to travel outside the US. Just a thought
  13. Just saw the governor of AK spoke today and he said this Friday 4/27 they will start to open restaurants but with some limitations. That's okay, we are still heading towards a reopen
  14. Same here. They were so fast. When we rebooked our cruise, I called them up and they we so kind. I would go with them 100%
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